BJP betrays all sections of society in J&K says Adv. Bastora (India)

Kathmandu: Social Movement Party (SMP) today, November 13, 2020, organized a “PRESS CONFERENCE” at its Head Office, Jammu on Friday, 13-11-2020 at 11:30 a.m. which was addressed by its National Secretary General (Rashtriya Pramukh Mahasachiv) Advocate Ashok Kumar Basotra.

Mr. Basotra expressed that BJP has betrayed all the sections of society in the Jammu and Kashmir during and after the abrogation of Article 370 & 35-A of the Constitution of India viz-a-viz bifurcating the State into two UTs.

Referring to the huge hoardings and front full page commitments on almost all the newspapers by the BJP Government during the period of abrogation of Article 370 & 35-A of the Constitution of India viz-a-viz bifurcating the State into two UTs, Mr. Basotra alleged that all the communities were shown big dreams of prosperity and development but now, all the hopes of the people have been dashed to the ground within a period of just one year.

Mr. Basotra expressed that SMP is very much in favour of giving all the rights to the deprived sections of people living in J&K for the last four generations including West Pakistani Refugees, Safai-Karamchari communities, Nepalis settled in Jammu, Bazigars, Sansis, Shikligirs etc., but opening of flood gate for all and snatching away of special status and Statehood of J&K is not acceptable because such status is also given to various states in India on need basis like Himachal -Pradesh, Maharashtra, North – East States and so on.

Mr. Basotra further expressed that invoking of land laws in J&K is also an attempt to crush the common masses of the J&K as it is only to harass them and nothing more. He further asserted that UT Government controlled by Modi – Shah BJP failed to provide employment to any section of the society in J&K as promised from time to time.

He further asserted that BJP has betrayed the people of Jammu & Kashmir and they shall teach a lesson to BJP in all the forthcoming elections for such betrayal.

Mr. Basotra further expressed that RSS, its allied wings and political front BJP are hell bent on to crush the Native Indians completely as no decision had been taken by the UT Government controlled by them with respect to 27% reservation for OBCs as well as 15 % reservation to SCs and implementation of 200 points roaster in government jobs as the tenure of more than one year of the UT Government has passed till now.

Since abrogation of Article 370 & 35-A of the Constitution of India viz-a-viz bifurcating the State into two UTs, not even 1% of the total population of Native Indians in J&K State could secure employment/jobs because of the hidden agenda policies of RSS, its allied wings and political front BJP of crush & rule.

The only thing RSS, its allied wings and political front BJP did during this tenure is that these parties divided the Native Indians on religious and caste lines.

Mr. Basotra further appealed to all the SCs, STs, OBCs & Minority Communities viz. Native Indians who are the Aboriginal Indigenous Indians constituting more than 92% of the total population of the country to come on a single largest platform and join hands to crush these fascist forces so that liberty, equality, fraternity & justice i.e.

Rule of Law is established in India according to the Constitution of India. Mr. Basotra expressed that the SMP is committed to provide Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Justice to all the citizens as enshrined under the Preamble of the Constitution of India.

Finally, the SMP thanked all the Press & Media persons who attended the Press Conference, and also thanked its members, activists & leaders to make this Press Conference a grand success.

Prominent amongst those who attended the press-conference were Mr. Dayal Singh, Mr. Dheeraj Thapa, Mr. Shahbaz Nabi, Mr. Parshotam Kumar, Mrs. Madhu Bala, Mr. Sarwan Kumar Kundal, Mr. Bansi Lal Chargotra, Mr. Ajay Jagotra, Mr. Bharat Bhushan, Mr. Bishan Dass & Mr. Kanwarjeet Sethi.

# Based on a press statement sent to through electronic mail by Ashok Basotra who is National Secretary General (Rashtriya Pramukh Mahasachiv of the Social Movement Party (SMP)- The statement is duly signed by Advocate Ashok Bastora: 

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