There is no obstruction or interference on China border, We returned after visiting those area: Young Leader Karchen Lama



The group, including NCP (NCP) youth leader and Himali Bhote Lama Rastriya Mukti Morcha chairperson Karchen Lama, said that the Chinese side had not crossed the border after visiting Jang, Halji and Til areas in Humla.

DanfatTV’s brief conversation with him:   

1. Can you please share what you saw and learned about the so-called border embezzlement issue during your frontline journey and visit at the site?

– A 15-member team led by NCP-Humla Party in-charge and CCM Bijay Bhandari led by Himali Bhote Lama Rashtriya Mukti Marcha’s Central Chairman Chhiring Dommadul Lama went to observe the Limi Lalhungjom’s Lapcha Syar’s 12 no. Boundary Pillar on 2077/7/19. It seems to have been in the same place but the paint has been repainted and repaired. The names of Limi village are (1) Jang, (2) Halji and (3) Til.
There is no a problem or torture to the Nepalese people from the Chinese site. Only Chinese side force alert on the security related issues.
2. What might be political forces behind those smearing and misrepresentation? Pro-India and Tibet pro-independence groups?

– To rumor such fake news solely responsible is Jeevan Shahi, who is the representative of Humla district of Nepali Congress. He is going to be elected as Vice-General Secretary of Congress in the President panel of Bimalendra Nidhi. Both are guided and directed personality of India and blind supporter of America.
And one more thing, Jeevan Sharma is spreading Free Tibet Flag in that village at night and threatened the whole villagers. That is good for the dry-port and cross border pass but he is creating problems, since long ago.

  3. Is this the first time you have heard of and experienced misrepresentation and misreport from western media on China-Nepal border dispute? What makes this time different?

– No, this is not the first time. Indo-Western power plays all the time against China in Nepal. Big media house is under their control and they are able to spread such misreport easily with highlighted cover news. They are instigating Nepalese against China raising the issues of far centuries ago as well. They provoke Nepalese that China will capture Mt. Everest some day as well. They are working to raise enmity between Nepalese and Chinese and they are moving ahead continuously on their mission.


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