Who is the next Lendhup?

India dominates Nepal’s new Cabinet

N. P. Upadhyaya; The next door neighbor (or a nearest enemy of sort so to say) India has now abundant valid and solid political reasons to smile. A cunning smile indeed.

The dirty act that India has accomplished in Nepal in the recent days, is sufficient to prove that India is the most dangerous enemy of Nepal and that keeping the “borders open”, India has made Nepal already a protectorate- a colony that is far inferior to what neighboring Baby Bhutan is.

Shame on our leaders who have been ruling Nepal on India’s behalf since 2005-6.

Rest follows:

What late Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s had envisioned in the early seventies was to gulp the independent and sovereign Sikkim and later her intense longing was to annex the ever independent and sovereign Nepal which as per noted political scientist Professor Anand Aditya is the 19th first recorded State in the World Map much ahead of some countries in the developed West.

India was not even a country when Nepal stood tall in the world map in ancient times to the extent that Nepal existed even during the fiercest Mahabharat War ever fought.

This should explain Nepal’s importance to the world and more so to the former British slaves-that is India of today born in 1947.

India is much junior to Nepal in most of the aspects except the RAW recruitment and on imposition of economic blockades on Nepal.

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf once said that India and the Indians have a very small heart as compared to its elephantine size. He is correct.

Professor Aditya in an article published in The Telegraph Weekly/ as back as in the year 2010 says that “It was in 1768, the year Captain Cook started on his first voyage, the Royal Academy was founded in London, and the Russian and the Ottoman empires started their war in Europe that a scion of the House of Gorkha Prithvi Narayan Shah started welding together the hill-states of the Nepal.

The noted Nepali scholar further claims that “The thirteen colonies of New England would unite into a federation only eighteen years later to give shape to the early stage of today’s United States of America; and Britain was busy forging the jewel of India into its imperial crown in the fires of Plassey and the battle of Buxor.

And then this learned academician feels proud in announcing that “Actually, when this state was born, there were only 19 other states on the map”.
India was not even in the womb.

Such a proud nation as Nepal which never tasted slavery of sorts is being weakened by some of its own undeclared Nepal born Ledhup Dorje(s) of the Sikkim dissolution infamy who apparently give an impression that they were hell bent on killing the yet preserved independence and sovereign status of the ancient nation much the same way when Lendhup Dorje (a Sikkimi national) who under the treason-like understanding with Mrs. Indira Gandhi sold his country to the new nation called India-the South Asian menace that it is.

The Sikkimi national today repent in leisure in having assisted the Lendhup in those fateful days.

It is said that Mrs. Gandhi had given a secret shape to the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) primarily to swallow Independent Sikkim and later the sovereign Nepal.

Late King Birendra had ventilated this news to the Sikkimi King but the King took Nepal King’s advice in a light manner.

However, the plan to guzzle Nepal by 2015 became a farfetched job so the Indian establishment appears to have devised a new clear-cut smart scheme wherein Nepal born genuine Nepali nationals were to be used and overused as Sikkim’s Lendhups.

Delhi’s idea further was to send the poverty stricken Indian nationals from the contiguous borders to Nepal and force the governing Nepali leaders and authorities to grant them the much needed Citizenship certificates to the alien Indian nationals so that time permitting the “entered Indian guests with begging bowls” would overwhelm Nepal and during a referendum these infiltrators would, through a majority vote, capture the state much as the sold Sikkimese Parliamentarians did under the sweet-lollypop (financial) offered to them by the Indian establishment which approached them through the kind courtesy of the Sikkimese traitor Lendhup Dorje.

After the seizure of the one sovereign Sikkim into the Indian Union, traitor Lendhup Dorje was shown his exact surface by Mrs Gandhi-the terrible lady who created the most repulsive and heinous RAW agency.

RAW is an India terror machine.

This meant that Lendhup was of no use to Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Later this Sikkimese quisling died an unsung death to the extent that even his nearest relatives preferred not to attend to his last funeral rites.

Now let’s come to the point.

We are not sure, however, those who differ with the working styles of Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s recent political overtures claim that PM Oli is much on the same line as to what had been acquired by Sikkim’s Lendhup Dorje prior to his what is taken as “unsung death” that a turncoat deserves.

Those who have had been engaged in “Nepal subversion” activities or say “split Nepal mission” since their political career began in Nepal have been summarily made to enter the Nepali cabinet this time around.

The “break Nepal campaign” in fact was initiated by Mrs. Gandhi through her sibling-the RAW which planted some subversive elements in a Madhesh/Terai based regional party.

