Conclusion at the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party

Kim Jong-un

Dear representative automatic magazines!
This is the eighth event in our party history, and serious discussions were made on the plan of the immediate struggle to open up a new period of revolution and construction, a period of upheaval and the reinforced development of the Party.
This conference first analyzed and summarized the project structure of the 7th Party Central Committee in full, independent, and in detail, and discussed in-depth new lines of struggle and strategic and tactical issues for a breakthrough in socialist construction.
In reports, discussions, and sectoral councils, the biases and deficiencies inherent in all areas of social life, from the party, the state, and the military work, were criticized in detail, and a solemn determination and will to overcome them was expressed.
In addition, research and discussions were actively conducted to find out how to implement goals and tasks to be achieved during the new five-year plan period, and constructive opinions raised in this process were synthesized in the drafting committee of the party congress.
Through the discussion of the first agenda, it became clearer what and how our party, state, and people should do in the future, and the strategies of struggle to achieve a new victory in our revolution became more clear.
Unlike the party congresses of the past period, the fact that our party analyzed and summarized its business not from a positive point of view, but from a critical point of view, has as much significance as the achievements achieved during the consensus period.
In this conference, the 7th Party Central Prosecutors Committee’s business summary was also carried out critically and strictly, and decisive measures were taken in our business and party activities to correct the old and inconsistent problems of the past period in accordance with the Party Construction Principles. I built it.
By revising the rules of the Workers’ Party of Korea to accurately reflect the principles of the Party’s construction, the company’s business, and the demands for actual development, an important basis for strengthening the Party’s leadership and combat power and achieving sound development was laid.
The fact that this conference organized the 8th Central Committee of the Party with comrades who are faithful to the Party and the revolution and who have high practical skills, and established a new discipline and oversight system in the Party, is a landmark in fulfilling the mission and role of our Party as a powerful staff of the revolution. It becomes a turning point.
Representative automatic papers!
At this conference, I once again received the leadership position of the Chosun Workers Party by the strong confidence of all the representatives and party members.
All of my party comrades have entrusted me with the heavy duty of the secretary of the Korean Workers’ Party with high dignity .
I am the great Kim Il Sung - Kim Jong Il’s attention is representative of and responsible party is sacred depths awaken a sense of mission and will do our power to realize the struggle of Conduct by Congress presents a great beautifully our chungbok true people regard the people as the sky of my destiny wimin commitment I solemnly affirm that I will fight for the future.
The 8th Party Central Committee, which was elected with the full support of all representative journalists, responded to the high expectations and credibility of the party organizations and members of the entire party, in order to achieve a new victory in the construction of Korean socialism. We will demonstrate our leadership and faithfully fulfill the missions given by the times.
Representative automatic papers!
The external environment of our revolution today is strict and sharp, and our revolutionary work will not proceed smoothly.
However, in the worst conditions and trials, there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome for our party and the people, who have won a great victory that no one else can take.
With new devotion and courage, we must quickly enter the path of continuous advancement by striving to strengthen the power of the party, the revolutionary, and the nation to all sides.
It is the basic idea and basic spirit of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea to achieve a great new victory in all fields by remarkably increasing the subjective and internal forces of socialist construction .
In other words, it is the revolutionary will of the Workers’ Party of Korea that was reaffirmed through this convention that we must organize and reorganize our internal strength in a full way, and break through all difficulties head-on and open a new path of progress based on it.
The great historical task ahead of our revolution demands that the entire party take the immigration privilege, single-hearted unity, and self-reliance again deeply and go higher.
The immigration commission reflects our Party’s enduring demand for the party to serve the people as the starting point for the Party construction and party activities, and to firmly maintain the revolutionary party wind based on an absolute and unchanging principle. There are ideological and theoretical perspectives and policy demands on the future and forward driving force.
Here are the basic secrets to increase the leadership power of our party, “immigration comfort”, “one-hearted unity” and “self-rehabilitation”, and there is a fundamental way for our party to root deeper in the crowd. There is a fundamental collateral that can be done.
I would like to replace the slogan of the Party’s 8th Congress by re-engraving the three ideologies of our Party’s sublime  ƒ
immigration comfort ƒ
,  ƒ
one-hearted unity ƒ
 and  ƒ
self-rehabilitation ƒ
 rather than giving any loud slogans at this party conference. Filed.
With the extraordinary determination, confidence, and enthusiasm for the party to start a new path, it must be brave and brave toward the historical direction indicated by the party congress.
Above all, we must wage a desperate struggle to carry out the new five-year plan for national economic development.
The construction of a socialist economy is the most important revolutionary task for which we must focus our efforts today.
In order to overcome the current difficulties that we are facing, to improve the stability of the people’s lives as soon as possible, and to provide a firm guarantee for self-reliance and self-prosperity, we must urgently solve the economic problems that are facing the most.
