Climate Change

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school, Class -8 :

As we know that our big blue planet, The Earth is a majestic planet. For millions of years, this big blue ball has been the homes of millions of species of animals. Its one of the only few planets that have key elements needed for the survival of living beings. 
           While we boast our planet for being very special and beautiful, we should keep in mind that our activites as human beings is degrading this beautiful planet. It wasn't always like this. Up until 16th century, humans existed alongside with nature but after the century, industrial revolution happened which actively demonstrated the fact that alot of industries started being built for the exact purpose of feeding their economies. After that, human inventions developed further on and various works on industries started all the way from military purpose to commercial purpose. Humans needed to fuel this growing industrial inventions which led to the search of a substance that could be beneficial to them. That substance was oil, which led to even more growing economy i.e factories.
         After the invention of oil, we started booming our inventions. Invention of planes, cars, large factories, ships, huge farmhouses that performed every thing replacing humans, etc. Every country wanted to boost their economy so they didnt care for the nature and startrd cutting trees, forests, rainforests, tropical forests for creating of farmlands and farms and residential areas. For eg in Brazil, the amazon rainforest i.e the lungs of the earth is being cut down, burnt down at an alarming rate and in Malaysia, Indonesia, huge swathes of rainforests home to world's unique animals like orangutans, tigers, rhinos, etc are cut down everyday to create farms for palm oil which are very eco-unfriendly. Even in our country Nepal, the jungles are cut down everyday just to create housings, roads, etc. There is no concept of sustainable development in the mind of our government. Ilegal logging of trees is decimating our legendary forests. Once called "Hariyo ban Nepal ko dhan" is becoming just another quote or "legend" now. Our car's, plane's, boat's, oil's carbon emission, the methane emissions from cow dung is destroying our barrier from a hazardous arrays of sun. Our rivers are dying, mountains are crying forever, hills are being stripped of their clothes which cause our climate to change and weathers to be unpredictable.   
To sum up everything that has been stated so far, we still have a slight chance to revamp our legendary mother earth before its too late. The changes must start from us and should influence everyone around us before its too late.

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