Problems of being a daughter in Nepal

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school, Class -8 :
As all of us know that Nepal is a very poor country. Our education level is very low. We can call almost all of us as "illiterate". I am stating this not because there are no education facilities in our country, but because our awareness level is very low.
 In our country, many people have attended formal school but not received formal awareness. Children tend to go to school to learn new things every day only to return to their home to their extreme conservative minded family. That makes them forget all about positive things but fill up their brain with toxic mindset. Our country is still stuck on a pool of mud in which the mud is close mindset and Nepalese are yet to push out our country from the mud of poor mentality. Many female children are tortured verbally and emotionally. People still strike negative words at the female children saying that they are worthless, shouldnt get particular education,etc. I have witnessed myself in the streets and and not far from my society, female children are verbally abused with saying such as "being a female child", " a house with female child", etc. Though we claim to have come forward in rights and many activists are emerging to "provide justice to female children of our impartial society" but they themselves have been caught many times to be a hypocrite and abuser of those rights to female demanded by themselves. They themselves verbally abuse female child and female from poorer family in real life but act as a Social Justice Warrior or SJW in short bring a hypocrite. Just imagine what impact our new generation faces when their so called "hope" act like a hypocrite. 
 While my words may feel like a direct message, it is just my opinion towards the impartial behaviour of those so called "justice provider". We must realize that while these negative messages and words are to painful to ignore, we can overcome it if we act better and not take these words seriously because a better future is waiting for all of us. 
Thank you!


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