Nepali Politics in Delhi’s control

N. P. Upadhyaya: India must have been planning “big” for Nepal and its politics.

To capture Nepali politics, India needs to tame Nepali leaders first either by coercion or pumping funds.

India has the expertise on these matters as several Lendhup Dorjes of the Sikkimisation infamy are available here who work for India in lieu of “close envelopes”.

Envelope politics and envelope journalism could be located in Kathmandu if seriously observed.

With the unexpected verdict of the Supreme Court on March 7, 2021, which revived the former UML and the Maoists center at a single stretch, needless to say, not only stunned India to the hilt but also forced the regional scoundrel and the enemy across the border in the South to invest more in Nepal.

The present Indian investment in Nepali politics which is to the tune of eight billions annually has become pretty insignificant in that the fresh SC verdict that “dismissed” the UML unification with the Maoists center and simultaneously reactivated the former UML and the India controlled Maoists center does tell that India needs to buy more the Nepali Lendhup Dorjes in order to make helpless the sitting Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli which has slipped from the Indian hands and begun playing “nationalist cards” much to the detriment of the coercive and the expansionist regime-India.

India takes PM Oli as a yes man of the Beijing regime to which Nepal Prime Minister is not.

The “demonstration rallies “organized” by the Indian “Comfortable(s)” for all along past three months were undeniably “paid” by the Indian establishment in order to malign first the PM Oli and later to assassinate his character to an extent which would educate the common population the real face of the sitting Prime Minister.

The sponsored “rallies and demonstrations” were, among others, attended and actively participated in by those who presumably work for the Indian establishment through the Shayam Saran, RAW’s Christian wing, S. D. Muni and Subramanian Swami’s channel.

Add to this the flock of the near to traitors who have joined the Indian lobby hoping the Indian largesse at a later stage if and when PM Oli is unseated.

Unfortunately, after the 2005-6 change that replaced the Hindu identity with that of the Unification Church, Korea, and presumably headed by none other than Shri Madhav Kumar Nepal-the fire brand “India comfortable” leader of the former UML and the one who headed the “out PM Oli campaign” by siding with the Delhi man-Prachanda.

Strong rumors have it that the flock that danced to the tune of Prachanda-Madhav duo to unseat Prime Minister Oli were all associated with the Unification Church or at least were the beneficiaries at one time or the other.

Rumors are that the UML Leader Mr. Nepal is the point man of the Christianity-conversion in Nepal. However, this could be an effort to damage Mr. Nepal’s political credentials.

Interestingly, PM Oli too has grand linkages with the same Korean Church which is talked to have established a Nepal “Unit” for the proliferation of the same religion.

Perhaps it is this intimate connection that brings Madhav Nepal to Seoul twice each year, claim UML insiders. However, Mr. Nepal paid his homage to Lord  Pasupatinath just the other day to save his Holy Wine image. Oh! these thug communists….The Rasputins…

To cut the story short:

With the verdict of the Supreme Court, the UML and the Maoists center have come to life once again and with this the speed of the former UML leaders’ home coming has hastened.

The rush to mother Party UML is to save the Parliamentary seat. Failing to return or ignoring the Court’s order would mean suicidal and thus the UML thugs associated with Delhi trained Prachanda have all come to their former political “nest” to which they have had squeezed while being the stalwart of the party in the recent years.

Commenting on the speed with which Madhav Nepal and JN Khanal and Bhim Rawal and et. al have returned to UML to save their Parliamentary seats, a senior Advocate of the nation, Mr. Dinesh Tripathi says that the leaders who rushed to the UML with a cyclonic speed leaving Prachanda and his “comfortable India gang” were the ones who have corrupted the politics of the country.

He further says that Madhav and Khanal in doing so have exhibited their “lust and greed” for political posts.

They should have, claims Tripathi, quit the party for good and initiated some sort of crusade against PM Oli and brought him down from the coveted Chair of the Prime Minister.

But Mr. Nepal and Khanal proved that they were nothing more than political bloodsuckers who even at the age of going to the grave (Long live Mr. Nepal and Mr. Khanal-Ed) prefer to stick to political power.

Mr. Khanal is seventy plus and has renal problems. 

Who won the game: Undoubtedly, for the time being PM Oli has won the battle that had been waged by the “India’s comfortable(s)” who certainly enjoyed the “blessings with financial funds” from the one regime across the border in the South which has the habit of making Nepalese to fight with the Nepalese and extract political benefits?

