Why Always Pakistan ?

 Sometimes Pakistan and sometimes Turkey and sometimes it is the ISIS and the Al Qaida; India is yet not confirmed about whom to put the blame on with reference to the support to the Kashmiri freedom fighters. Under the guidance of the R&AW, various Indian and western media groups keep on shifting the targets to be blamed of. Recently, in the first week of the last December, the Greek City Times published a report with reference to the Furat News Agency (FNA) that Turkey is preparing to send Syrian fighters to the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu &Kashmir (IIOJK). The purpose of sending these fighters is to fight against India in the Kashmir territory; says the paper. According to the details, Abu Emsha, the head of the Turkish-backed Suleiman Shah Brigades informed his members a few days back that Ankara wanted to reinforce Kashmir. The report says that Suleiman Shah Brigades is a terrorist organization and a part of the so-called Syrian National Army. It is also mentioned in the report that Turkey had been previously sending Syrian mercenaries to Libya and Azerbaijan too. The prejudiced approach of the Greek City Times could be very well estimated by its comments that Turkish state stands by Pakistan on the Kashmir issue against India. Like Qatar, Pakistan supports the Turkish state’s invasion attacks in Northeast Syria. The report also says that Abu Emsha has stated that those who will go from his group will be registered in a list and they will receive $2000 in funding. The Firat News Agency (FNA) also reported the same thing about this ongoing activity of the Suleiman Shah Brigades regarding sending fighters to Kashmir. The news agency says that it relied on information obtained from Abu Emsha, the head of Suleiman Shah Brigade which allegedly works under Syrian National Army. The FNA had earlier reported that Turks want to relocate some units to Kashmir where each fighter will get 20000 US$. FNA is a News Agency, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The agency is affiliated with Kurds and PKK. The agency’s journalists are banned in Turkey and its web sites cannot be accessed from Turkish soil. 
In this whole story, starting from the Greek City Times and ending at the FNA report, where comes Pakistan from? Blaming Pakistan of providing military support to the Kashmiri freedom fighters is nothing new; it is an age-old misconception against Pakistan. The storm of blames and allegations against Pakistan reaches its climax whenever the issue of adding or subtracting Pakistan’s name in the grey list of FATF is under discussion. The recent report is also a part of the same sequence. If Turkey is allegedly planning to do something for the Kashmiris and if Abu Emsha has asked the commanders of other militia groups to list the names of those who want to go to Kashmir, what has Pakistan to do with it? Kashmir Freedom Struggle is not a new phenomenon; it is spanned over seven decades with a lot of resolutions passed by UN. Moreover the freedom struggle of Kashmiris is not the only struggle of its type; from Palestine to Various ethnic groups in Europe, there are countless separatist or freedom movements for seeking greater autonomy or independence. In the European Union (EU), several of these groups are members of the European Free Alliance (EFA). In some cases, the groups seek to unify into a different state. In the same way, the Kashmiris are also struggling since long for their independent identity. Their struggle is against India’s illegal occupation over their territory and their struggle is totally homegrown and reflects the sentiments of the masses. Blaming Pakistan for what it has never done would prove a futile practice and soon the ‘brains’ behind this childish philosophy would realize that such blame-theories are not the solution to the problem. The freedom movement in Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir would end only when the Kashmiris get their right to decide their fate themselves. They neither are the puppets nor are they animals; they are human beings leading their lives under decades old suppression. Their struggle for independence and their efforts to get the basic human rights is quite natural. Pakistan or any other country might have been blamed for making things troublesome in Kashmir if the people living there were very much contented and satisfied with the things around them. Pakistan does support to Kashmir cause but remaining in a purely diplomatic, ethical, humane and moral domain. Instead of doing futile efforts of establishing linkage between Pakistan and Turkey on Kashmir issue and then connecting these links with Al-Qaida and ISIS is nothing but a fool’s errand. India won’t have to involve herself in all such nefarious, undiplomatic, unethical and immoral activities if the Kashmir issue were settled sagely and wisely by letting the Kashmiris live their life according to their own desire. The unrest in Kashmir would never come to an end unless the Kashmiris are treated like living human beings.

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