The primary job of this party presumably housed by the planted Delhi RAW agents was to incite violence and communal hatred in the otherwise harmonious Nepali society which had been living/residing together in Terai as brothers and sisters (the Nepali Muslims included) since ancient times.

However, Delhi’s infiltrators together with the sold out agents from Nepali soil damaged the social fabric and hence the regular chaos in Nepali society across the otherwise peaceful nation.

The act of Prime Minister Oli to allow the enmasse entrance of suspected Nepali nationals with accused fake citizenship certificates, mainly the guests from adjoining Bihar province, India) will plunge this country into an abyss sooner than later.

The veteran Communist leader Chandra Prakash Mainali ( nick named CP) talking to a local TV network says that the freshly appointed Deputy Prime Minister Rajendra Mahato is out and out an Indian national and his main aim and the objective is to make a new State of India.

As per CP Mainali, PM Oli himself is a man solely planted by the Delhi regime to break the nation.

He then recalls as to how the UML leader KP Sharma Oli in the mid-nineties offered the Mahakali River to India free of cost.

This communist leader believes that Mr. Mahato has been planted by Delhi establishment to destroy/split Nepal into pieces.

Nepal’s political watchers who have closely monitored Rajendra Mahato’s occasional statements made on Nepal claim that it is this Indian national who will one fine morning “submerge” Nepal into the Indian Union.

Some even recall, Rajendra Mahato shouting slogans like “Nepal Ko Ham Sri Lanka Bana Dengey (We will turn Nepal into the next Sri Lanka).

In fact, Mr. Mahato hinted that he will act like the Tamil Tigers who under India planted Prabhakaran had for almost three decades taken hostage to the Island nation.

Thanks the Pakistani and the Chinese military that Prabhakaran died an unsung death and thus Colombo took a sigh of relief. Thanks President Mahinda Rajpaksha in the year 2009 who did away with the India planted Sri Lankan terrorist.

Others like Dr. Binaya Paanjiyar, an activist from Terai/Madhesh claims that Minister Mahato-the newly appointed DPM of Nepal by PM Oli is on the regular payroll of the Indian embassy in Kathmandu.

He, Mahato, may be drawing a hefty amount from the Kathmandu based Indian mission as he is entrusted with , as Panijiyar claims, the treacherous task to divide Nepal into pieces much the way LTTE leader Prabhakaran wished for Sri Lanka.

Slain Indian leader Rajiv Gandhi had planted Prabhakaran in Sri Lanka as the Pakistani media claims the same for Hamid Mir.

He also says that Minister R Mahato is a Bihari national, India born, who has been raising the citizenship issue in the Terai/Madhesh is creating problems in Nepal under New Delhi’s filthy instructions.

Aptly claims Bijaya Aryal-a senior media man of the country says that “Rajendra Mahato is just one of the many symptoms that black clouds are hovering over Nepal’s independent existence as a nation.
Veteran journalist Aryal further says that “as a personality, he is a non-entity- basically an Indian that has taken Nepali citizenship and been hired by Lainchour to act against Nepal.

“He is the same Indian national who at time of the India imposed last economic blockade on Nepal to have been pelting stones on the Nepali sides from the Nepal-India open border in Raxaul-in the Southern border with India.

Those who had been assisting Rajendra Mahato at time of the blockade were some Nepal’s genuine nationals that included some specially trained students of the former Indian Foreign Secretary-Shyam Saran.

Notably, when Saran was Indian Ambassador to Nepal had recruited some influential litterateur and pulsating “media men” of Nepal as RAW agents who in effect behave and exhibit as if they were more Indian than Nehru and Prime Minister Modi.

This should explain their “devotion” towards the nation administered by the Moghuls and the British people.

A nation which ever remained as slaves, prefers now to impose slavery on the neighboring countries.

In many more ways than one, India is a country run by powerful set of “fools” across the country.

The qualified Terai/Madhesi Nepali national Mr. Binay Panjiyar then informs his “brethren” in the country to “refrain” from assisting this BIHARI, Indian as he was extracting political and financial gains by inciting violence in the Terai all in the name of Citizenship issue.

According to Binaya Panjiyar, Rajendra Mahato in fact wants the distribution of Citizenship certificates to those who were from adjoining Bihar, India in millions and millions.

And minister Mahato’s calculated plan is to turn Nepal into Bhutan first then to Fizi and then finally to “dissolve” Nepal into the vast sea of South Asian fools-India.

Communist leader C.P Mainali traces PM Oli’s links with the South Asian menace, India that it is with the Mahakali River Treaty with the Indian hegemon.

Mainali claims that KP Sharma Oli had taken extra interest in handing over the entire Mahakali River to India in the mid-nineties which came to the open when KP Oli did all he can to sale the said River to India at a dirt cheap price and finally he had succeeded then.

