Children Molestation in Nepal

Bhavishya paudel--
Deep boarding school
Class -8,
Children molestation is the form of child abuse that adults use children for sexual stimulation. It is one the biggest crime in Nepal. It is the worst crime a human can think of. Children themselves by any consent are not by nature be involved in seRape cases of especially female children in Nepal aged between 11 and 19 has hit an all time high in Nepal. Every day, at least 6 rape cases are reported in Nepal. Only god knows how many victims are silenced with money? A poor 14 year old girl from Panchthar was given 500 rupees, 1000 rupees as an apology to hide and not reveal his name by an Assistant Sub Inspector!! Child molestation is by no means a work of a human. It is purely an act of devil in human body. Last year, a 13 year old girl named Nirmala Panta from Kanchanpur, far western Nepal was found dead in nearby sugarcane field. The as per police 'accused' person however has been blamed as Dilip Bista but the local people refuse to accept Bista as the murderer and believe the police has framed the guy to save high profile guy from accusations. I presented the name of Nirmala Panta here not because she was the first teen to be raped but because her parents were the one of the first to start a mass demonstrations trying to wake the slept government. The news of the incident went viral on social media and received widespread condemnation. Various justice campaigns and mass protests were organised throughout the country in the subsequent days and months to put pressure on the government and the police. Poor small girls are fearing any men they see in the streets thinking they might be next Nirmala. 
However, the government has done barely anything after that. After her murder and rape, the cases has skyrocketed ever since. The most recent victim was a just 3 month-old baby who had been raped with the help of her own father and her own grandfather!! How much inhumane people can be? Still many authorities have done nothing. Absolutely nothing. The rape of Nirbhaya at delhi in 2012 was continued till 2020 when the 4 convicted rapists were finally given death sentence in March 2020. Many victims in India gained hoped that they would be given justice. Many Nepali people hoped it would influence Nepal government but all of the hopes falled into dismay when people realised that the slept government willnever wake up. Rape cases are now becoming the new norm in Nepal. When the concerned authorities are asked about the situations and safety of our sisters, they reply with sentences no one hopes to listen. The rape cases of our country was compared by our dear minister to other countries. When will he realize that beside Gautam Buddha and Sagarmatha, we need something more to be proud of. Our sisters being safe in public or private. When will he realize that good aspects are to be taken note of and bad aspects of a country are to be improved, not compared. 
Isn't it a bit of irony that our country being one of the few 29 countries in the world that has female head of government has one of the highest teen as well as women rape cases per capita? Yet, nothing has been done in our country. The people of Nepal have no hope in the current "democratically dictatorship" form of government. Nowadays, little girls should be taught self defense instead of chores. 
Many men are afraid of ghosts in the dark but many women/girls, are afraid of men. Seriously, is the government really going to blind eye literal 6 cases a day? But even though the government is doing nothing, we must be aware from our deep inside to respect girls. Treat every girl as our own sister. With the power of social media, we should make the authorities aware and try to influence them. We all have power in our hands, the government is in our hand. Therefore we must try our best to wake the government before Nepal be listed as red zone for girls and not safe for small girls.

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