An Alternation to Regular Classes

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school, Class -8

Online class or Virtual class is a term not too old. It is proved that development/invention of internet is a boon. Virtual class is defined as the classes held not in physical learning environment but a classroom that is located at our homes. We can learn at anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Nowdays, students are learning easily, if you don't know or don't understand anything or missed a class, you can search it up and even watch an explanation about it! In the early 21st century, internet was a fashion or a luxury as we say it but at the turn of 2010s it has become a necessity. We can't live without it. Everything revolves around internet nowdays. There are certain apps, softwares, programs and learning packages dedicated to learn new things and explore the internet. As internet became more extensive, classes started running through it. It developed a new term 'Virtual class'. 
 Virtual class like everything, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now due to the current epidemic, schools are unable to run physical real-time classes with the fear of spread of corona virus. But software development companies like google never stop to amaze us. They have developed an application which allows real time video conferencing and meeting for as many as hundred people. This is a major advantages to Google as they can expand their business to new aspects and also the education system. Students no longer have to stay bored without learning for days, they can meet their teachers and friends through such apps. It shows how developed humans are in terms of everything. 
This however has been a controversial topic as in countries like Nepal, internet isn't guaranteed for everyone. Also the devices used for accessing internet are expensive and the poor people can't afford too much of it. Thats why its been asked to stop any progress by many people inorder to not put people with no facility out of place or education. Even though virtual class has been a great experience and has many benefits, it has major disadvantages. And those people are right in many ways but also it stops the learning of students who have all facility. Therefore, any decision must be made in thinking of both sides. In this way, virtual class and physical class are two reflection of education.

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