Delhi-Washington-Beijing intense tussle likely in Kathmandu

# Nepal Prime Minister has once again assured the Nepali population that Lord Rama’s Temple is under construction in Thori, Chitwan district, Nepal.
# In saying so publicly, PM Oli has once again hinted PM Modi that Lord Rama was not born in Ayodhya, India, but instead in Nepal.

N. P. Upadhyaya; Kathmandu: Two highly important political secrets have come to the fore in the recent days.

These secrets, if it were, have exposed New Delhi’s ill designs against Nepal in the early days of 2005.

The two secrets were in the form of strong rumors pertaining to the so called India sponsored fake political revolution of the year 2005-6 which is what in essence brought the plight of the nation to this stage what it stands today.

Delhi has damaged this country. Delhi fractured the unity of the Nepalese population.

Both deserve high attention from the Nepali intellectuals (though politically a biased one) and also to those who are interested in knowing the tricks and thuggery as to how India coerces and behaves inimically with Nepal.

For some partisan and India bend intellectuals who wish not to understand this Indian naked intervention in Nepali political issues must now listen to what the young Nepali Congress leader Amresh Kumar Singh has told of the India drafted 12 point agreement.

Amresh Kumar sigh came to limelight immediately after the India sponsored movement was successful in doing away with the Nepali Monarchy which is what India wanted.

And for this, India summoned seven political parties of Nepal in Delhi and made them to sign the Shyam Saran drafted 12 point agreement in 2005 November and thus facilitated the Delhi residing Nepal Maoists leaders to politically storm Nepal and its domestic politics.

Indian Professor S. D. Muni also apparently supported Shyam Saran in the latter’s mission of “damage Nepal”.

Undoubtedly Girija Prasad Koirala brought the Nepal Maoists from Delhi to rule Nepal as per the dictates of the Indian government.

When the agitation against the King was a success through the kind courtesy of the Indian government then the latter also commanded GP Koirala to carry along with him two men with him to Nepal.

The first one was Krishna Prasad Sitaula and the other one was Amresh Kumar Singh-both in the Nepali Congress now.

KP Sitaula was the one who as the country’s Home Minister some time later after the 12 point agreement managed to declare that Nepal now was a Republic which meant that Nepal had now no place for King Gyanendra who was told to leave the Royal Palace at the earliest.

The King obeyed the orders of the presumed Delhi workers.

A Delhi university student Amresh Kumar Singh upon his arrival in Kathmandu kept himself busy in, reportedly, acting like a special coordinator in between the RAW-Indian establishment and Prime Minister GiriJa Prasad Koirala.

Thus the Indian establishment ran the politics of Nepal which is most likely continuing even as of today.

PM Oli too has an India bend and is learnt to have dissolved the Parliament under Indian orders.

The King had by then already left the Royal Palace and entered into the nearby Nagarjun Jungles.

Now back to the main story.

Amresh Kumar Singh, the presumed RAW man in Nepal reportedly (maybe he is not and could be just a propaganda against Mr. Singh) last week made a startling revelation that “in order to malign the prestige the sitting King Gyanendra at time of the 2005 revolution, a calculated plan was deliberately hatched to blow out of proportion the wrong deeds of then Crown Prince Paras Shah so that King Gyanendra’s political image could be brought down to a miserable level.

Mr. Singh admits that there was a structured design to demoralize King Gyanendra at time of the 2005 agitation.

Prince Shah and King Gyanendra were chased by todays’ Human Rights activists, and the civil society leaders plus a special set of “media” who work only when they are told to show their face in the streets. They are thus seasonal workers for some alien forces.

The thrill is yet to come.

The inference of the fresh claim made by Mr. Amresh Singh assumes significance in that his honest verbal assertion has just come close on the heels of the clarion call made by former Indian secretary S. Ramesh who a fortnight ago published an article in the Telegraph online that “Dr. Karan Singh should visit Kathmandu once again and facilitates the grand arrival of the ousted King Gyanendra to the Nepali throne”.

If Secretary Ramesh directly hinted the Indian government to take all the necessary measures to restore the dumped monarchy then back home, a Delhi close ally Mr. Amresh Singh prefers to “clear and wash” the sponsored-damaged image of the benevolent King who was definitely the victim of the Nepali charlatans together with the villainy of the “ever inimical” Indian regime.

