India may exploit from Nepal’s ongoing political fluidity!

N.P. Upadhyaya: As we all know, the Supreme Court was in a fix for quite some time on how to proceed with the verdict on the dissolution of the Parliament.

Some even questioned as to why was the unnecessary delay in the pronouncement of the verdict as regards the dissolution of the lower House?

And yet others quizzed the very intent of the Apex Court of the nation.

And a third set of “inclined and alien tilted” political pundits speculated that some sort of “setting” had been stuck with the Independent Judiciary.

The suspicion was the order of the day for both the NCP of the PM Oli faction and that of Prachanda-Madhav duo camp.

PM Oli while addressing a rally in Biratnagar had hinted that some quarters “setting” the SC impending verdict. He said this though in an implied manner.

Both the camps were almost inimically-hysterical in denouncing the other and in the process, both the camps made some tantalizing observations about each other’s characters even.

In a way, the Independent Judiciary, as is presumed, too was held suspect.

The discussion inside the Apex Court were in progress with the Amicus Curie arguments too participating in a somewhat heated political debate that had confronted the nation with the sudden dissolution planned by the sitting Prime Minister K.P Oli.

The dissolution of the House in many more ways than one encouraged PM Oli’s opponents to cry foul against Oli with the tacit backing of some extraneous forces including the one which enjoys sadistic pleasure in making Nepali political forces to fight with each other which ultimately benefits the regional scoundrel( read India)that unfortunately border Nepal in the South.

PM Oli says that he dissolved the House when he was pushed to the wall by his own “alien” tilted party colleagues who apparently wish to unseat him with the tacit backing and blessings of those who wish Nepal to remain ever dependent on a particular country which has ever remained Nepal’s “undeclared” enemy of sorts.

Indeed, the hint was towards India and India alone.

Oli’s opponents rebuke his outlandish version but instead say that Oli by dissolving the parliament committed what they prefer to call a “constitutional crime”.

The allegations and counter allegations in between PM Oli and his “alien” backed opponents led by Prachanda-Madhav duo continued for long which in the process entertained the common population in that both the warring sides left no stone unturned to expose the other.

Indian links of the warring leaders too got exposed in the process.

Thus if PM Oli talked of the inner weaknesses of his opponents led by the “India tilted” duo, then the latter too brought some untold stories of PM Oli while being in power or even of those days when KP Sharma Oli was just a beginner in Jhapa politics.

The two way mudslinging amused the common men.

Yes. There was a political persona who laughed at the ongoing drama perhaps hinting the population to witness as to how the “gifted” Republican order worked in Nepal after the ouster of the Nepali Monarchy?

Definitely, he was King Gyanendra who was unceremoniously sacked by the India elevated, instigated and funded political animals some twelve years ago when the destructive devil-India-the former British slave.

Most of them who sided with India in the design to remove the Nepali monarchy from the political scene are the ones now prevailing and dirtying the national politics with the connivance of the same dirty and ugly South Asian country which is a curse to the entire region-which India is.

The Nepali tragedy has been that with the “open border phenomenon” with India, Nepal is bound to be plagued by the Indian fever which demands only the cure from the Indian fake political doctors.

Since the next day of the Indian Independence from the British India Company, the Southern neighbor has been as atrocious as anything for the entire region more so for Nepal and Pakistan.

Prime Minister Nehru almost killed the Nepali economy by creating an atmosphere for Nepal that this country have had no other option than to “heavily depend” on India practically for everything including political training of the Nepal’s India bend leaders.

It was a dangerous ploy of the freed India to keep Nepal as a protectorate much the same way as today’s Bhutan is.

The open border marvel helped India to squeeze and twist the Nepali Arms as and when the former slave country of the Mughals and the British desired.

Notably, the 1950 Nepal-India bilateral treaty nowhere talks of keeping borders open. This is just a forcefully imposed act on Nepal.

Open border is bumper prize for the Indian Union as it drains some 8 Billion dollars annually from Nepal. Indian barbers, rag pickers and beggars excluded.

