Environmental Pollution and ways to be migitated by Students

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school, Class -8 ==

Environment is defined as surrounding around us including abiotic and biotic components. Environment sometimes get polluted and causes adverse effects on us Environment is affected by various factors such as temperature, food, pollutants, population density, sound, light, and parasites. Environment is the place where everything in this world resides. 

Nowadays, environment quality is degrading day by day and it has adverse impact on everyone. Environment degradation is caused by various reasons Urbanization, Overpopulation and Industralization are the main reasons for mofern environmental fegradation. There are various ways to mitigate the pollution.  Afforestation, reduction of carbon emission, becoming eco–friendly, reduction of deforestation, using public vehicles, etc can be done to reduce environmental degradation. As a kid however, we have smaller roles but they are equally important. Students can inspire their parents to be eco–friendly, reduce use of plastic, using proper methods of destroying of garbage cans, producing as less waste as they can, teach their friends about our lovely environment and its protection. Students are very curious about everything. By following environmental conservation, they can learn about future of human beings and their roles as a living being to protect their homes. For example, greta thunberg is a student but she has done a great deal of work to protect environment in every ways. There are various students too, but she is the trend and role model of other students concerned about environment.

Environment is very dear to us and every other living being. So to protect it to live a happy and well future, sustainable development and other ways must be applied to protect our environment i=e our future.Environmental Pollution and ways to be migitated by Students

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