Child rights achievement in Nepal in 2020

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school, Class -8
As we know that, Nepal has a record of huge cases of child righ abuses. Plenty of abuses are occuring daily and we hear them in the news regularly. All of the negative aspects enter our mind and don't let us relief and hear good news. 
A report from Nepali times states that "A survey by the British agency Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) shows that 11 out of 152 girls had been married in the four districts during the lockdown period this year. The NGO, Room to Read said in May that it had discovered at least seven cases of child marriage during the lockdown. In October, the provincial police office in Lumbini launched a two-week campaign to prevent child marriage after reporting 49 cases in the province in the past three years. " It is very sickening that we see child marriage even though we're in 2077. It's like our country hasn't developed an single minute past rana rule. Rape cases still are prevalent with 2,144 cases occuring in fiscal year 2019/2020 according to Nepal police. Child labor cases have decreased but still high relative to other countries. In districts like Bajhang, Bara, Bhaktapur, Rupandehi, Sarlahi, etc districts have the highest cases of child abuse in our country. Even though Bhaktapur seems better off than these districts, it still has a high case of abuse. Many of the smuggled children robbed from their parents and good care with a hope of better future and life are brought to the valley and used as cheap labourers mainly in Bhaktapur inside the valley area! Raped girls like Bhagirathi Bhatta, Gulab Khatun, etc wouldnt be raped if it wasnt for government to take strict actions. 
 Even though we hear very sad news daily, people are taking their mobs to the streets. Around 40 districts saw people in the streets protesting to hang the rapists. Even  DEVI KAFLE  an activist from Kathmandu took to the the streets of Bangaga to protest for Bhagirathi against government. We can even use social media for promoting and protecting victims of rape and to find the accused. We all must be aware that we all play a huge role in finding and giving punishment to victim because changes start from us. Thank you.

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