Meticulous Leader

Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea plans everything in a big and bold way and executes it on the highest possible level.
The typical examples are modern-style Mirae Scientists Street and Ryomyong Street in Pyongyang, the city of Samjiyon which was built in northern part of Korea as a model of mountainous town and Yangdok Hot Spring Resort in its central part.
He is a man of a large calibre on one hand and is very meticulous on the other.
One day in October last year, a foreign tourist saw inhabitants in Yangdok Hot Spring Resort area moving into new houses, saying:
“The houses had pretty papered living rooms, clean washing rooms, handy stores and animal sheds and even kitchen utensils.
“There was a pile of firewood in front of the kitchen furnace and coal for wintering in the kitchen store. 
The state not only built houses for the residents but also meticulously prepared everything possible for their convenient living.”
It is also noteworthy that they moved into new houses before the opening of the resort.
Kim Jong Un ensured that the inhabitants moved into new houses before the opening ceremony of the resort lest they should feel discomfort in cold weather. 
It can be said that his meticulousness originates from his fatherly affection for the people.
To him, called the father of the people, no detail, however trivial it may appear, is unimportant if it is related to the people’s living.
One day he went up to the top floor of a 45-storyed apartment house in the newly-built Changjon Street in the capital city of Pyongyang. 
After looking round the living rooms and kitchen of a flat with an eye of the user, he enjoyed a bird’s eye view of Pyongyang on a balcony. Then he suddenly said wind was heard whistling in.
Thinking it was quite natural that some wind should come in through windows as it was a high-rise, nobody had paid any heed to it. But he pointed out that wind might cause discomfort to the residents and stressed the need for better wind-proofing measures. 
When he visited a worker’s family in the street, he asked the owner about the state of water supply, if the owner liked his new house and how many children he had and advised his son how to improve his painting skill. 
Saying that if one analyzes Kim Jong Un’s activities up to now, one can know that he is attentive to every details, grasps various sectors simultaneously and correctly determines the order of priority and weight in work, analysts commented that all the successes in the DPRK are inconceivable apart from his broad-ranging thinking and scrupulous leadership. 


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