Now let’s talk serious:

Nepal’s Constitutionalism expert Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya talking to one media outlet very aptly said, in his own words, “The alien force ( implied India) which ordered PM Oli to dissolve the Parliament also encouraged simultaneously the opposing faction of the THUG Communist camp led by Prachanda and Madhav Nepal to cry foul against PM Oli.

Prachanda is the Nepal’s Maoists leader who grew up in India because he preferred to become a political “tool” for the Indian establishment to pounce upon Nepal that he lived up to the Indian expectations which included not only the devastation of Nepal’s mega infrastructure but also looted some seventy Banks and the amounts thus looted reportedly gulped by Prachanda and his immediate family members.

His looted amounts are talked to be in Dubai, Swiss bank and Punjab national bank (India).

This explains as to what sort of Communist Prachanda was while residing in Delhi as Indian government’s guest.

In brief, he is India’s political instrument which he proved for himself by residing in Delhi as Indian government guest. That’s it.

Then comes Mr. Nepal of the Lalita Nivas land scam notoriety who has also the distinction of grabbing the Prime Minister ship of the country even if “badly” defeated in the parliamentary elections.

Indeed it was New Delhi’s naked intervention that he was elevated to PM’s post which is why he (Mr. Nepal) is bound to exhibit his “loyalty” to the regime which helped him most in Nepal.
After Prachanda, Mr. Nepal is very close to the Indian RAW machinery, it is widely believed.

Thus what Mr. Nepal is and whom he should serve is unquestionable. Let him serve if he feels “comfortable”.

Here is a flash: While writing this story, the Apex Court of the country has in a fresh verdict given a new lease of life to the already dead UML and the Maoist Center there by dismissing the so called Unity among the UML and the Maoists center which had unified Oli’s party with that of Prachanda’s.

This means that the UML and the Maoists center have come to life once again and their leaders have now to return to their mother parties.

This scheme will have a great impact on the “camp-changers” who either have clinched with PM Oli or have switched their allegiance for Prachanda-the Delhi trained and indoctrinated one.
Now back to the main story:

Let’s talk date wise of the events that followed in Nepal which in many more ways than one hinted that “politics” has even entered into institutions that are supposed to be “neutral and independent” in truest sense of the term.

February 22: A day ahead of the Supreme Court’s verdict on the restoration of the dissolved parliament, Purna Chandra Thapa-the Nepal Army Chief suddenly and unannounced entered into the Apex Court premises and held “about” an hour “secret” meeting with the Chief Justice-Cholendra SJBR.

This raises a question as to why the Army Chief dropped inside the SC and met the SC Chief Justice and that too at a time when the entire nation was expecting the verdict from the Apex Court on the House dissolution.

Speculations heightened and some even pointed that the Army Chief had gone to “impress” the Chief Justice with his personal or for that matter “the remote aired” instructions .

It may be incorrect but the fact is that just the next day of such a high profile meet, the SC restored the dissolved Parliament which was “celebrated” by Prachanda-Madhav duo-supposedly the Indian lobby in Nepal.

Unconfirmed reports have it that on the House restoration day, Prachanda and Madhav were in Chitwan district wherein both of them were heard jubilantly “briefing” their Indian masters in Hindi language.

If Prachanda was talking in Nepali with some domestic political animals, Madhav Nepal was heard talking to some Indian nationals (Shyam Saran, or S Swamy or RAW Chief in Delhi-a guess works only based on the strong rumors floating then in political circuit) in his preferred “Hindi” language.

That is on 23 February, the House was restored.

ome February 26: In a striking coincidence, the apex court had restored the Parliament on the day when PM Oli was about to rejoice his birthday.

Surely, the Birthday celebrations must have taken a different turn. So sad Mr. Prime Minister.

On this fateful day, Delhi indoctrinated and RAW’s intimate staffer (?) Prachanda while talking to Rishi Dhamala-a Nepali journalist supposedly close to Delhi establishment and an anchor of a TV Channel comfortably told that now Nepal needs a new coalition-government comprising of the communist camp that he leads, the Nepali Congress and the Janata Samajwadi party JSP) which “should” be comfortable to the Indian regime.

In saying so, Prachanda opened his heart and spoke what was in his inner mind and that being “how to serve the Indian Union” from Nepal.

