Intolerant India targets actor Amir Khan

Intolerant India targets actor Amir Khan

N. P. Upadhyaya; Kathmandu: Secular turned Hindu republic India under PM Modi has now to resolve whether it is scared of the film actor Mr. Amir Khan or the Turkish nation under President Erdogan?

Or is it that an ordinary Khan from Mumbai’s film world has shaken the entire edifice of the Indian republic born in 1947 after the British left India voluntarily?

India awaits a vertical split if the Hindu fanaticism continues for some time more. Thanks that the Indian Muslims, in millions indeed, have yet not crossed the bearing limits. Pretension is there apparently. Who knows they will come to the streets?

India’s intense Islamophobic attitude is sure to betray the Indian rulers from Hindutva gang sooner than later.

If so then what if the three Khans (Shahruk Khan, Salman Khan, and Amir Khan) converge then what would happen to the Hindu nation ruled by the Gang of Four?

It is time that the Khan-troika dare to teach a befitting lesson to Modi’s fanatically Hindu India which is currently under the grip of the notorious gang of 4 (Modi, Doval, Amit shah and S. Shankar).

Such an attempt is urgent for such a bold step would do well for the rest of the Indian Muslims living an endangered life inside the former British colony since the very next days of the grand partition.

Ask the qualified veteran film actor Nasir Uddin Shah as to what it means to be a Muslim in India more so after the advent of the coldhearted and Gujrat massacre fame Modi in 2014.

Nasir Uddin is married to a Hindu lady though but yet he feels threatened living in India.

Conversely, in Nepal, the Muslims demand the restoration of the Hindu identity. This is surprising but yet true. Likewise, Nepal’s Hindus too adore their Muslim brothers and sisters.

Amir Khan is being trolled in India (in his own country of birth) by the BJP-RSS men plus the Godi media for having dared to meet Mrs. Emine Erdogan the consort of President Erdogan of Turkey.

Amir is being taken to task by his own countrymen because he happens primarily to be an Indian Muslim-a second class citizenry in India at the moment. Or else why should he be made the target of Hindu fanatics across the entire country?

This explains as to what it means to be a Muslim in minority in India.

Secondly, the “perfectionist” film maker-director-actor Amir Khan is being trolled/slighted in India for his meeting with the wife of the Turkish leader President Erdogan who is on record to have made sharp comments against the Indian regime on matters pertaining to the continued military suppression-oppression that is being carried out by the Modi regime on the Kashmiri population.

Yet Erdogan is not anti-India in that he is criticizing the Indian acts on the Kashmiri people. That’s it.

To recall, the Kashmiri people are suffering from the worst form of state encouraged and sponsored terrorism and serious crimes against humanity. The world has yet to take note of.

And here lies the reason as to why actor Amir is almost being taken as a traitor for he has met the wife of a world leader, Erdogan, who has of late remained vocal against the oppression of the Kashmiri population by the Hitlerite government of India.

President Erdogan is not an enemy of the Indian regime but his sympathy for the Kashmiri Muslims has made him India’s enemy by the Modi fed and paid Godi media who howl and bark as and when any Indian Muslim is in the limelight or happens to talk on the continued predicament of the Kashmiri population even if it be on humanitarian and sympathetic grounds.

Though Amir Khan has so far not spoken on the predicaments of the Kashmiri people.

India’s trained Godi media has attacked actor Amir Khan on one more account and that being the day when he met the first lady of Turkey was coincidently 15th August-the day India celebrates its independence day courtesy the Independence bill presented in the British Parliament.

The contention of the Godi media is that why Amir Khan met a foreign dignitary whose husband creates at times acute problems for the Indian regime?

What hit the Godi media hard was also the sweet tweet Madame Emina Erdogan wrote:

Her Tweet dated 15 August read like this: “I had the great honor of meeting Amir Khan, the world renowned Indian actor, film maker and director in Istanbul. I was happy to learn that Amir decided to wrap up the shooting of his latest movie Lal Singh Chaddha” in different part of Turkey”.

The Turkish first lady Emine Erdogan met Amir Khan at the Presidential Residence, Huber Mansion in Istanbul on 15 August.

As expected, the more than extremist “Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has lashed out at actor Aamir Khan after his photographs with the Turkish first lady Emine Erdoğan went viral on social media.

A VHP spokesperson Vinod Bansal said, “Meeting of Aamir khan with first Turkish Lady Emine Erdoğan shows that some actors in India are inclined towards countries which are Anti India.”

The VHP statement further says that “Actors who have got fame and popularity in India are now feeling proud after meeting people from countries which are Anti India. The people of the country are bound to get hurt by this act of Aamir khan. Aamir khan should come out and give clarification on this”.

Amir Khan definitely is being pushed to the wall. Undoubtedly, the Khan must have been in immense pains. What if out of frustration Amir decides to shift his “abode” to Istanbul, Turkey or any other country with Islamic faith?

If he (Khan) prefers then Nepal would welcome this Bollywood perfectionist.

Bollywood and its Khans have been India’s cultural ambassadors for decades, it is in common knowledge even in Nepal.

The new India under Modi perhaps does not understand their role, so writes M. Reyaz for the NewsClick dated August 22, 20202.

Khan has been labelled an extremist and accused of aiding the allegedly nefarious intent of Turkey towards India, adds M. Reyaz.-the assistant Professor of Journalism at Aliah University in Kolkata.

