Child rights-Nepal

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school, Class -8 :-
Child rights is defined as the rights that are given to the age group between 1-14 also known as children. Such rights are given to the children for their proper development and their well being. Many children all over the world are neglected, they are not given proper care and rights.
Those children are just like us, they have a dream and they want to achieve it to be in a higher position. But due to various problems and reasons they are not able to achieve those dreams. Thousands of children in 3rd world countries like Nepal are working in brick factories and polishing shoes, are they receiving such rights? I dont think so.  inorder for their proper development, we need the concerned authorities attention. And that authority is our government and us.
We can help them not only by giving them money, but by encouraging them and realizing them about their rights. We also should wake our government in such aspects. Those children are our future, and our future shouldnt be staying helpless on the streets.  There are various of dozens of NGOs and INGOs established to secure such children. They send such children to schools, take care of them and nourish them with love and care they have never received before. Many of the children are in the streets without realizing their rights are there because of family problems. The children are neglected due to constant fighting of their parents and their relatives. Also some of the reasons are due to greed of the childrens parents. Such greedy parents put their children to milk the money from strangers showing sympathy of their children. Many of the childrens also reach in streets because of their surroundings, such children are growing in bad circles. They grow up taking various drugs and such. So they are helpless and steal more money for buying those drugs. There are various reasons such children reach such stages. So I myself being the age group of such children consider myself lucky for being here safe and sound getting proper education. So we my friends should do our best in helping those childrens from such pathetic stage and help them for our country's bright future.

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