Student life

Bhavishya paudel
Deep boarding school, Class -8
life is the time period of student in which they spend their vast majority of life learning new things. Student life defines the future life of children and especially their character. Though the process of learning continues throughout our life, student life is especially important because we are more goal-oriented in this period. Future of every student depends upon the education that they achieve during this period. It is a kind of preparation for future. During this period, student are more active and want to learn more. It is the base of students future.
Student life definitely defines the future of student. Learning means much more than exams and tests. When a student learns civil codes, moral principles and his obligations, duties,  he/she will definitely become a pillar of their nation. When a student spends his valuable learning time in good activities, he will become a civil, well mannered citizen. But when the exact oppposite occurs, student will become a burden to the nation. They won't be of any use in the country. They become a waste of time and resources. If one doesn't make good use of this time, they will have to regret throughout their life. Different people choose their profession according to their skills. People will learn a useful skill during this time if they utilize the adequate time they have in their hand to do so. Some like to become doctor, some like to become teachers, and so on. These are known as life skills. They also learn important social virtues such as fellow feeling, cooperation and tolerance, so, properly educated people can easily adjust and develop their society. 
Student life is a precious phase of life. So the main duty of a student is to study well and to perform their duties. Otherwise, they will have to suffer. Discipline and student life go hand in hand. So when a student is disciplined, he will add another element to his well being during his student life. The time in this period should be spent joyfully and happily. Student should try to be more inquisitive and creative. They should keep good company because their learning process and character can be highly influenced by the company they keep.  Thank you

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