Humanitarian crisis or political menace? COVID-19 devastates India

WHO recognizes the country as perfect epicenter of COVID-19’s triple mutant strain called “the variant-of-global-concern”
Over 380,000 COVID-19 positive cases recorded in monotony across the nation, Modi’s ‘self-sufficient’ and ‘self-reliant’ India awaits foreign aid to end the deadly siege of the monster-surge of coronavirus’s second prevalent wave in the country.
With a pervasive culmination in the unceasing death trends, 4,300 innocent lives get engulfed each passing day while a person dies every four minutes in Indian capital Delhi due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus in the republic. 
On the consistent occurrence of various dreadful incidents, the Indian nation dwells in the dense havoc of a historic humanitarian catastrophe. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the country as the perfect epicenter of COVID-19’s triple mutant strain called “the variant-of-global-concern.”
Counting down the crises from the shortages in the supply of oxygen, vaccine, and antiviral drugs, the fright of coronavirus runs rampant in masses all across the nation. In addition to this, the overcrowded hospitals lacking bed vacancies, medical and paramedical staffers to cater to the needs of wriggling patients identify the total collapse of the ravaged healthcare system in India.
Moreover, the multitudes of dismal and maladaptive practices carried out in fully-occupied crematoriums (the burning grounds), along with the plight of human corpses floating along the banks of river Ganges and Yamuna, add fuel to the fire of India’s systematic failure. Modi’s so-called “mother of democracy” lacked even the credibility to render its services in facilitating people during the worst hit of a catastrophic spill. Amidst the inconceivable scenarios of chaos and crisis, Modi’s governance - who earlier had claimed to have eradicated Covid-19 out of India, now faces criticism over what brought it back? 
The Indian government, after November 2020, had eased down the curfews against protocols of coronavirus. Modi, along with the Ministers of BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) and various states across India, began denying its existence. Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin, a prominent Indian surgeon, took it to Twitter and said, “Even as the second wave declines, my patients from rural areas have a different story to tell — one of masses of people with fever, some dying, all without testing. Worried that there is a COVID surge in rural India that is going largely unchecked & undetected.”
On the other hand, Union Minister RamdasAthawale (Member of RajyaSabha) generated a slogan, “Go corona, corona go!” in public demonstrations. Thus, the political leadership successfully displaced the menace of the denial phase regarding the existence of the coronavirus in public. Meanwhile, the triple-mutated strain kept infecting the innocent masses, who had started playing Holi (spring festival) following the directives of the Modi government.
The culturally enriched and pro aesthetic Indians went refilling the national stadiums to spectate the India-England cricket series. They celebrated the KumbhMela altogether and participated in by-election campaign rallies to establish the supremacy of Modi’s “mother of democracy” once again, who had brought life back to them.


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