US-India Pact demands New South Asian Quad:

US-India Pact demands New South Asian Quad:-N. P. Upadhyaya

Close on the heels of India-US strategic tie up that has definitely awarded the expansionist, noted hooligan and a predator Indian regime a grand ticket to threaten the already suffocating South Asian regional peace, when Pakistan under PM Imran Khan was busy in finding a slot in enhancing ties with the smaller countries of South Asia with a clear aim to extract political benefits from India’s failed, fractured, damaged and sinking “neighborhood first policy”.

In diplomacy such subtle acts count and benefit though it is pretty late for Pakistan to exploit India’s depleting credibility in the region and beyond.

Pakistan’s diplomatic speed is disheartening indeed in SA’s vulnerable context.

Yet it was a maiden effort from the Pakistani side to woo the isolated and India tilted Bhutan which has been gasping under the tight grip of the Indian regime since 1949.

Yet it was an unprecedented move by all political and diplomatic standards. But it needs regular follow up.

As per the reports, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan made a phone call to his counterpart Dr. Lotey Tshering in the second week of October, last month, wherein Khan said that his country was proud of its rich Buddhist heritage which dated back to “Buddhist Gandhara civilization”.

Bhutan being predominantly a Buddhist nation must have been pleased in listening Pakistani love and honor for Gandhara civilization. Khan’s desire perhaps is to expand regional proximity through the Buddhist circuit if and when Bhutan extends its hand.

In this regard, Pakistan can grant free scholarships to Bhutan’s deserving young students, as a as a mark of goodwill to this India tortured South Asian nation. That would be a subtle diplomatic beginning which will send alarming bells to Delhi’s Islamophobic regime.

To recall, Taxilla, has remained an internationally recognized seat of Buddhist learning that is well within Pakistan.

Such a phone call PM Khan also made to Bangladesh Prime Minister on July 21, 20202 which came as “bolt from the blue” to the Indian regime. In fact, India needs such jolts on a regular basis from the neighbors.

Pakistani call to Bhutan may have also been made to hint Bhutan to look the world beyond India.

The proven South Asian Goliath- India now with the fresh license from the outgoing Trump administration is sure to bring in disasters that will in all likelihood compel Pakistan to take the leading role in South Asia in order to lessen the Indian cruelty, brutality and highhandedness of the US ballooned India’s Islamophobic Modi regime.

Thus a South Asian Nation’s Coalition ( similar to the Quad) is the demand of the time thus paving the way for SA nations excluding India to exploit the “boon in disguise” opportunity and find a new leader replacing India .

It should be, to begin with, a Quad or quadrangle comprising of Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh that could corner the hegemon.

If India is not included then obviously Pakistan is the best candidate to lead SA nations in a friendly manner.

The US tie up with India last month is definitely “to contain China” by enabling India to compete with its known rival.

Most unfortunately, so as to contain the rising Chinese influence, the Trump administration openly had supported heartless Modi’s ambitions.

Trump is now history. He is packing his bags.

Well that could be US admistrations’s preference to encourage and permit India to match the growing Chinese military power which has already posed a potential threat to the US Super Power status. It is US desire but what catastrophe this desire is to bring in South Asia is not known to the US?

The US under Joe Biden needs to understand South Asian politics largely dominated by Indian whims.

Undoubtedly, the US is a world power but yet China’s quantum jump taken over these past decades (After China’s paramount leader Deng Xiao Ping’s modernization drive and opening up to the outside world) suggests that China with the current speed of development will very soon acquire Super Power status that expectedly leave the coercive and the “the most hated sick man of South Asia” far behind much to the comfort of the smaller regional counties that unfortunately border with the former Mughal and the British slave nation-that present day India’s past is. 

Remarkably, India which has a habit of sticking like a glue to a super power like former USSR has once again pasted with the US last month.

US must note the chameleon acts of India carefully.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo landed in Delhi last month end and brought India in its net which is sure to enlarge India’s brutality in this part of the world thus compelling the smaller nations of South Asia, Nepal included, to voluntarily side with China.

If SA nations pushed to wall, China benefits.

