8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea

A huge political incident that will be featured in the reinforced development of the great Korean Workers’ Party and the sacred history of the Juche revolution
6 days of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea
Proceeds news of the Workers’ Party of Korea Eighth Conference that brilliant Hebrews reveals a victorious advancing direction of our socialism is for and the whole country the People’s Millions Garden Center dignity higher our Party great poses a great pride in scented forces and hyeonmyeongseong new It doubles your devotion and courage.
Amid the high political awareness of the representatives and active enthusiasm for participation, the 6-day meeting of the 8th Korean Workers Party of Korea was held on January 10th.
Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un , a symbol of all the victory and glory of our people, and an outstanding leader of the Juche Revolution , appeared at the convention with the members of the presidential team .
At the conference, the fourth agenda, ðP ð Election of the Central Leaders of the Korean Workers’ Party ðPð was discussed.
According to the regulations of the Korean Workers’ Party, the 7th Party Central Guidance Agency completed their term of office and the 8th Party Central Guidance Agency election was held at the convention.
There was a solemn and sincere atmosphere in the venue as it was entering into a serious discussion on the issue of electing a new central guidance organ to take charge of the entire revolutionary project and organize the party in a new stage of struggle.
The relevant provisions of the  ð PðElection Rules for the Central Guidance Organization of the Korean Workers’ Party of Korea ðPð  were delivered, and the procedure for the election of members of the Party Central Committee and candidates began.
Reasonable nomination methods for the members of the Party Central Committee and candidates for candidates were decided, and nominations and elections were conducted.
According to the delegation of the Congress Executive Department, Representative Cho Yong-won proposed candidates for the 8th Central Committee members.
The moment the dear Comrade Kim Jong-un proposed as a candidate for the Party Central Committee member, all the representatives touched the passionate hurray and passionate applause.
All proposed candidates were nominated as candidates for members of the Party Central Committee with all the approval of the representatives.
Representatives consistently admitted that the recommended candidates for the Party Central Committee members were firmly armed with the revolutionary idea of our Party, firmly committed to fighting for the ultimate victory of the Juche revolutionary cause, and as comrades who had devotedly fought for the country and the people.
Subsequently, the convention held elections for the recommended candidates for members of the Party Central Committee.
Moderator uniform doctor and put nyeomwon of representatives first took part in the Congress full members of reverence Kim Jong-un comrades let’s politely suggested about to serve as a central committee member per total delegates full support to “Hooray!” Cheers and loud applause storm Expressed consent.
In addition, they applauded the election of 138 people, who were recommended as candidates for the committee, as members of the Party Central Committee by receiving a representative card, and applauding all the candidates for the unanimous election.
The convention elected candidates for the Party Central Committee.
Representatives approved the number of candidates and deliberated on the 11 candidates recommended.
At the convention, all candidates recommended by the consensus of the representatives were elected as candidates for the Party Central Committee.
In the following order, the conference discussed the most important and responsible issues with decisive significance in the reinforced development of the glorious Korean Workers’ Party and the execution of the Juche Revolutionary cause.
Full representatives greatest involve a representative of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the leadership of our Party the General Secretary was doeyeo emergency Hebrews frenzy ahead jungdaesa up to the election.
Representative Lee Il-hwan made a proposal for the election of the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
The proposition commented on the enormous political significance of rightly pursuing the leader of the party, who occupies the position of the leader as the chief leader of the revolution , the center of leadership, and the center of unity , and plays a decisive role in the performance of the revolutionary cause of the popular masses and the cause of socialism. I did.
He is in receipt of a greatness and sugar greatness and gangdaeseong of the country and nation philosophy of bulpaeseong the revolutionary cause is a sacred history and restraints for doeyeotda confirmed through a world revolution suitable builders that while the Korean revolution great Kim Il -minded and great Kim Jong Il comrade the revolutionary cause brilliantly succeeded in coming to the excellent leadership of our party and the revolution, the subject of reverence Kim Jong-un comrades stressed vigorously against the achievement of greatness and eternity tax.
Full representatives silbun led persistently to further inherited group, Hangil our victory and the glory of the party and the people to the generator of the revolution to jipeoya within a big step towards a new victory of socialism is only to Dear Kim Jong-un only Comrade dignified history that I consistently sympathized with the truth.
Offer sleeping for Dear Kim Jong-un comrades is dedicated to the head of the WPK solemn demands of our time and millions, while it is not deutim beliefs of members of the People’s collected a total of Fame and the entire people Eun comrades WPK as General Secretary halgeot bolting heights Was politely proposed before this conference
All of the representatives expressed their full support and applause with enthusiastic applause for the tumultuous heart.
WPK 8th tournament , Kim Il Sung - Kim Jong Il’s attention reflects the party’s strengthening development with full representatives to advance a new victorious advance of the principal revolutionary cause and Hall of Fame members to doctors and wishes unity of the whole country people and the People’s Army soldiers Therefore, the decision to raise Comrade Kim Jong-un high as general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea was unanimously adopted.
Moment full participants genius sasangri semantic intelligence and extraordinary extraordinary one ryeongdoryeok, Nagashi will open an era of tremendous change and miracles unprecedented in noble virtue reverence for Kim Jong-un comrades full of great emotion and joy once again the height enshrined as the head of the Workers’ Party of Korea He gave the greatest glory and the most fervent congratulations while exclaiming the cheers of the stormy “0ðH“ðHooray!”0ðH“ð

It is the luck of good luck that our party and the people have embraced, and it is a great event to honor Comrade Kim Jong-un , the most outstanding political leader of the present era, as general secretary of the Korean Workers’ Party . It becomes a huge political affair.
The cheers of the enthusiasm that the representatives touched with the hearts of loyalty like endlessly erupting deterioration continued for a long time.
After the election for the leadership of the Party Central Committee, the first plenary meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea was held.
Following the delegation of Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un, President Kim Jae-ryong reported the decisions of the 8th Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee to the Party Congress.
The party congress elected a drafting committee for the party congress decision by members of the leadership organs of the central committee.
The Party Conference Decision Drafting Committee guides the sectoral council of representatives who research and debate the issues presented in the report to the Party conference, comprehensively deliberate on the issues raised by the councils, draft a decision, and propose it to the party conference. Will do.

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