It was a concern of Prachanda that somehow or the other matched with Kaji Lendhup Dorje of the independent Sikkim whose “treason” with his motherland-Sikkim—will go long in the annals of History.

Lendhup Dorje of Sikkim with the tacit scheme with the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi “dissolved” his motherland in the Indian Union in mid-seventies.

Later this traitor died an unsung death.

But who is dying in Nepal as Kaji Lendhup? Keep on guessing?

Enters Dr. Bhattarai:

The presumed ace man of the RAW agency in Nepal is talked to be Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai. He is not only trained and indoctrinated by India but, we have been told, prefers to die for India.

High placed sources in Nepal authentically claim that India has invested much on Bhattarai to gain not only his favor but also through him to loot and capture entire Nepal politically.

After Prachanda’s open dissemination of “India comfortable coalition theory” in Nepal, Dr. Bhattarai who was then in New Delhi talked to some RAW tilted media wherein he accused Prime Minister KP. Sharma Oli saying that the PM should not have irritated India by “publishing a new Nepal map”.

This is enough to recognize Bhattarai.

He spoke what the RAW wanted to hear from him and its stooges back in Nepal.

Bhattarai’s comments made in Delhi against PM Oli speaks of his India bend and that too in an unashamed manner.

This was not all. Bhattarai said, among others, “China’s influence in Nepal has grown in the last few years but this should not “worry” New Delhi as it has strong historical, cultural and economic ties with Kathmandu”.

Analyzing Bhattarai’s comments, one could notice that he is annoyed with the increasing Chinese influence in Nepal which by implication means that India’s influence is decreasing.
So it is this vanishing Indian influence which pains Dr. Bhattarai.

Dr. Bhattarai further says assuring Delhi that “nothing to panic….Nepal enjoys historical, geographical, economic, cultural as well as social ties with India, and thus Beijing can “never be a replacement” for Delhi.

For Delhi’s comfort, he says that Beijing can’t replace Delhi in Kathmandu.

This means that until he is alive, Delhi will have its upper hand in Kathmandu.

All said and done, the fresh verdict of the Supreme Court on the ownership of the Nepal Communist party which goes into the pocket of Mr. Rishi Kattel has come as a thunderbolt to both PM Oli and Prachanda-Madhav duo.

As the SC’s decision makes null and void the unification of the UML with the Maoists center some two years ago thus giving a new lease of life to the former UML party and the Maoists center led by Prachanda.

This means that those former UML members who had sided with Prachanda now will have to return to their mother party that is now led by PM Oli.

Similarly, those Maoists center stalwarts who had defected to PM Oli by changing their camps will have to go back to Prachanda or else they will lose their Parliamentary seats which applies to the former UML members in the Prachanda’s camp at the moment.

Poor Madhav Nepal, the bete noir of PM Oli on his birth day was made homeless by the Supreme Court’s latest decision.

He is the hard hit in the party.

India did what it wanted. Now the political chaos and the uncertainty prevailing in this country shall definitely be exploited by the regional villain by posing as a peacemaker/trouble shooter.

Nepal’s political fluidity has ever been exploited by the inimical Indian establishment.

The lessons learnt:

#it was tentatively assumed that Nepali judiciary too was engaged in some political games. May not be true.
# the election commission too appeared loaded with political bias.
# that the gifted Republican order was not suitable for Nepal.
# Nepali politics is being better played by the Indian officials more so by the RAW. RAW has free field in Nepal.
# Even the vibrant media and the so called Civil society leaders in Nepal were not sacrosanct and that they appeared only to “appear and reappear” as and when “instructions” from above were received through remote control.
# India’s naked interference was observed in national politics.
# A few Nepali leaders exhibited more concerns for serving the Indian regime at the cost of Nepal.
# And a few preferred an “India Comfortable government in Nepal.
# this meant that Indian investment in Nepali politics must have been to the tune of billions and billions which goes into the pockets of “traitors, hopefully.
# Some leaders were found portraying themselves as Kaji Lendhup Dorje of Sikkim and some are in the process of imitating Lendhups line of treason. 
# In the current political fluidity, under some pretext the Indian intervention is likely.

# Have we become an Indian protectorate? Keep fingers crossed. That’s all.


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