From Plethora of snow in the Himalayas

I have grown up listening to the heart-warming stories of the himalayas my mother has always been passionate about. Always talking about the range of mysterious beautiful peaks with the variance in vegetation along with the contrast in different northern districts of Nepal from east to west and far west. Growing up I shared a similar experience as both of us always enjoyed watching Vlogs and pictures, going to a few accessible places, and dreamt of going to many more.  
Finally, during my first ever trek to Mardi, as I approached closer to the himalayas, my mother’s sayings became more and more evident. She often says, “As a child, I compared mountains to scoops of ice cream with very little spots of grey but now one can rarely see the white as it is almost grey”. On my way to Mardi Base camp, seeing snow only on the tips of the mountains broke my heart bringing tears to my eyes. Never had her words seemed this real. The closer I got to the “snow-capped mountains”, more visible was the nakedness my mother often talked about.  
Our majestic peaks, our pride, our source of income and our identity is formulated by these mysterious, adventurous and heart throbbing peaks, then can we say that we are sluggishly losing the essence of it¿ Have we as ‘Nepal ama ko santan’ (Children of Nepal) not even realised the effect of global warming on our pride¿ and even if we have, why have we constantly overlooked it¿ Why have we ceased to provide special attentiveness to not only the tremendously melting snow but also the cavities in our mountains which has started to resemble the Bermuda Triangle.  
These thoughts rushed over my head as trekkers screamed to the blanket of bliss and peace erupting from the Himalayan sun. As robust as a lion but as soothing as the lion’s fur. It was at that very moment I realised, no matter how dry and grey these mountains get it will always remain close to my heart and of all the trekkers around me.  
However, how can I not blame us and our greed, for constantly allowing others to exploit it, filter it and trash it.  We as dangerous beings to this planet are responsible and to be blamed for the steady destruction of this magnificent creation.  
This further makes me wonder, if such a huge change occurred in barely 30 years (as my mother experienced), what will become of these majestic peaks after 30 years¿  A scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream¿

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