DPRK against South korea

Kim Yo Jong, vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), issued a statement on 15th of March concerning the war game launched by south Korean authorities against DPRK on Mar. 8.

South Korean authorities dared to wage an aggressive war game  despite our entirely just demand and all the fellow countrymen’s unanimous protest and condemnation.

The south Korean authorities, accustomed to paying lip-service, are busy billing the drill as “annual” and “defensive one” and a computer-based simulation drill, as in the past in order to hide its aggressive nature. They say that the drill involves no actual maneuvers with its scale and contents drastically ‘reduced’.

The essence and nature of the drills against the compatriots in the north never change despite any change in their forms.

They staged 110 big or small war drills in 2018, more than 190 in 2019 and over 170 in 2020 in breach of their promise to halt such drills. We have long been aware of it and they might know better than anyone else about what impact such continued north-targeted war drumbeats would have on the north-south relations.

Our Party Central Committee has already clarified the stand that whether the inter-Korean relations return to the new starting point of peace and prosperity as witnessed in those spring days three years ago or not depends on the attitude of the south Korean authorities.

Nevertheless, they opted for “war in March” and “crisis in March” again under the eyes of all Koreans, instead of “warmth in March”.

War drill and hostility can never go with dialogue and cooperation.


The statement underlined that;

Given the current situation that the south Korean authorities completely destroy the foundation of trust, we cannot but put on the agenda the issue of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, an organization for dialogue with the south which has no reason for its existence.

We also examine the issue of dissolving the Kumgansan International Tourism Bureau and other organizations concerned as any cooperation and exchange with the south Korean authorities antagonizing us are no longer necessary.

We may take a special measure of resolutely abrogating even the north-south military agreement.


Every action has its own result, and they will receive as much as they have tried and paid.

Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People believes that the progressive people of the world would strongly denounce and reject the ongoing war game and extends firm solidarity to Korean people in their just struggle to safeguard peace and security.

KCSWP will, in the future too, wage more vigorous sturggle to contribute to stable peace on the Korean peninsula, and, on this road, will join hands with all anti-war, peace-loving forces who aspire after peace and justice.

 Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People

16th of March, 2021

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