Our own political team opines that India offered free “RENAL” treatment to Oli in Delhi’s Medanta hospital and Oli got transplanted his first two kidneys.

Since then Oli is in the good book of India to the extent that high placed sources claim that “it was PM Oli’s personal wish that India should impose economic blockade on Nepal” and India did impose and thereby allowed KP Oli to prove that he was a strong nepali nationalist who had challenged India during the entire period of Blockade period.

“India imposed blockade only when PM Oli so desired”, claim high placed sources.

Was PM Oli hand in glove with India? 

Renowned advocate Swagat Nepal talking to a Nepali YouTube Channel says that PM Oli is responsible for all the political wrong doing(s) that have surfaced in the national political scene of late.

Lawyer  Nepal thus favors the provision in the constitution or in the election codes the “Right to reject, Right to recall” for the elected parliamentarians if and when they fail to discharge their assigned duties or indulge in corrupt practices.

Thus far his voice has gone unheard, however, his persistence demand is expected to bear fruit time permitting.

Senior advocate Bal Krishna Neupaney goes one step further as he claims that PM Oli may assist the regional menace, India, in the Sikkimisation of the country.

That PM Oli is tentatively an India hand gets reflected when he in his fresh Cabinet reshuffle has included one Muslim Ekbal Miya as Sports Minister who is on record to have kept engaged himself in Anti-China and Pro-Tibet movement since long.

Reports claim that Ekbal Miya had attended secretly an anti-China event held in Eastern Europe (Latvia) thus Ekbal Miya could now be taken as anti-China hand in PM Oli’s new cabinet.

How China will react to PM Oli’s fresh stance on China will have to be watched.

Ekbal Miya though claims that he was duped by the event organizers who carried him to Latvia.

Nationalist Phanindra Nepal in a recent Tweet says that PM Oli has inserted those who openly challenge the existence of Nepal and most of the time exhibit their allegiance towards the country of their original birth-that is Bihar, India.

Mr. Nepal says that PM Oli has included some party men from Janata Samajwadi Party led by Mahanta Thakur who is on record to have stated once that “if No separate Madhesh, then there would not be a separate Nepal either”.

Sources claim that Mahanta Thakur is also out and out Bihari national who entered into Nepal and joined Nepali Congress.

Noted historian Professor Peshal Pokhrel authentically claims that there are more than two dozen Parliamentarians who possess dual Indian and Nepali Citizenship certificates.

If this is true than the present reshuffle in the Oli’s cabinet brings in about a dozen presumably most suspected “fake” Nepali nationals who have entered Nepal to turn the country into Sikkim. The process has apparently begun facilitated by PM Oli himself.

PM Oli and his “team” rebukes such accusations though.

Analyzing the political trend recently acquired by PM Oli to “please” the Indian regime could be taken as a role similar to what had been played by Sikkim’s Lendhup Dorje who allowed his own country to get dissolved in India in the mid-seventies.

While neighboring Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is waging a battle to defeat the RA agents inside Pakistan then back in Nepal, PM Oli is encouraging India to pounce upon this sacred country-the first 19th country that existed in the world map.

Pakistani media sources say that media man Hamid Mir has tacit linkages with Indian anti-Pakistan elements. Rumors have it that Mir and editor Shekhar Gupta are in the same RAW ring. 

Mir has special connections, as per Pak media claims, with the Print Magazine in India which generally covers anti-Pakistan news and views more especially when the Pak Military men and PM Khan are being targeted for demoralizing the Pakistani military and the establishment. .

Mr. Gupta is the Editor of the Print. 

Hamid reportedly is handy for the Indian media to use against Pakistani establishment. Hamid denies though.

Yet what is clear that most of the Pakistani media have gone against Hamid Mir for reasons best known to them only.

(Nepal too has scores of such media men who work for the Indian establishment as against some financial gains. Some so called vibrant media were talked to be in the payroll of the RA agency. ). 

PM Imran Khan in the recent days has been “saluted” by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for Khan’s “Billion trees plantation” campaign to make clean and green Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan Khan is now a synonymous to clean and green Pakistan.

On the contrary, PM Oli apparently busy in “serving” the Indian regime at the cost of Nepal’s ties with the Northern neighbor China.

In all, majority of the Nepali people have gone against PM Oli’s fresh cabinet reshuffle which confirm Oli’s “dangerous bonhomie with the South Asian hazard-which India is.

Should this mean that a new Lendhup Dorje is in the making in Nepal? Keep on guessing. Who is the next Lendhup? That’s all.


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