Secret of the KPA’s Mightiness

A few years ago Internet websites carried a scene, which surprised the world people.
The Korean People’s Army soldiers were rushing to the sea to send off their Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un on his way back after inspecting their unit defending a far-flung island. Oblivious of the fact that their waists were immersed in the cold seawater, they were shedding tears while waving their hands. Many people were shocked at the sight, an acme of bursts of emotion that could be seen nowhere else in the world.

The island is situated at the hottest spot in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, where fierce artillery firing was once exchanged with the enemy. So his entourage had dissuaded him from going there. However, Kim Jong Un dug in his heels, saying that his beloved soldiers were there, and got aboard a small wooden vessel. And on the island, he took meticulous care of the diet, bedding and cultural life of the soldiers. He also instructed the unit’s commanding officers to look after the soldiers as they would do their own brothers, and posed for a photo with them.

He has visited various army units, even the post in Panmunjom on the Military Demarcation Line where the opposing forces are levelling their guns at each other. He often said: The officers and men are my precious comrades-in-arms; what I believe in is not the modern military hardware, like guns or rockets, but the soldiers; the Supreme Commander, as well as the officers, exists for them.
The relations between the service personnel and their Supreme Commander has been established by dint of love and trust and consolidated by dint of moral excellence and tender feelings.
That’s why the soldiers did not hesitate to jump into cold seawater to see off their Supreme Commander.
There will be no yardstick with which to estimate the might of the KPA, in which the Supreme Commander and the service personnel have formed an integral whole.
So far the hostile forces have worked out many war plans against the KPA and conducted various computer simulations. But, the results were always pessimistic for them.
Had it been possible for them to input the data on the strength of the integral whole between the Supreme Commander and the service personnel as well as the powerful armament of the KPA, the results would have been worse.

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