A company made at the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party

Kim Jong-un

Dear representative automatic magazines!
The 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which was held at a critical time in the reinforced development of our Party and our way of socialist construction, fully discussed and decided all the agendas proposed by the high enthusiasm of all representatives.
During the pre-convention period, the entire representative automatic journals faithfully addressed the issue with the greatest party awareness and responsibility, actively raising constructive opinions and agreeing on their opinions, leaving the fighting aspect of our party as a working, struggling, and advancing party. Showed without.
Until now, there have been many political gatherings and conventions that are important to the party, and the enthusiasm of the participants who are exposed to the policy ideas of the Party Central is very good. The extraordinary enthusiasm for participation will be treated for the first time.
All of the representatives actively and seriously studied all the issues discussed while struggling and worrying in connection with the success or failure of our revolutionary work, their own destiny, and the destiny of their children, and participated passionately in the tense competition project.
I am always aware of the leaning hearts and gazes of our millions of party comrades and tens of millions of people who are watching the convention, and I have a great sense of responsibility for the advancement and development of the revolutionary work. I was very impressed with my contemplation in determining the direction of the struggle and the strategic tactics, and I have received great strength from this and I am very grateful for this.
The revolutionary lines and confrontation plans determined by the Party’s 8th Congress will give all members of the party and the people great hope for our future, arouse the masses to new struggles and honors, and strengthen our Party systematically and ideologically. And it will bring a decisive turn in raising the leadership of the revolution and the overall construction.
Representative automatic papers!
Through this 8th Congress, the unique unity and revolutionary enthusiasm of our Party and the people, which united firmly with one ideological will despite the stacking challenges and trials, and constantly advances and leaps toward a new goal of struggle, emerged once again.
To protect the Party’s 8th Congress, the party comrades, people, and soldiers of the People’s Army firmly guarded their workplaces and post offices, and expressed their earnest support and expectations for this Congress with unprecedented business results.
In the name of this Congress, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all Party comrades, people, and soldiers of the People’s Army who maintained a high degree of tension and showed unlimited dedication and revolution in order to ensure the success of the 8th Congress.
Representative automatic papers!
WPK 8th tournament a great President Kim Il Sung - Kim Jong Il’s attention by holding tall footstep banner invariably protest his death and unrelenting will of the revolutionary exit to gear tooth achieve prosperous development of our socialist way, have the courage to win the struggle and It became a competition of progress.
The event carefully analyzed the sensitive changes in domestic and foreign circumstances and the subjective objective environment that it affects on our revolution, accurately summarized the projects of the past five years, and reorganized and developed the national economic foundation based on the new environment and revolutionary situation created accordingly. In addition, by presenting scientific and correct strategic and tactical policies for the consolidation of the national social system, it clearly clarified the future direction of the Party and the entire national project.
I am sure that this has set a new momentum for our advancement, has set a clear milestone, and thus has been a powerful trigger for our sacred feat.
Our Party’s 8th Congress is of great significance in the strengthening development of our Party.
We are more than ever filled with confidence and pride in our struggles, who have gone through another great process on the path of our Party’s reinforced development, and we feel once again the greatness of our own responsibility.
The decision of the party congress is a strategic tactic of our party to achieve a new victory in the construction of socialism in our style, and it is a pledge made by the Korean Workers’ Party to the revolution and the people, as well as an above-ground order given by our great people to the Party Central Committee.
Our party members and representative journalists should treat the party conference decision with this noble perspective and take it heavy and honorable.
The evangelism of the cause of socialism will be influenced by how the five-year national economic development plan and the tasks determined by the convention are carried out.
We must thoroughly carry out the programmatic tasks suggested by the Party Congress to raise our revolution once again and provide better and more stable living conditions and environments to the people as soon as possible.
We must organize a dedicated study for the implementation of the party congressional decision, thoroughly accept the struggle tasks and duties determined by the congress, and develop a bold struggle to take socialist construction to a new stage.
Therefore, party organizations at each level must organize intensive learning to be firmly armed with the party conference documents and decisions, conduct discussion projects and organizational politics projects for the implementation of the conference in a substantial manner, elaborate tactics for the implementation of party conference decisions, and strive to fight vigorously. .
The heart of the party members must be activated first so that they lead the group to new miracles and virtues through pioneering struggles, and all units and nations must simmer through the decisions of the party congress.
We must thoroughly study the newly revised Party Code and thoroughly establish an ethos that Party organizations and members of the Party observe the Party Code of Conduct in all processes and opportunities in our business and life.
Representative automatic papers!
There are countless trials and challenges ahead of us, but our determination is firm and the future is optimistic.
As in the past, our Party will always remain infinitely faithful to popular mass firstism, and will do our utmost to achieve ceaseless new victory in socialist construction.
Great Kim Il Sung - Kim Jong Il’s attention itgie force majeure jeokhim of accurately and single-minded unity of the popular masses per leadership this the WPK any height footstep under the banner of baekjeon victorious revolution and construction, our revolution will be also overcome persistently advancing any difficulties .
Let’s all come together with a firm devotion to the victory of the socialist cause and the Juche revolutionary cause, and go vigorously toward the new victory of the revolution by uniting together in the door of the Party Central Committee.
Through the high fighting power and solidarity of the party organizations and members of the party, the entire people and the people’s armed forces, the extraordinary patriotic enthusiasm and unwilling effort, the struggle strategies and policies presented by this convention were brilliantly implemented, and the construction of Korean-style socialism. I am firmly convinced that a epoch-making advance will be made in the Republic of Korea, and I declare the end of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

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