Russia: Close to China-Pakistan & Ignores India!

Russia: Close to China-Pakistan & Ignores India!N. P. Upadhyaya : That the Russian federation was not happy with the erratic Indian establishment got reflected when the Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov early December this year (2020) sounded his strong reservations while making a speech at a state-run think tank, Russian International Affairs Council, wherein he stated that “India is currently an object of the Western countries’ persistent, aggressive and devious policy as they are trying to engage it in anti-China games by promoting Indo-Pacific strategies, the so-called ‘Quad’ while at the same time, the West is attempting to undermine our close partnership and privileged relations with India.”

In a way, FM Lavrov dubbed the Indian regime as to have already become the “tool” of the Western powers and that the Western nations have impressed upon India to a considerable extent which is what has weakened the India–Russia bilateral ties.

Lavrov in an implied manner hints India’s excessive tilt towards the US or for that matter the West to have virtually brought India and China at confrontation of late and distanced Russia with India and vice versa.

Hardly had the Indian regime come out from the Russia’s unprecedented diplomatic assault, yet another blow was slapped on December 21, 2020, by the Delhi based Russian Ambassador Nikolay Kudashev who at a press conference clearly sounded India that his country’s “growing bilateral relationship with China and Pakistan are “independent” of its ties with India.

Kudashev tried to hint India that China may be rival for India but not for Russia and that China and Russia were good friends at the moment.

This meant that at present, the Russian Federation and China were on the same political page and viewing the unfolding political events having common or at least their opinions converge on International events.

A simple but clear observation is that both China and Russia differ with the US.

But will they change if and when President elect Joe Biden takes a more reconciliatory approach on the international events? Or will President Biden through his “reconciliatory” approach try to change the minds of China and Russia?

Let’s await for some more weeks.

Observers believe that Trump administration takes China as the number one enemy of the United States.

However, the Chinese leadership and the intellectuals fervently hope that things will be bit different when President elect Joe Biden assumes the responsibility of the US administration January 2021.
Ambassador Kudashev addressing the press meet in Delhi also sent refined message to India not to cherish any illusion that Russia will formulate its ties with Pakistan as desired by India.

The Ambassador emphatically said that Russia-Pakistan ties were more than pleasant and that the Pak-Russia bilateral ties were poised to further develop and it is “independent” of their ties with India.

In his own words, “Moscow’s relationship with Islamabad is poised to further develop and it is ‘independent’ of their ties with India.

Ambassador Kudashev told India which was not even in the dream of the Indian establishment.

India should now reset its minds and conclude that International political dynamics keep on changing and that the world politics need not come into play as desired by the regional bully-the Indian regime.

India could bear any diplomatic attack from Russia or from any other country but can’t tolerate to what the Russian Ambassador has freshly revealed on his country’s likely further deepening of Pak Russia bilateral ties.

The talks of Russian proximity with Pakistan has come at a time when India is not at good terms with China and Pakistan both.

South Asian security experts, mostly from India, opine that China and Pakistan have opened the fire on India at a time which is what has compelled India to confront two declared rivals at two different fronts.

M. M Naravne and Bipin Rawat talk on these lines since the last debacle in Laddakh.

These myopic experts believe that China has encouraged Pakistan to pounce upon India.

The fact is that Pakistan is capable to hit India as and when Indian attack has to be reciprocated. Neither China nor Pakistan need to ask each other on how to respond to the Indian attacks.

However, missing is the fact that it is India’s notoriety each time against China and Pakistan which is what makes them to attack India in response in order to keep their home safe and also maintain regional political stability.

Mind it that Kashmir is a flashpoint.

Expectedly, the Russian distaste with India appears to have developed from the time the latter submitted itself to the mercy of the US and the Western powers which is what has irritated the Russian federation to a considerable extent.

Russia too can digest anything but not give high points to its cold war ally-India when it’s tilt towards Russia’s former rival-the US is distinctly visible and piercing.

India expects that the world politics should come its desired way which is not possible.

