After the revocation of Article 370 on 5th August 2019, IIOJK went to black hole. This submissive decision brought IIOJK biggest internet shutdowns, travel and communication blockades, poor connectivity, shortage of food and medicines, increased school-college dropouts, inflation and whatnot. Internet Freedom Foundation criticized Indian fascist regimes and declared them “anti-democratic and unconstitutional”.
IIOJK has lost all local public, private and state investments due to complete lockdown and divine presence of Indian troops and threatening conflictual environment. 
People of IIOJK have suffered an economic loss of over five billion dollars since military siege imposed on 5 August 2019.
Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry in their annual report broadcast annual loss of employment estimated 4,96,000 jobs, due to intense lockdowns, blockades and closure of software houses of IT and e-commerce businesses. 
Due to complete lockdown in IIOJK, tour operators, photographers, tourist transporters, hotels and house boats got a major hot back economically and lost their jobs accordingly. Tourist sector has suffered a loss of Rs 9191 crores. 
PM Modi ensured the vision of Digital India in his election manifesto along with targeting Muslim minority in India, as these motives are quite attractive to Hindu extremist mindsets. 
In IIOJK, people had experienced longest ever internet siege, which had restricted them from getting information regarding anything going on outside their homes and world. 
In Modi’s tenure, IIOJK’s broadband speed is among the slowest in the world and internet penetration is below 50%. E-Commerce sector witnessed 10,000 people losing their jobs, after 5th August 2019. 
Indian government has not compensated Kashmiri artisans, weavers and local entrepreneurs, who have suffered economic loss due to complete curfew and communication blockade.


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