Memorandum to Narendra Mamodardas Modi

Memorandum submitted by Greater Nepal Nationalist Front to Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Damodardas Modi on the occasion of Republic Day of India demanding return of 100,000 square kilometers of Nepali land.

 Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi

Hon. Prime Minister,

 Govt. of India.

New Delhi, India


Hon. Prime Minister Modi,

 It should be a matter of concern for the world that the colonies still remain in South Asia. Similarly, this is the irony that the country which got rid of the colony has colonized the land of another country. This is a shameful matter that India is holding the ugly flag of colonialism on Nepali soil. Celebrating Republic Day by maintaining colonial rule since August 15, 1947 on Nepalese soil, is a flagrant violation of democracy, freedom and human rights.

Hon. Prime Minister Modi,

 From Mechi to East Tista-Nagarkatta, from Mahakali to West Sutalaj river and from the northern Gangetic plain, remove the colonial claws from about 100,000 square kilometers of Nepalese land, Only then India will be considered to be the largest democracy in the world. If you have forgotten that this request made to you by the Greater Nepal Nationalist Front is the voice of all the Nepalese, it will create a huge problem between Nepal and India in the days to come. The land belongs to Nepal, so remember it as a bailment of Nepal and return it to us immediately.

Phanindra Nepal


Greater Nepal Nationalist Front

January 26, 2021

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