The fact is that better late than never, Mr. Amresh Singh appears to have “felt and then realized” the great game that was calculatedly played to malign the prestige of the Nepal King Gyanendra.
Is Mr. Singh repenting on behalf of New Delhi? Guess.

King Gyanendra was simply penalized for having lobbied in favor of China to get included in the SAARC regional body during 2005 Dhaka SAARC Summit, however, the balley balley proxy Prime Minister of India Dr. M.M. Singh (assistant to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi) who under a design did away with the Nepali Monarchy.

Those who supported the Indian RAW machinery then from Nepal were primarily persons who were Nepali nationals but their hearts ever throbbed for Indian interests.

Primary role in the ouster of King Gyanendra from the throne was Girija Prasad Koirala and his henchmen in the congress and other several India bend political parties.

In addition, Mr. Amresh Kumar Singh also opines that with the clear image of the ousted King Gyanendra now, the political meaning of the Delhi sponsored 12 point agreement also has ceased to exist.

Notably, since 2006, the country was being run under the spirit of the Delhi drafted 12 point agreement and Mr. Singh’s determined disapproval of the Delhi’s 12 point contract revives automatically the Constitution of the 1990 ( 2047 B.S)

The old constitution is in force now.

The chaos and the pandemonium seen today in the country’s politics and as per verbal admittance of Mr. Singh, the previous Constitution that was dumped by the RAW elevated Nepali leaders is alive now.

If so then it means that the nation is a democracy with the presence of a Constitutional Monarch.

This further means that Nepali monarchy has now reasons to claim that the Monarchical Institution if very much kicking and alive.

This should again mean than that the Republican Order of today has automatically ceased to exist.

By the way the Republican order is counting its last breathe though.

To add fuel to the fire, the sitting Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa while addressing a gathering of his party workers in Kalikot district stated that “if the dissolved Parliament gets resuscitated of better say revived by the Apex Court then his party will lobby for the Restoration of the ousted Monarchy.

Minister Thapa’s opponents now in the streets led by Madhav-Prachanda duo (with India bend) have been in some way or the other exerting undue moral pressure on the Supreme Court to revive the dissolved Parliament.

The dissolution of the parliament is a subjudice case at the moment.

To a greater extent, those who favor the parliament dissolution and those who oppose it, both were committing blunders in making “attempts” to influence the upcoming verdict of the Supreme Court.

In a way, Nepal’s judiciary is being influenced which is by all democratic standards a mockery of a democratic system which strongly believes in the Independence of the Judiciary.
The thrill is yet to come:

Four former Chief Justices of the country a fortnight ago through a blunt statement dared to influence the Supreme Court of Nepal.

The four honorable Chief Justices mentioned in their joint appeal or say statement that they hoped that the nation’s apex court will for sure give a new lease of life to the dissolved Parliament.

In addition, the Prime Minister of Nepal also time and again states that the Supreme Court’s decision will go in his favor which means that PM Oli is confident that the SC’s decision shall be in his favor and that the Court will make a ruling that favored PM’s parliament’s termination.

Mature political observers thus come to a conclusion that the Nepali leaders manning the “India gifted and imposed” republican order in Nepal are twisting the values of the entire system that suits to their demands and the political needs.

For the common people, they are neither happy with the Republican order nor with those who have been told to run the country that is the present day leaders both ruling and in opposition.

The both set of leaders or say politicians are of the India bend and shall work for the betterment of the Indian regime and nothing more than that.

Once again to the main story.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, a diehard communist leader as he claims himself to be, and thus for him and his ilk “religion” should be an “opium”, has made with his single step the entire nation to keep on guessing as to what PM Oli is in effect?

A die hard communist who doesn’t believe in Religion or a communist, albeit a fake one, who by being a Hindu by birth appears confident that at this advanced age, he should submit before the Almighty Lord Pasupatinath?

Last week PM Oli and his family went to pay homage to Lord Shiva at Pasupatinath) temple and worshipped the God for an hour or so.

He is a diehard Hindu by birth but yet PM Oli also a close believer of the Korean Holy Wine Phenomenon-a Christian special pattern.

Some people in Nepal believe that Nepal Prime Minister and his friends in the former UML party have adopted Christianity and that they hate the Hindu Gods.