Plainly speaking, India lost the game in Nepal and the “comparatively” nationalist wing of Nepali politics has won the fight.

For sure, PM Oli represents the “comparatively nationalist” wing in Nepali politics as of today though his links with the “Indian establishment” remains perhaps intact since the days of the Mahakali River Treaty that had been signed with India in the mid-nineties.

Oli was the most vocal for the Treaty with India. At a dirt cheap price, India grabbed the entire Mahakali River to its benefits.

For clarity purpose, let’s say that the pro-China lobby inside the Communist has won the clash. But could also be a masked face? 

In sum, India miserably has lost the present tussle meaning that Indian “secret” money through RAW and used allotted for “subversion” in Nepal is inadequate.

Though India has lost the game but yet the Indian machinations and its “declared tools” in Kathmandu politics have vowed to unseat and damage the political credentials of PM Oli.

Money is being pumped in Nepal from India to buy loyalty for the scoundrel across the border.

The intent of the India comfortable(s) is to bring down PM Oli to the foot path and form a “coalition” that is contends the Indian regime.

And for this the Madhav-Prachanda-Khanal are doing what they need to penalized Oli.

This is talked to be the best horse for India at the moment.

Sensing in advance that the Madhav-Khanal-Rawal troika might create “troubles” upon return to the mother party, PM Oli, better late than never, cut the wings of these UML leaders by relinquishing them all from their previous party-portfolio(s).

Thus Madhav-Khanal and Rawal as of today stand as a bonafide party stalwarts but with no “functioning” portfolio.

The rebellions have been made defunct. Madhav Nepal is nervous as he has been asked explanations by the UML party as to why he inched closer to Prachanda and hatched conspiracies against the Chairman of the UML Party?  

Talking to TV anchor Rishi Dhamala, UML Chairman KP. Oli said that those UML leaders in the Prachanda’s camp who had been talking nonsense against him have been duly penalized for their erratic activities.

KP. Oli also said that his penal actions will affect only the UML top hats but not to those ordinary UML workers who were just lured to side with Prachanda and his gang that included Madhav Nepal and JN. Khanal.

“The penal actions have been taken to maintain order and discipline in the UML’s rank and file, elaborated Chairman Oli.

PM Oli has installed his “yes men” in the posts that were being “occupied” by the India comfortable (s) in the party prior to the UML’s formal unification with the Maoists center-the unification as such which has been dismissed by the apex court in the recent days.

India’s new tools and their tasks ahead:

Surya Thapa, PM Oli’s press advisor said the other day that the reenergized UML will closely monitor those who will return to their mother party-the UML with “explicit agenda”.

“Agenda-carriers shall be not tolerated”, said Thapa.

Mr. Thapa’s clear warning worked and PM Oli removed those UML leaders who have had clear links with Prachanda’s India comfortable team (and were at best a key member of the comfortable team prior to the Court’s Order) concluding that if they continue with their former posts may “under Indian instructions” destabilize his (Oli’s ) regime.

With no posts for Madhav, Khanal and Rawal to work in the UML party, these leaders have once again become vocal against PM Oli which means that they continue to receive instructions from the RAW and the Delhi establishment to cry foul against PM Oli.

Surya Thapa’s hint that the returnees with “alien agenda” shall not be endured by PM Oli has come true and the political scenario now inside the UML has been that the party under the chairmanship of sitting PM Oli has a one point agenda and that being “cornering” of the Madhav-Khanal-Rawal troika to the hilt so that the trio feel tired and exhausted.

This exhaustion would mean the fatigue of the Indian regime which apparently has been at the back of the Prachanda-Madhav-Khanal- troika. But will India keep silence? Perhaps not.

The India scheme now:

The visibly defeated Indian establishment is yet to acknowledge its grand setback. And the plan thus is to encourage yet another all time “comfortable (s)” to form a coalition with the other comfortable party that is the Nepali Congress and the Maoists center led by Delhi’s man Prachanda.

The Indian idea is to make a proxy India dependent cabinet headed by SB Deuba with NCP-Prachanda and Janata Samajwadi party (JSP) members.

(History Professor Peshal Kumar Pokhrel claims that Nepal Parliament has several parliamentarians with Indian Citizenship certificates).

