Sun of DPRK- Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), eternal president of the DPRK

The Juche idea, the guiding ideology of socialist Korea and the cause of global independence, is exerting a great influence on the developing era and the shaping of the destiny of human beings beyond the limits of time and space.
This ideological and practical wealth can be called the most precious heritage  Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), eternal president of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, bequeathed to the Korean people and the progressive peoples of the world.
The Juche idea, on the basis of a scientific elucidation that man is the master of the world and plays the decisive role in transforming the world, shows the way for the masses of the people, the motive force of history, to shape their own destiny by their own efforts.
President Kim Il Sung authored the Juche idea in the course of the practical struggle of leading the Korean revolution, not in the course of a sheer academic research for creating an ideological and theoretical system.



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