First of all, we need to set the main strike direction of the economic front right away and focus our efforts on it.
The central task of the new five-year plan for national economic development is to take metal and chemical industries as key links for economic development, strengthen organic links between key industrial sectors, promote practical economic revitalization, and promote the material technology foundation of the agricultural sector. It aims to raise people’s life to the limit by increasing the proportion of localization of raw materials in the light industry sector.
From the metal industry and chemical industry sectors, we must focus our energy on projects to firmly build up on the normal track and in the revitalization stage, and based on that, we must go in the direction of promoting all other sectors.
With the principle of prioritizing the development of the metal industry and the chemical industry, the national economic organization should be well organized.
It is important not to disperse the country’s economic power here and there, but to reinforce economic operations and command so that it can be mobilized and utilized as reasonably as possible.
All economic projects must be directed toward achieving unbiased stability improvement in people’s lives.
Here, too, the basics are to continue to focus on agricultural production and solve the people’s food problem.
During the new Five-Year Plan period, the agricultural sector must take more initiatives and take place, increase national investment, and achieve the goal of grain production.
In particular, over the next two to three years, the national mandatory purchase plan must be set at the level of 2009, and must be achieved, and promisingly increase the amount of purchase so that food can be supplied to the people normally.
In the light industry sector, the localization and recycling of raw materials and materials should be the central link during the new five-year plan period, and production of consumer goods should be increased to bring new progress in the struggle for the improvement of people’s living.
In order to normalize production in all sectors that supply raw materials and materials to the light industry sector, strong national economic and technical measures must be established.
Next, in all sectors and at all levels, we need to find specific tasks and measures to implement the new five-year plan for national economic development, and execute them without fail.
In light of the lessons of the last consensus period, the party congress presented a new goal of struggle that could be realized by taking an objective and rigorous approach to reality this time.
It is very important to set up a step-by-step and annual discrimination plan with predictable judgment of conditions and environments that can be created in the future in all sectors and units.
After the units have made plans, they must implement scientific and specific operations and command for their execution, carry out unconditionally, and establish a strong discipline that strictly controls and aggregates the implementation of the people’s economic plan nationally by indicator. Do it.
The success or failure of implementing the new five-year plan for national economic development depends on how to improve economic management.
The Central Party’s economic departments, the Cabinet, the National Planning Committee, factories, enterprises, and all other sectors must work together to come up with decisive measures to improve economic management.
Projects to research and complete economic management methods that are in line with our actual situation and can see the effects of optimization and optimization, including linking the methods being introduced in pilot research with the experiences of units that are good at business management and corporate management. You have to stick out.
During the new Five-Year Plan period, under the unified command and management of the state, the party and national forces must be put to restore and strengthen the system and order that moves the economy.
Even after the party congress, strong sanctions must be taken regardless of any unit against the phenomenon that carries out the specificity and impedes the unified guidance of the country.
From the standpoint of strengthening the independence of the people’s economy and cultivating production, the Cabinet and the State Planning Committee should strengthen economic organization and command so that sectors, factories, and enterprises can achieve productive links and cooperation smoothly.
The practical development of science and technology must securely guarantee economic construction and improvement of people’s living.
Science and technology are the locomotives that drive socialist construction and are the main engine of development of the national economy.
In the science and technology sector, key tasks and research tasks for achieving the new five-year plan for national economic development should be set as targets and focus on them.
During the new five-year plan, the level of science and technology in the country must be raised to the next level, and creative cooperation between scientists, engineers and producers must be strengthened to solve the scientific and technological problems raised in economic construction and people’s living improvement.
We must promote the independent and diversified development of cities and counties to raise the local economy and lay the foundation for improving the living standards of the people.
The lives of citizens of the city, including rural areas, are very difficult and lagging.
From now on, let’s focus on developing the local economy and improving the lives of local people.
Nationally, the project must be strongly promoted to guarantee 10,000 tons of cement to all cities and counties each year.
National economic guidance institutions should follow accurate guidance and assistance while taking preferential measures to ensure that the city and the county can develop their own economic base smoothly and develop according to the characteristics of their region.
The three revolutions of ideology, technology, and culture in rural areas must be pushed forward, increased national support, decisively strengthened the rural position, solidified the material and technological foundation for agricultural production, and transformed socialist rural communities into civilization and wealth.
In the development of education and health during the new Five-Year Plan period, national strength should be put in place so that the superiority of the socialist education system and health system, whether central or local, touches the real people’s skin.
With strong liberal arts and disciplines across the whole country, nationwide, and the whole people, all kinds of antisocialism, non-socialist phenomena and powers, bureaucracy, corruption, external affairs and all kinds of criminal acts are suppressed And manage it.
