Liberals urged to raise voice HR’s abuses in IIOJK

Altaf Hamid Rao. Mirpur (Ajk)

United Kingdom-based Kashmiri rights outfit – the Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council Chairman Raja Sikander Khan here on Wednesday lambasted the some liberal quarters whom, he stated, have, all of sudden started showing their sympathy on “humanitarian grounds” with India over the ongoing huge human loss following total collapse of the health sector in that country in combating the covid-19 pandemic.

“Such hypocrite and “liberal” quarters have forgotten the human rights violations and the atrocities India has been committing since last seventy three years on innocent people of Illegally Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and the minority Muslim community throughout India”, Sikander observed in a statement released to the media here on Wednesday.


“Stop expressing such type of sympathy on human grounds for the brutal India was involved in molesting our mothers and sisters ruining their honor & dignity day and night in the bleeding Indian Illegally occupied Jammu Kashmir State”, the GPKSC Chairman advised and added talking about sympathy with cruel India when it was burning today because of her ill deeds against the innocent people of IIOJK besides on her own land, is very astonishing and condemnable act.

“The sympathies and sobs expressed by certain liberals for the despotic India will never be pardoned by the people of Jammu and Kashmir, he declared.

The GPKSC Chairman said Almighty ALLAH’s punishment is inflicted on the infidels of the whole world for the oppression they have inflicted on the Kashmiris and yet they claim to stand with such infidels.

“Where does their humanity go when innocent people had been martyred in Balochistan on terroristic activities on the behest of India? And When India carries out bomb blasts in Karachi, then where does the humanity of India go? When innocent children of Pakistan are martyred in Army Public School in Peshawar then where does the humanity of India and Indians go ?”, Raja Sikander questioned.

He further asked “When a little girl in Kashmir is first orphaned and then blinded, then where does the humanity of Indians go? When a conspiracy is hatched by India for disintegration of Pakistan turning East Pakistan into Bangla Desh, then where does the humanity of India go ? Oh, show it and leave hypocrisy, otherwise the rod of Almighty ALLAH is very silent.

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