Story- Story of every family in rural Nepal

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school, Class -8----- 
Kids are gullible, they are easily deceived by what they say and what they are taught. When they grow in an environment full of fighting and instability, it affects their psychology. Their soft brains can't take too much. When they are habitual to seeing their father beating mother ,their father's parents supressing their mother daily and overall,mother's family suggesting their mothers to stay quiet, divorce or seperating is not an option. Its too much. Their father and mother play a huge role in their life. They are like a printers to their kids brain. The kids go on to do the exact things their predecessor's did. Especially in rural Nepal, giving dowry to newly wed son-in-law drains much of the resources of a already poor daughter's family. The police is corrupt and there is no one to complain too. The old days were better by not much but something is better than nothing because people were together, they used to come out whenever there was a fight and come with a better option. Nowadays however, people are too busy within our own house. Nobody cares about their surroundings or neighbours. Therefore kids are trapped in an infinite pain. 
In a poor debted country like Nepal, there is no chances. The kids want to escape from such problems. Foreign country is the last hope when youre father is highly religious,superstitious and has a okay-ish earning income and blames others for his mistakes and doings. He also suppresses his wife but the mother is educated and was snatched out of her only job. The kids witnesses this and has no option but to cry. They live in fear from their husband or father. The husband thinks his actions are right and 2 more kids later, still believes in such things. Now, the kids are stronger and mother has little connections and is better than before. But still divorce is kept at bay as 'respect in society' things are still prevalent. But finally when the kids are of studying higher classes, divorce chokes the little money they had. The final option is to sell their property to study. And the result is success, the single mother is now living with 3 well educated and married children who help her recover from her pain given by the troublesome husband. And finally after years, the father realizes his mistake and comes to his realization that his children were right, but after all the pain given him by, he has no choice but to walk in streets. The end days are now better for the children and mother. 
So thank you so much Rajan sir and Devi mummy for giving me a opportunity to share a story written completely from my imagination.

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