The Importance of the Month of December

   As we know, the month of December is of much memorable not only to the Korean people, but also for we progressive and peace-loving people around the world.  December 17 is the date of sad demise of eternal General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea Comrade KIM JONG IL. We remember him as a bright Star of Korea for his unswerving efforts for the cause of global independence and anti-imperialist struggle under the brilliant revolutionary Songun Policy and for his immortal contributions for sustaining peace in the Korean Peninsula, independent and peaceful reunification of Korea and protecting war in the Korean peninsula by his farsighted brilliant Songun policy. I pay my deep tributes to him. Comrade         KIM JONG IL will be with us forever for his immortal deeds for the independence of the mankind!

          December 24 is the memorable day, the birthday of a great anti-Japanese guerilla fighter Mother KIM JONG SUK, who shaved President KIM IL SUNG's life from time to time in the arms struggle against Japanese annexation. Comrade KIM JONG SUK will be with us forever. We salute her for her courageous deeds and contributions to the Korean people.

         December 30 is another historical day when the Supreme Leader of the Korean People His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN was elected in the high post of the Supreme Commander of the glorious Armed Forces of the DPRK.

          9-years have passed however, Comrade KIM JONG IL  is still held in high esteem as the eternal leader of the nation in the DPRK. Thanks to dear leader Comrade KIM JONG IL who developed  the Juche idea and Songun policy created by President  KIM IL SUNG, founding father of socialist Korea, to ensure that the people would march forward along the road of independence, Songun and socialism.

Comrade KIM JONG IL met many people during his field guidance trips, totaling 669,600km equivalent of about 17 rounds of the Earth. All the Korean people, who kept the affectionate feelings with him as precious as blood vessels, praised him as the eternal father of the large socialist family.

It is by no means easy to turn the whole country into a large family overflowing with harmonious and warm feelings. It is regarded as a miracle of history that can be hardly achieved despite the long-cherished aspiration of mankind. Such a miracle has been worked in the DPRK, which is a beautiful flower garden of love for people cultivated by Comrade KIM JONG IL who personified love, trust and benevolence.

     Comrade KIM JONG IL's work, titled Socialism is a Science, is acknowledge as a complete thesis on socialism. In the work he said: "A political leader of socialism should be a mater in leadership but, first of all, he must be a man of virtue who loves the people boundlessly."

   He was, indeed, a great leader of the people who believed in them as in heaven, regarded them as his teachers and shared happiness and sorrow with them, always mingling with them throughout his life.

          The Korean people, upholding him forever as their eternal leader and father, are fully determined to implement his ideas and lifetime instructions without fail, under the leadership of Supreme Leader Comrade KIM JONG UN.

           Let me brief in short on Songun policy. As we all may know, "Son" means "first" and "gun" means "army" in Korean language. It means Army-first policy of the DPRK, which was started by President KIM IL SUNG at the time of anti-Japanese guerrilla war when teacher KIM HYONG JIK handed over two pistols to President KIM IL SUNG to fight against Japanese accompanist and liberate Korea.

In our study, the ancient history of Songun goes like this: when President           KIM IL SUNG laid foundation of Juche Idea on Juune 30, 1930 at Kiring conference of Korean youth and showed the right path of Korean revolution and put main stress on army showing Songun revolutionary line, he realized that neither peaceful demonstration, nor individual terrorism nor foreign help could help him to liberate Korean people and to achieve independence. so, he used gun against the gun of the enemies. Here started Songun Politics. Later on after the independence of Korea dear leader KIM JONG IL, ideologically, systematically and practically developed Songun politics based on the reality of the DPRK to defend the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK against the imperialists'' mission to stifle the dear socialism of DPRK . As a fact Comrade KIM JONG IL started Songun based leadership on August 25, 1960 when he visited the Seoul              Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the Korean People's Army.

          With notable foresight and extraordinary political ability, Leader             KIM JONG IL recognized tat only defense centered politics and army first leadership would allow the country to defend itself and its peoples' dignity against the violent challenges of the imperialists and to secure a prosperous future. The army-centered policy is unique in its organic combination of both military and political affairs. The evidence is that the Workers' Party of Korea and the armed forces of the DPRK ar firmly united under the wise leadership of Marshal          KIM JONG UN, true successor of the Korean revolution for its final victory.

        Today the idea of self-reliance and army-first policy are developed in all fields of the Korean people's life. Therefore, Korea has become a strong, prosperous and powerful socialist nation- Independent in ideology, self-reliance in economy and capable in defending the sovereignty of the country. Korean people are enjouying happy life receiving basic needs of their life free and compulsory education, free medical care and above all love and trust from the great leaders and Korea is now free from pollution, free from all kinds of tax system, free form dangerous diseases AIDS among them and proudly from Covid-19. These all became possible only through the implication of the policy of self-reliance and Songun and trusting and loving the people with fatherly care by President           KIM IL SUNG, General Secretary Comrade KIM JONG IL and His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN.


          Marshal KIM JONG UN's great works - "Let Us Add Brilliance to Comrade      KIM JONG IL's Revolutionary Ideas and Achievements"  "Let us March Forward Dynamically Towards final Victory, Holding Higher the Banner of Songun" and "Our Social Sciences should Render an Active Contribution to Accomplishing the Cause of Modeling the Whole society on KIMILSUNISM-KIMJONGILISM" give us evidence that Korean revolution will soon achieve its final victory!

          Availing of this opportunity I warmly congratulate His Excellency Marshal           KIM JONG UN on the occasion of the 9th anniversary on holding high post of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK and wish Him good health and long life to lead the Korean people for their entire happiness. I also wish great success of the upcoming 8th Congress of the Workers' party of Korea in January 2021 for its dignity and historic decisions on the way to achieve fresh success for independent and peaceful reunification of Korea with the great national unity of the of Korean peoples themselves and to build prosperous, powerful and prestigious nation.

-Phanindra Raj Pant

Nepal-Korea Friendship Association

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