An enhanced Russian socialization with Pakistan is needed more given the Indian tilt towards the US in order to maintain peace and regional stability in this part of the world.

Russia’s expanded friendship with Pakistan is also important for its approach to the central Asian countries of which some of the countries were the part and parcel of the former USSR-the Soviet Union.

In fact, Pakistan even enjoyed cordial ties with the then USSR. The Karachi steel factory stands tall speaking of this friendship.

Undoubtedly and as of now, Pakistan enjoys very much genial ties with the countries that were a part of the former Soviet Union of which the Russian federation is the logical heir apparent even after the breakup of the USSR.

Pakistan borders or is at a close distance with the Central Asian countries most of which a part of the former USSR.

The Russian Federation’s clear distaste with India also could be associated with the November 14, 2020, exposer of the Indian regime by the Pakistani government wherein it was emphatically reiterated with “collected proven” evidence that Indian machinery headed by the country’s Prime Minister himself was found engaged in destabilizing Pakistan through various means.

Foreign Minister S. M. Qureshi and General Babar Iftikhar on November 14, 2020, made known to the world and the international community that Pakistan had foolproof evidence to implicate India and its spy agency to have been at work to incite violence inside Pakistan with a nefarious design.

The Qureshi-Iftikhar duo even made known to the national media present at the special press conference that the Indian Prime Minister Modi himself was engineering filthy activities in order to bring about a total collapse of the infrastructures of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor popularly known as CPEC.

Pakistan appears to have already sent the “dossier” to the top Russian leadership that contains in what is being taken as having “irrefutable” evidences against India.

The dossier in essence explains to what a low India can easily go in the conduct of its ties with those countries who beg to differ with the inconsistent style of the regional hooligan-the Indian regime.

Definitely, China and Pakistan can never go so low as India easily can.

If one were to listen to the Nepali experiences then India is not only a third grade immoral nation but also a country which believes in milking the smaller countries in the neighborhood through the effective use of what could be taken as “diplomacy of coercion”.

While India’s diplomacy of coercion is for the smaller South Asian nations, then powerful but paid and posted “disinformation campaign” is the Indian tool for the countries, for example, China and Pakistan.

The fact is that since India can neither compete with China nor Pakistan then for New Delhi “stationing” of various “DisinfoLab” in various parts of the world, mostly within the territory of European Nations (Brussels and Geneva) and disseminating numerous fake news and articles solely to malign Pakistan and China.

In Nepal, Indian disinfo lab exists which is run by paid and posted RAW agents.

Pakistan government is on record to have exposed India on many counts more so after November 14 with the revelation of the “dossier” which contained “indisputable” evidences proving India the main villain of China and Pakistan.

General Babar had highlighted the Indian wrongdoings while talking to a lady media woman from the Global Village online portal which is a prominent online news doorway.

Writes Madame Sehar Kamran in the Daily Times dated December 20, 2020, that “a report from a Brussels based NGO, EU DisinfoLab created ripples across the world.

Mrs. Kamran is the Chief of a non-partisan think tank in Pakistan.

She further adds that “As it uncovered a massive 15 year-long Indian web of propaganda, lies and fake news manipulating international institutions like the European Union and the United Nations “to serve Indian interests”, and “discredit” Pakistan in the international arena.

The researchers referred to it as the “largest network” of disinformation they have unearthed so far.

A Chinese scholar, Qian Feng, the director of the research department at the National Strategy Institute at Tsinghua University, says while talking to Global Times dated December 17, 2020 that,

“India’s political interests, and the Indian government’s cybersecurity and intelligence services organs, are highly likely playing a role behind the scenes. Some far-right political forces in the West may have also got involved and provided support and cooperation”.

So is it the much publicized Fifth Generation warfare against Pakistan by India? Perhaps yes.

Fifth-generation warfare (5GW), defines, Mohsin Durrani, as “the battle of perceptions and information. 5GW is also a cultural and moral war, which distorts the perception of the masses to give a manipulated view of the world and politics”.

Now let’s come back to our main story.