We must take it as an important task to further strengthen the national defense force in mass.
We must do everything we can to strengthen our nuclear war deterrence and develop the strongest military power.
We must continue to spur the project to transform the people’s army into the elite and strengthen the people’s army and thoroughly prepare them to fulfill their mission and role as the subject of national defense against any form of threat and injustice.
The military production goals and tasks must be carried out unconditionally while raising the defense science and technology to a higher level, ensuring the historical advance of our party during the new five-year plan with the strongest military power.
In order to successfully carry out the responsible and important revolutionary task ahead of us today, above all, we must strengthen the party and enhance its leadership role.
The great heyday of the party and the revolutionary development will be opened when the party organizations of the entire party are well-organized with the avant-garde of loyalty, do business in a revolutionary and progressive manner, and perform their role as the political staff of the unit .
All Party organizations must continue to lay the foundation for the party’s organizational ideology by focusing on the internal party business, regularizing and elaborating the ranks of executives and parties, and strengthening the party life guidance more than ever.
In order for our party to become a working party, a fighting party, and a militant party, we must establish a well-established subsidiary company in the hall and establish a novel company business method.
Party organizations should rise up and carry out organizational and political projects in a timely and powerful manner to implement new lines of struggle and strategic and tactical policies, and play a good role in the direction of the unit project.
It is an inevitable iron rule to overcome phenomena such as falling into economic practice and acting as an administrative agency, and to solve all issues arising from the revolution and construction in a thorough and thorough party method and a political method that activates the mental power of workers, party members, and workers. .
In particular, the departments of the Party Central Committee, including the Organizational Leadership and Propaganda Department, should closely and aggressively strengthen the Party’s guidance and policy guidance for the implementation of the Party’s decisions.
We must fulfill our responsibilities and duties at the forefront of Dae-O, where the soldiers who are members of the leadership of the revolution are advancing.
The fate of one unit and one division depends on the abilities and roles of the workers.
The overlapping challenges and trials that face our revolution today, and the great power building project entrusted to our generation, demands that workers touch and demonstrate extraordinary business ability, passion, and commitment.
Now is the one who is striving to alleviate any worries and worries of the party and the state, the one who knows nothing but work and runs out to do something for the people, and the one who remarkably puts out jobs completely when given tasks. It is a time of desperate need.
All workers must completely renew the jap-dori from the beginning of the majestic road after the Party Congress, with the determination to be evaluated with practical business capability and performance for their party, revolution, and people.
Workers must strive, inspire, and inspire so that everyone can be conscientious and conscientious day by day without forgetting the expectations of the people.
Workers must learn vaguely if they don’t know, and if they have the ability, they must raise their standards at night, never allow pride and frustration in their business, but constantly increase their demands on themselves, bringing revolutionary improvement in the spirit of struggle and the Japanese bird.
Party members of the entire party must play a key and leading role in the struggle for accomplishment of the tasks proposed by the party congress.
There are no challenges that cannot be overcome or fortresses that cannot be occupied if the party members are struggling to rise up and face today’s hardships in the lead.
All the party members embraced the great victory of the Homeland Liberation War with indomitable spirit and heroic struggle, and took over the soul and spirit of the previous generation who successfully lifted the postwar restoration construction in a short period while tightening the belt. You have to do a good job.
In brilliantly carrying out the sacred struggle goals and tasks proposed by the Party’s 8th Congress, the task laid on the shoulders of the newly elected members of the Party’s central leadership and all representatives is the heaviest.
Members of the newly elected 8th Party Central Guidance Agency always, everywhere, never forget the noble beliefs and expectations of the Party members and the people, and demonstrate high responsibility and dedication in the struggle for the fulfillment of the party congress’s tasks to create faithful business results. I have to pay.
All representative autographers must devote their heart and fight stubbornly to ensure that the tasks of the party meetings they have discussed and decided on their own are always put into practice.
Representative auto magazines who are more aware of the desperate demands of the Party and the Revolution should deeply instill the image and spirit of the party in the heart of the public and bring out the public as an example of this new rule to bring about a distinct development in their sector and their own unit business .
Representative automatic papers!
In order to achieve a revolutionary advance while attaining a new victory in the socialist cause, we must prepare for a more difficult frontal breakthrough.
Now, the hostile forces will try to block our path even more madly, and the world will see how our Party’s political declaration and the program of struggle come true.
Our victory is definite as long as there is the fiery loyalty of all the Party members, the people, and the soldiers of the People’s Army who support the Party’s idea and determination through thorough action and the force majeure of unity.
Let’s all fight harder for the brilliant realization of the program of struggle proposed by the Party’s 8th Congress, for the reinforced development of the glorious Korean Workers’ Party and for the victorious advancement of the Juche revolutionary cause, and for our great people.

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