Madhav Nepal of the former UML party together with Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai were all the believers of Christianity, we have been told.

Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai, some authentically claim that these two Maoists leaders while residing in Delhi, India, had converted to Christianity under the supervision of the Norwegian government.

The manner these two former Maoists stalwarts treat and pass on negative comments on the Hindu religion appear to have been best guided by the hatred against other religions other than the Christianity.

However, the fact is that in Nepal, both the Hindus and the Christians live together in harmony without spreading hatred on the other.

We have coexisted together and shall ever remain composed come what may.

Now back to the point.

The inference of Prime Minister Oli’s visiting Lord Shiva’s temple last week does tell that there is now a “great transformation” in Nepal’s Communist Prime Minister and that he has begun to roll back to his former Hinduism past.

The candid political inference of PM Oli’s visit to Lord Shiva’s temple site is being as Indian Prime Minister Modi’s hint to him to facilitate the “grand coming” of the Nepali monarchy which is a Hindu State.

Some even say that if PM Oli is further pushed to the wall by the Madhav-Prachanda duo, or the Supreme Court per chance restores the dissolved Parliament then PM Oli in turn is most likely to handover the State Authority to the one who was unceremoniously ousted by the Nepali leaders in 2008 under the instructions of the RAW controlled proxy Prime Minister of India Dr. Man Mohan Singh-the lower level staff (clerk) of the Italian queen Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

To come closer, PM Oli has already been told by his Indian counterpart that India was all set to restore the Nepali monarchy.

India has reasons to restore the Monarchy in Nepal.

For India believes that it is the restored King of Nepal who can distance China and the USA in Kathmandu that suits to it.

Scared and tired of being ruffled at regular intervals by Bejing over these past few months at the war fronts in and around Galwan valley, Delhi believes that it is only the restored Nepal King who can, if the need be and told to mediate, bring in both Delhi and Beijing at the negotiating table and make them to understand the political fluidity that the India-China tussle invites in the entire South Asian region.

If India halts teasing China then Pakistani attack on India too will come down or else India will have to keep itself engaged in defending its borders at two war fronts: With Beijing and Islamabad.
The competition begins with a new Player:

In the previous decades and even as of now, Delhi has/had unilateral say or say control over Nepali politics through its paid and posted agents in Nepal but now yet another dominant, powerful and matching political authority has lately entered into the battle ground in Kathmandu to show its presence: After Delhi and Beijing and now Washington.

Washington too wants its political say hence forth to prevail in Nepali politics much the same way Delhi and Beijing have already secured for themselves.

The house-to-house rush of the US Ambassador in Kathmandu, Randy Berry, to meet the political leaders of Nepal these days are but the proof that the US too will not settle for less than securing its fair share in Kathmandu’s politics.

Delhi wants total control of Nepali politics in its hand. Delhi also wants Bejing and Washington to be at a distance in Nepal.

Beijing wants its increased influence in Kathmandu as much as Delhi has.

Beijing needs its increased share in Kathmandu’s politics to get enough and unconditional support for its mega project the Belt and Road Initiative-the BRI of which Nepal is a signatory.

Both Delhi and Washington wish Nepal rejects the Chinese BRI tooth and nail but Nepal rejects.

Delhi and Washington are in the Quad club that comprises of India, Australia, Japan and The USA.

Washington has its own project in Nepal called the Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC) which the US needs early approval by the Nepal government.

Knowledgeable personalities opine that the MCC has been designed to counter the increasing influence of China in Nepal.

We are not sure whether it is to contain China or not, however, what is for sure is that the US will not leave Nepal to have a good sleep until the MCC is approved.

The MCC is now a project of prestige for the USA under Joe Biden. The US Ambassador, Randy berry, is thus active these days in Kathmandu to ensure the approval of the MCC. 

Biden has some more scores to be settled on matters of Tibetans residing in Nepal.

In a way, the likely tussle in between Beijing, Delhi and Washington in Kathmandu demands the presence of such a political persona, a benevolent, liberal dictator, who could satisfy the egos of the three major powers without hampering Nepal’s larger interests.

Observers opine that now it is time that Beijing, Delhi and Washington collectively go in search of such a person.

But who could be this benevolent and liberal dictator? The search continues. That’s all.


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