Chances are bright that Pakistan would be made willingly the leader of the South Asian region with China’s and Iran’s acquiescence as this country has only the capability and the political-nuclear strength and determination to thwart Indian mal-intentions and barbarism. Pakistan’s nuclear strength (a nuclear nation) is some sort of guarantee and added strength for the South and Central Asian nations.

But for this, Pakistan is expected to “assert” its role not only as a peace builder but also assume the leadership as a benevolent friend of the entire South Asian nations.

And for this, perceptive and vivacious diplomacy needs to be acquired both in words and deeds. But will it?

Pakistan as a competing rival and fitting match for India can do it and has to do it for the larger interests of South Asian nations.

Any delay in asserting this pivotal role in South Asia will be like attempting suicide.

Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka are the prominent nations in South Asia which expectedly will be much harmed by the new and fresh US-India tactical tie up.

As of Sri Lanka, this country by rejecting the US’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) support has hinted the US that the Island nation prefers to remain outside from the Indo-US “premeditated” desires in and around the Indian Ocean.

Moreover, Secretary Pompeo while in Sri Lanka told the authorities that China is a “predator” and Colombo must remain vigilant in maintaining its sovereignty.

Senior political analysts in Colombo however, say that the “entire trip of Mike Pompeo appears to have been devoted to China battle”.

One political analyst talking to WION, India, bluntly said that it was a battle between the US and China in the Sri Lankan grounds.

More or less this hints that the political commentators in Colombo have taken Pompeo’s outbursts against China with strong reservation.

However, how the government in Colombo has taken the outgoing top US diplomat’s trip is yet to come to the fore.

But what becomes clear that of late the US along with expansionist-South Asian regional hooligan prefers to damage China’s image across the globe.

US’s wish to isolate China across the earth is basically a power rivalry or say a super power disputation which is comprehensible, but why the fragmented and Hinduised India is excited to see China down in the process when Delhi understands that it is no match to Beijing’s swollen military strength?

Inferiority complex?

As far as we understand, China’s too has deep penetration in the India’s political establishment in a manner much similar to what and how the RAW with its highly paid agents control Kathmandu, Islamabad, Dhaka, and Colombo politics. 

India should understand that it could never catch and match with China practically in every developmental/technological aspects for centuries even if the US has signed a security agreement with India that to some extent has enhanced its defense capabilities which is sure to drain billions and billions of Dollars in the up keeping of its military superiority over China and Pakistan primarily.

Enabling and encouraging India means opening Pandora’s Box.

A quarter of the India’s poverty stricken population (the hand to mouth destitute) could be found in Nepal draining 8 Billion dollars annually.

Likewise, Bangladesh which is currently plagued with the menace of the spy agency-the RAW, has also shifted its allegiance slowly towards China-Pakistan’s “iron brother”.

In a way, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are currently in the same page and have developed intimacy with each other of late.

This brightens the prospects for a proposed new Quad in South Asia.

As of Nepal, not only the Indian RAW but the institution of the China defeated Indian Army led by bogus and undisciplined military man M.M. Naravne have contaminated the sacred Nepali soil.

Naravne made an “unwanted” trip to Nepal and the largely RAW administered Nepali government led by “India sponsored” fake communists (that they are for sure) Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.

Oli in the recent past had earned the popularity of being a strong nationalist, however, when the Communist PM secretly invited the RAW Chief Samanta Kumar Goyal on October 21, 2020, he got exposed of his fake and pseudo nationalist credentials and stands demoted to the RAW level.

PM Oli’s henchmen claim that RAW Chief Goyal was the special envoy of thug Prime Minister Modi and that he had come to Nepal to “repair” the damaged ties with India.

But our own sources claim that the RAW Chief Goyal threatened Nepal PM Oli to shift his allegiance from China to India or else face stringent consequences.

Importantly, RAW Chief Goyal met with his posted “ruling agents” in Nepali leadership which has all along remained true only to the benefits of the India at the cost of their own motherland. Are they then traitors?

Perhaps this should explain as to whom the destabilizer Goyal met secretly in Nepal during his thirty six hours stay?

The most ungrateful Indian Army Chief Naravne just completed his “meaning loaded” meet with Nepal PM Oli wherein he too directly ordered the Nepali Prime Minister to okay the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and join the countries converged in the Indo-Pacific Strategy and ignore China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Naravne hopefully gave a lecture to PM Oli on fresh US-India pact.