To recall, SB Deuba has many a times in the past exhibited his unconditional loyalty for the Indian regime and so Prachanda’s clear India bend remains no longer a secret.

As of the party JSP, it should be noted that the common perception in Nepal is that this party has been formed under the direct instructions and supervision of the Indian establishment.

Now with Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai as the Chair of the JSP, nothing remains to be explored and investigated as Dr. Bhattarai’s grand presence itself is sufficient to tell the rest of the story that the JSP must have been the “brain child” of the regional scoundrel’s design with the sole objective of turning Nepal into yet another Sikkim through the effective use of the near to Lendhup Dorjes who comprise the party.

Indian lobby in Kathmandu is trying its best to elevate Dr. Bhattarai or Mahanta Thakur of the JSP to the rank of the Prime Minister.

If it so unfortunately happens then India will have a fresh opportunity to annex Nepal and declare Nepal as its next province.

Dr. Bhattarai, it is rumored, is more Indian than Prime Minister Modi and Amit Sah.

Perhaps this Indian equivalence explains what Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai means for Nepal and India.

But Dr. Bhattarai rebukes the accusations that he is more Indian than the Indian nationals.

He says I am not to what I am being projected by some interested quarters.

The Janata Samajwadi party (JSP) represents the Indian voice in Nepali politics, so summed up Mr. Pushpa Raj Pradhan-the chief editor of the People’s Review weekly while talking to Danfe Television networks in Kathmandu last weekend.

Veteran media man Pradhan is a strong Nepali nationalist of national repute. He too believes that if and when the JSP grabs the Prime Ministerial post of Nepal, the Sikkimisation of Nepal is only a next step affair.

That the Indian establishment is hell bent on making a Janata Samajwadi led coalition cabinet with either Dr. Bhattarai or Mahanta Thakur as the next Prime Minister of Nepal gets substantiated with the manner Mr. Thakur sneaked inside the Indian embassy in Kathmandu just the other day and held discussions with the RAW men and the Indian Ambassador who in turn briefed Thakur on how to proceed in the days ahead.

Now the question is: Will Prime Minister Oli yield to the Indian maneuverings?

Enters Indian Ambassador:

Indian Viceroy to Nepal, Binaya Mohan has intensified his secret “sessions” with the presumed Nepali “traitors” so that PM Oli finally yields to the Indian pressure and provides due space to the India bend Nepali leaders more so from the UML.

This means that those who have had been ignored by sitting PM Oli till yesterday have now gained “strength” from an alien source which has apparently made PM Oli to listen and “behave” with Madhav and J.N Khanal and others who count for aliens.

The present scenario is that PM Oli now a changed person who “invited” Comrade Madhav and Khanal and had a long conversations with his former colleagues at his Palace for a tea.

Oli’s hardened stance now has softened. But why? Is it an Indian mediation or pressure? Or the Chinese envoy Ms. Hou Yanqui intervened?

Her involvement in the present scenario could once again be to bring the warring factions of the UML men to the table and press them to unite in order to consolidate the loosening Communist Revolution. Albeit, she is meeting the Nepali leaders together with an additional donation of Covid-19 Vaccine. 

The Chinese concerns are miniscule vis-à-vis the Indian coercion.

Or the less talked MCC (the US project) issue brings the thug communists at one table?

Is it the US pressure?

India again likely to win in Nepal. China is the loser because China believes in those media men who in effect work for RAW agency. 

PM Oli’s morale has gone down as he is being pressed by the Indian establishment to talk to the Indian comfortable-Prachanda in Nepal. This is the face of the India gifted Republican order.

If India is around, one doesn’t need enemy.

And finally the question is: Are the UML men communists worth the name? Is PM Oli, Madhav, Khanal, and Prachanda Communists worth the name or bloodsuckers and autocrats or India bend power mongers? Chose the one you prefer.

Given the intensification of the Indian pressure on PM Oli through Ambassador Quatra-the new King of Nepal, chances remain fair that PM Oli may tender his resignation. Or he may even prefer to dissolve the now restored Parliament? The possibility can’t be ruled out. PM OLi will perhaps not yield easily. 

But will he? Ask the Indian Ambassador as politics now is in his total grip. 

And who is the next one to drive Nepal towards full-fledged Indian subjugation? That’s all.


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