That Russia under Vladimir Putin of late is unhappy with the chameleon (the one which jumped from the Russian to the US camp) gets stamped by the fact that for the first time in the past twenty years, India and Russia have not held their annual summit.

The annual Summit stands disrupted now.

This is breaking news for the entire political men who have been watching Russia-India friendship over these decades.

Writes the Print dated December 23, 2020, that this situation comes after Moscow expressed undecorated reservations on New Delhi joining the Indo-Pacific initiative and Quad, thereby tilting more towards the US.

Perhaps India’s The Print refers to what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, as mentioned in the above paragraphs, talked of India hinting its old Cold war ally that Russia was not happy with India’s excessive tilt towards the US and that India’s joining the Indo-Pacific initiative and Quad too has not pleased the Russian federation.

Notably, India and Russia have been regularly holding the annual summit, which is the highest institutionalized dialogue mechanism in the strategic partnership between the two countries, since 2000 when the ‘Declaration on the India-Russia Strategic Partnership’ was signed between both sides.

Indian media sources claim that as of now, some 20 regular annual summit meetings between Russia and India have taken place either in Delhi or Moscow.

It was a regular process till last year. The unexpected halt is loaded with mystery. This is a bad omen for the expansionist Indian regime. 

India and Russia bilateral meet took place in September 2019 for which Prime Minister Narendra Modi had himself gone to Vladivostok, to recall.

Perhaps the sudden pause of the annual Russia-India summit sounds the strong reservations of the Russian federation towards India.

Russia has reasons to express its anger. The sporadic harsh comments being made by former Indian diplomats (some even posted in Moscow) that are certainly pinching and insulting to the former World Super Power and thus the Russian displeasure with India.

Ambassador Sibbal is the one who takes Russia as India’s junior partner.

The Russian anger thus gets justified.

This bodes ill for the Indian regime.

The fresh jolt on India was provided by the Delhi based Russian Ambassador Nikolay Kudashev who in an implied manner shifted his country’s “love and honor” from India to two declared rival e.g. China and Pakistan.

A perplexed India is thinking as to how it will play politics in South Asia if President elect Joe Biden too abandons India accusing the latter that it has first to clear its tarnished Islamophobic image and that Biden tells India to come clean on the Human Rights violation issues in the Indian Occupied Kashmir where the Kashmiris have been forced to live a hellish life since August 5, 2019.

With the “broken” relationship of Russia and India, the two countries who benefits by default are China and Pakistan.

But India has reasons to get mentally disturbed if its damaged ties with the Russian federation in any way adds to the benefit of its arch rival in the neighborhood-Pakistan.

Remarkably, the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is unexpectedly benefitting free from the “tensed” ties in between Russia and India.

In International politics, political equations keep on changing.

And nations center first on their core national interests and accordingly extend hand of cooperation with far flung countries.

Russia-India clear wrangle (could be a great tussle policy wise) may have come to the Chinese and Pakistani doors as a extra-large award from Russian federation on the eve of Happy New Year 2021.

But how China and Pakistan exploit this opportunity provided by Russia depends much on their diplomatic intelligence and also on how they both approach for help from the Russian federation to keep South Asian regional peace and stability intact and also to maintain world peace.

To recall, this September, during the RIC (Russia-India-China) meeting, it was Moscow that facilitated a grand meeting between India’s foreign minister Jaishankar and Chinese Foreign Minister and State Councillor Wang Yi, writes the Print December 23.

Shankar is also taken as “split personality” in Nepal.

This took place post the Galwan clash in which 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives while fighting the Chinese troops.

Russia has been suggesting India to tone down its rhetoric against China and patch up their differences for the larger interest of South Asian peace and stability and for the world peace as well.

However, humiliated by China at the Laddakh front, India prefers to take revenge by disseminating false and manufactured news against China.

China understands Indian trickery.

Presently, Russia is the chair of RIC, SCO and BRICS.

Undoubtedly, Russian federation can’t be ignored in the global politics. Russia still is a world power. India is sure to pay for its minimizing the role of the Russian Federation.

Happy New Year 2021 to dear readers. That’s all.


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