Preserving the Original Flavour of the Tasty Fruits

A fruit-processing factory was commissioned at the Kosan Combined Fruit Farm at the foot of Chol Pass (677m above sea level) in Kangwon Province.

The factory will process apples and other fruits produced by the farm, which are high in demand among the people.

At the apple taste prize show held every year in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea the apples produced by the farm have won a great appreciation.

The original flavour of its tasty fruits will be felt when one eats its processed fruits like apple juice, apple vinegar, apple brandy and dried apple slices.

A Promising Fruit Production and Processing Base

A modern fruit-processing factory has been built at the Kosan Combined Fruit Farm in Kangwon Province in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and thus a favourable condition was created for the country’s economic development.

The annual output of scores of tons per hectare at this farm is increasing year after year.

The climate and environment suitable to fruit production guarantee the superior quality of the products.

The farm also is capable of storing thousands of tons of fruits, and has a developed infrastructure like water resources and electric supply.

As it is situated at a point where the east and west of Korea interchanges and which is favourable for transport in the central and eastern areas, its products−fruits and processed fruits−can be easily transported to the places of consumption.

The area where the fruit farm is situated will be developed into a large-scale fruit production and processing base.

An Effective Management Method Has Been Established

Greeting the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea on October 10, 2020, a fruit-processing factory was commissioned at the Kosan Combined Fruit Farm in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

As its products can be processed by itself, the farm has become able to put fruit farming on a scientific and intensive footing, establish a food production cycle of fruit farming and stockbreeding, and reduce the costs of transport for processing its products and the possible decrease in their quality during transport.

At the same time, the farm has established an effective management method of reducing the costs of livestock production and increasing its production by making the most of the by-products of fruit processing.

The farm will contribute to satisfying the people’s demands for quality processed fruits.

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