Where is Hell and Heaven?

Jagadish Pradhanang--

Diamond is every moment lighting in a dark and lighting Sun Rays of the day also. Gold r not amazement lighting as a Natural Diamond. These r making by Earth. Earth is soil, water and never ending of Highly flame also. Black Diamond nd white Diamond r product of soil. Life is soil. So here are Hell nd Heaven. Who is fill nd making? All are depends on way of thinking in a inner heart of eye. As if way of thinking nd inner heart of eye tauch of mind. We can fill at a time where is Hell nd Heaven. Hell is not a black and heaven is not a lighting white Diamond as a Sun, Moon nd Stars. Hell nd Heaven r here but who is making for fill? We are making the Hell nd Heaven for our selfishness satisfaction of own life. It's not a hidden front of society. We will remember to all person. GOD in a solitude/silence only. We are all of Coordinator of GOD. Hell Heaven is here if we are truly Coordinator each other of world family friendship. World is one but faith nd understanding r difference. May be it's called the blessing of GOD. Past may be sorrowful and thril of joy. It's a history for the world friendship. It will be energe for lesson to the all person. Every person like reputation but forget to give the another. That's a great mistake. Hell nd Heaven r not a another Planets. Relationship is never ending but depends on views nd hints by eyes. Where r Hell nd Heaven of human life ? Asking yourselves only by inner heart. First of all the mind r asking to the inner heart. Ambition are more but Goals is one in a flower of sweet life. It's a certain time. Hell nd Heaven r here if we are laughing in a day and night. Now a days nothing is impossible but money makes a only possible in the world nd family to all person. It's a ending of world oneday. Who is know GOD knows only. Most of person r like more funny. They are forget to duty for the family nd World relationship each other. Well educated well mind r makes a heavenly life. Misdoing r part of hell only. Pure doing the duty r main part of Heavenly life. Hell and Heaven is here only. We are waiting for online also. Thinking is only Hell nd Heaven. More asking more questions makes a highlighted of mind.

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