Return right to self-determination to people of Kashmir

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From Aug 5 last year till today, Jammu and Kashmir have been in lockdown enforced by the Indian government, starting with the referendum when the Indian Parliament approved the repeal of Articles 370 and 35 (A) of the constitution.
Subsequently, Jammu and Kashmir were placed under emergency law. Once the dissolution of Article 370 was approved by Parliament, no fewer than 40,000 Indian troops were added to the province, making it the densest zone of military presence in the world.
Since 1947, when India and Pakistan were declared independent by the British, Kashmir has been recognized as a disputed territory and the only province with a majority of Muslim population claimed to be part of India by the Indian government.
The disputed territory means that Kashmir is neither part of Pakistan nor India. After the dispute was brought to the United Nations Security Council, which resulted in Resolution 47 on April 21, 1948, it was ruled that Kashmiri citizens should be given the right to determine their own destiny through a plebiscite. But India ignored the UN resolution. That provoked outrage and strong protests from the people of Kashmir, who consider India to have violated international law and the measures taken by India are illegal. The misery of the people of Kashmir has continued for more than seven decades.
According to reports from the Human Rights Watch, Doctors With out Borders and the UN Human Rights Commission, mass rape cases by Indian military are the worst in the world.
Since the restriction of movement was enforced last year, India added 40,000 military personnel in Kashmir, locked the main mosque of Jammu Kashmir, including other mosques, tortured political activists, blocked all forms of communications, limited access to food and medicine, banned rallies and restricted outside media from entering Kashmir.
Human rights bodies also accuse Indian military of using force against demonstrations, arresting without charge, injuring thousands of civilians by violent force.
On April 1, 2020, another rule was passed in the Indian Parliament called “Domicile Law”, allowing citizens residing in Kashmir for more than 15 years to have the right to a resident’s certificate and own property, as well as employment opportunities.
The goal is to change the demographics of the Kashmir population from a Muslim-majority to a Hindu-majority entity. Even the Covid-19 pandemic was used to increase its grip on Kashmir. Residents are forced to undergo double lockdowns, namely by India and the Covid-19 pandemic.
The fate of Kashmir needs to be voiced and solidarity with their struggle must be echoed and supported. It’s unfortunate that the people of Kashmir have not received protection from the world community. So in conjunction with the one-year lockdown, we express solidarity with the people of Kashmir and demand that the right to self-determination be returned to the people of Kashmir.

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