Definitely, Turkey under Erdoğan has used Islamic history and culture through TV series like Ertuğrul, to spread its cultural influence, particularly in the Muslim world.

Observers in Nepal now see that India must decide as to whether the country wants to have good ties with Turkey or break the ties with the emerging leader of the Muslim world?

The June 22, 2020 mini conference (the contact group) of the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan, Niger, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to discuss the Kashmir issue is also being viewed by the Indian and the Saudi regime as to have been the brain of the Turkish President Erdogan.

The OIC contact group on Kashmir was formed as back as in 1994 which allows the contact group meet at the foreign ministers level.

Needless to say, India’s RAW agency is manipulating/damaging Pakistan’s ties with the KSA. Where not is RAW penetration in the South Asian nations and beyond?  Nepal is the worst hit by the RAW.

Turkey considers India a great friend, however, for India, Turkey is number one enemy at the moment only because the Turkish President is vocal against the Indian regime on matters related with the Kashmiri issue.

President Erdogan even gave a daring speech in the UN General Assembly last year and talked about the oppression of the Kashmiri people by the Modi led Hindutva government.

Now Recep Tayyip Erdogan hasn’t exactly been on great terms with India in the recent past. In February 2020, Erdogan criticized the “massacres” of Muslims in India after riots in New Delhi: “India right now has become a country where massacres are widespread. What massacres? Massacres of Muslims. By who? Hindus.” Erdogan made this statement while giving a speech in Ankara after the Delhi riots in February this year, writes Ananya Bhttacharya for the India Today dated August 17, 2020.

President of Turkey Erdogan had also said at the UNGA last year that “In order for the Kashmiri people to look at a safe future together with their Pakistani and Indian neighbors, it is imperative to solve the problem through dialogue and on the basis of justice and equity, but not through collision.”

It is these remarks made by President Erdogan that has been taken as anti-India to which it is not.

Erdogan was just talking of the problems being faced by the Kashmiri population in India.

He made these comments as a Muslim leader.

The Indian leaders too on a regular basis poke nose on Nepal’s internal matters.

A well-informed Indian Muslim Amir Khan must not have met the Muslim lady in far flung Turkey is what the Godi media thinks.

To recall, actor Amir Khan had met already with President Erdogan in 2017 in Ankara. The Turkish President and Amir Khan are in good terms.

Amir is also in good terms with Cricketer Imran Khan and has been to Pakistan a decade ago.

The fact is that the Khans (Amir, Salman and Shahruk) of the Indian film industry are under the continued scanner of the Indian media simply because the Khans had in the recent years deliberately avoided a meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

Isn’t it their personal discretion?

(The Muslim countries and the Muslim population scattered the world over prefer not to meet the Israeli nationals for reasons less known to this scribe).

#As far as this scribe recalls, the Kathmandu based Israeli Ambassador Abraham Nir and the Pakistani Ambassador Zamir Akram had developed very friendly relations with each other#.

Actor Amir Khan is also under attack in India simply because some years ago, Kiran Rao-the wife of Amir Khan had ventilated her inner feelings reiterating that “it was getting more and more difficult to live in India together with her children”.

Amir Khan is reported to have said in the recent years (2015 perhaps) that for him and his wife Kiran Rao, India has already become an “intolerant” nation.

Amir Khan had said some time back quoting his wife Kiran Rao Khan that, (sic) “she fears for her child, fears for what the atmosphere around us will be. She feels scared to open the newspapers every day. So that does indicate that there is a sense of growing disquiet, there is this sense of growing despondency apart from alarm. You feel why this is happening, you feel low. That sense does exist in me”.

Amir Khan had made this statement at a program held on the occasion of the distribution of Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards, writes a NewsBuzz staff reporter dated August 18, 2020.

The number one Godi media man Sudhir Chaudhary is pouncing Amir Khan since the day he met the Turkish first lady.

It was again this period when Nasi Ruddin Shah, a Muslim, was verbally attacked by the Kashmiri pundit and film actor Anupam Kher which scared the Shah and the three Khans of the Indian film industry. But they kept silence for fear of being misbehaved.

Actor Saif Ali Khan (Pataudi) though is safe as of now.

Kher is close to PM Modi.

The present day situation in Hindu India is such that if an Indian Muslim speaks against the Modi government then the particular Muslim individual is immediately told to pack his baggage to Pakistan.

In all, the Indian Muslims are living under menace across the Indian landmass. The Kashmiri Muslims understand it better as to how the Muslims in India are being taken and then treated.

The scared Indian Muslims have thus abundant reasons to share their feelings with others Muslim leaders whom they apparently take as their guardians living in a different country.

Undeniably, India’s ties with Erdogan’s Turkey has deteriorated in the past several months, particularly after Article 370 was scrapped in Kashmir last year. Turkey has continued to side with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. And this is what annoys India to the hilt. The Indian mindset is that any country that favors Pakistan must be taken as an enemy of India.

Amir Khan’s meet with Emine Erdogan is just an excuse. The fact is that India is an Islamophobic country.

Concluding remarks:

Remarkably, to witness the violent riots in India’s Capital Delhi, the US President Donald Trump was then residing in Delhi.

His “secret agencies” accompanying him must have briefed the US President about the callous (that it was) riot which targets were selectively the Indian Muslims.

However, for some understandable reasons, the US President preferred to hush-hush the chaotic violence that took hundreds of lives. Those who had to embrace premature death were undeniably the minority Muslims.  That’s all.


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