The idea for Nepal visit by the chiefs of RAW and Indian Army was clearly to send a message to Nepal to switch its “love and honor” from China to India.

Nepal’s tragedy is that China too is not a reliable partner of Nepal. Guaranteed. But… we have to…?

In a way, both Indian nationals had come to Nepal carrying message of the US State department to what was sounded to the Sri Lankan government last month end.

The dirty and ugly Indian national Rakesh Sood the last weekend hinted Delhi seminar that “Nepal should now decide whether it is with India or China?

This threat loaded warning more or less resembled with President Bush Jr warning to countries across the world as to whether they were with the US or with the terrorists.

Decide “you are with us or with the terrorists”, Jr. Bush had roared after the World Trade Center was attacked.

Chances are that if Nepal authorities rebuke the Indian dictates then PM Modi is all set to take steps for the “restoration of the now defunct” Monarchy and if it proves to be a distant affair then “Nepal destabilization” campaign shall immediately commence through its paid and posted agents in media.

This is comparatively easy affair for the rude Indian regime led by the noted Indian gangsters because Nepal has at the moment some forty five thousand plus paid-posted agents of the RAW.

This should explain as to why India every time finds it easy to create chaos in Nepal which has tentatively become the second undeclared “protectorate” of the former British slave nation.

India can do this because it has freshly received the “US mandate” to pounce upon South Asian nations with the signing of the planned pact with the US.

Why the US is in love with the hooligan of South Asia?

Will Joe Biden’s new set up will continue with Trump’s policy in South Asia and beyond?

To put it modestly, the US is tarnishing its image in South Asia for sure. The US must understand the India inflicted pains of South Asian nation.

President elect Biden is not new to the politics of Washington DC, and needless to say he has vast experience as a negotiator and administrator.

He should understand that India is the hooligan of South Asia.

To recall, on October 27, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Indian regime signed a military agreement prior to his departure to Colombo.

Mike Pompeo was on a multi-country visit aimed at pushing the Trump administration’s anti-China message in a much more effective and direct way. Later defense Secretary Mark Esper joined him in Delhi.

Both the US high officials signed a treaty with their Indian counterparts to share sensitive satellite data, often used to steer missiles and drones.

It perhaps includes also the sharing of Cyber intelligence.

South Asian diplomats confirm that it is the latest in a series of U.S.-India military agreements solely designed to counter China’s growing power in the SAARC nations plus in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Belt and Road Initiative is also the target of the fresh Indo-US treaty.

With the closing of Trump’s administration soon, how Joe Biden’s America will see the South Asian nations in the days ahead shall be watched.

For South Asia and more so on Pakistan experts say that Biden has historically looked upon Pakistan as a strategic regional ally which means the Cold war ally.

So had said the new US envoy to Pakistan Ambassador William Todd, to recall.

International relations expert Dr. Anil Sigdel claims that Biden will more aggressively take up the issue of Indo-US strategy.

Nepali diplomats say that “no much change shall be seen in US ties with Nepal”

Other set claims that Biden will put stress on institutionalization of Democracy in the world including Nepal and look Kathmandu through its ‘own eyes’.

Yet another set says that the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) clause shall be revised in Nepal’s case.

But how Biden will take the thug Nepal Communists?

Let’s wait for some two months.

Pompeo visited Delhi at a time when India has been badly humiliated at the Ladhakh war front in the recent months.

Now with the US-India agreement, India feels that it can face China easily.

Question then remains as to whether China will keep its hand folded and invite India to tease her at the war fronts?

The fact is that the US as a super power nation is best “utilizing” predator India and force the latter to buy sophisticated weapons to attain the “pseudo” superiority over Pakistan and China.

China’s presumed interference in the Indo-Pacific region and China’s face to face with India at the Ladhakh border were believed to have been discussed in what has been termed as 2+2 talks between US and predator and callous Indian regime.

Global Times has freshly said that “a Biden presidency could “usher in a ‘buffering period’ for already-tense China-US relations, and offer an opportunity for breakthroughs in resuming high-level communication and rebuilding mutual strategic trust between the two countries”.

This explains the China’s conciliatory mood on US. How President elect Biden understands the Chinese mood shall have to be watched. That’s all.


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