India: The most ungrateful nation!

India: The most ungrateful nation!

N. P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: If the Indian nation born 1947 is still breathing then it is all due to the real and unconditional sacrifices made by the Gorkha soldiers born in Nepal who have “unfortunately” been serving to protect such an ungrateful nation and its equally unappreciative population which on regular intervals pounces upon the land of the brave Gorkhas and humiliates the country of their origin in the most cruelest way. This is India.

The Gorkhali blood shed for India has time and again been insulted. Enough is enough.

It is time that Nepal should completely stop selling the flesh of the brave Gorkha youths to the expansionist India henceforth and let the Indian nation feel the heat of the fierce Pakistani and the Chinese soldiers at the various war fronts.

The Indian Army if is shining yet today, it is all due to the sacrifices made by Nepali youths serving in the ungrateful Indian Army.

The highly arrogant Indian Army Chief MM Naravne can’t imagine the fate of the Indian Union without the Gorkha regiment in the Indian Army.

He should read as to how General Sam Maneskshaw had described the valor of the Brave Gorkhas.

Naravme is challenged to save his country without the support of the Nepali brave youths from Gorkha district?

Try if you can Naravne! Can you stand even for a single day without the Gorkha army? Certainly not.

You have yet to apologize Naravne for your nasty comments made on China on May 15/2020. You Naravne tried to damage Nepal-China relations. You made comments suiting to your low level.

You are therefore not fit to receive the honorary title from the Nepal Army.

Naravne is too low for the Nepali honorary title from the Nepal Army.

Reacting to MM Naraven’s distorted comments on Nepal, the defense minister Ishwar Pokhrel in an interview had slammed the Indian Army Chief‘s utterances.

The Minister had said, “Naravne’s foul comments have hurt the sentiments of the Nepalese Gorkhas serving the Indian Army who have a long tradition of sacrifice for India”.

“It is nothing but a political stunt”, said the defense minister Pokhrel summing up the Indian Army Chief’s undiplomatic and unwarranted comment.

Defense Minister Pokhrel made these comments on May 25/2020.

Look the discipline of the Nepal Army that the institution took the Indian army Chief’s as a political issue better to be handled politically by the Nepali leaders.

In saying so, the Nepal Army hinted the undisciplined Indian Army Chief in an oblique manner that whatever he said of Nepal must not have been told from the Institution of the Indian Army.

The Nepal Army too made a silent joke of MM Naravne hinting him that he was unfit for the Nepal’s honorary title.

A Nepali Gorkha Havildar Sambur Gurung serving the Indian Army on “duty” was martyred, July 10/20202, at the Line of Control close in the Nowshera sector, district Rajouri( Jammu and Kashmir).

As per the Indian news reports, the Pakistan army resorted to unprovoked ceasefire violation on the line of control.

In the incident, adds the Indian new report, Havildar Sambur Gurung was critically injured and later succumbed to death.

Available reports say that Late Gurung is the second Nepal born Gorkha soldier serving in the Indian army to be have been killed in Pakistani army’s firing in less than a month.

Earlier on June 22, Indian army soldier Havildar Dipak Karki of Gulmi district was killed in the same place.

Havildar Dipak Karki died but yet the Indian media did not report even his death at the war front. (RIP). 

The ungrateful nation.

Undoubtedly, this brave son of the Nepali soil lost his life at the hands of a Pakistani soldier at the war front.

As a matter of fact, Nepal should sound the Indian army institution through the Indian government at the earliest that Nepal born Gorkha soldiers must not be sent to fight with the armies of friendly nations henceforth.

For Nepal, both Pakistan and China are close neighbors.

With China, we too have ROTI-BETI ties these days. Some Pakistani girls are also married to Nepali nationals, by the way. 

And both are somehow or the other housed in the SAARC body with whom Nepal has good and sound neighborly relations.

“We can’t thus see our boys being sent by India to the war fronts and fight with our own friendly soldiers from China and Pakistan”, is a common voice now being heard in Kathmandu’s political circuit.

Writes Arun Budhathoki on the sad demise of this brave Gorkha youth Sambur Gurung that “a Nepali soldier belonging to the Indian Army dies in the Jammu and Kashmir area but yet the Indian

news channels will never cover or appreciate this sacrifice rendered to India by a born Nepali youth”.

He further says that “one of the many reasons why Nepal should withdraw its Gorkha regiment from the Indian Army”.

Arun Budhathoki is correct in that none of the Indian TV channels have so far made any news on this Gorkha sacrifice for saving the Indian Union from the attacks of its adversaries.
Otherwise they are shamelessly barking/howling round the clock.

Those who die in the Indian war fronts are inevitably the Gurungs, Limpus and Bahadurs from Nepal but were not the relatives of news anchors of the sort of Sweta Singh, Anjana Om Kashyap, Amish Devgan, Sudhir Choudharys, and the all-time barking/howling/screaming Arnav Modi Goswami of the Republic Television.

It is this special set of arrogant and sleazy Modi groomed news anchors that India is being condemned worldwide.

The Indian should admit this fact or else ask Al Jazeera TV to verify this established fact.

Notably, these media men with no media ethics have ruined India’s ties with its neighbors.  Save baby Bhutan, rest of the neighbors love to hate India these days.

Frankly speaking, Nepal is on top to hate India and its news channels.

The way some Indian TV Channels made a fake and disgusting story about Prime Minister KP Oli and the incumbent China’s lady Ambassador to Nepal perhaps tells the low level of the average Indian mindset.

Only India and the Indian nationals can slide to this low. The Indian TV Channels proved it this time around.

The fact is that these Gorkha soldiers only can face the fierce but yet friendly Chinese or for that matter the armies from Pakistan.

The coward India born soldiers when face the Chinese or the Pakistani armies, their trousers get wet instantly, we have been told.

The Indian nation shall for sure collapse the very next day if Nepal halts the selling of the brave Nepali nationals from the Gorkha district for the exclusive use and misuse of the Nepali brave soldiers by the Indian Army for saving an enemy nation that India is by all means.

A popular saying in Nepal goes like this: If the Gorkha soldiers are not sent to the war fronts, the Pakistani and the Chinese army general shall come to have their breakfast the next morning in New Delhi.

That India is not a reliable friend and neighbor of Nepal got substantiated when the Indian government together with its pet/paid/groomed media began pouncing upon Nepal when the latter took some legal steps in incorporating the lands in its administrative and political map in the month of May/2020.

In fact, Nepal incorporated those lands which for some decades in the past had forcefully been occupied by the Indian establishment.

By the way, India is an expansionist political entity which has by this time swallowed thousands and thousands of hectares of Nepali landmass.

And yet the Prime Minister of this established expansionist nation, fascist Modi last week made a shameful jocular speech at the Ladhakh war front that China was an expansionist country and that the days of “expansionism” were over.

The world must have laughed listening to this buffoonery claim made by the talkative Hindu fundamentalist Prime Minister of India Modi.

All put together, Nepal government is thus advised to stop selling the brave youths of Nepal who are being sent to India to embrace death for a country that has never been a trustworthy friend of Nepal.

It would be better if the Chinese and the Pakistani leaders make a telephonic call to Nepal Prime Minister that their soldiers feel highly embarrassed in fighting at the war fronts with the Nepali youths serving the army of the adversary-India.

If this happens in reality then that would have a salutary effect upon Nepal in that upon receiving such calls from China and Pakistan, Nepal would be obliged to scrap the recruitment of the Nepali youths for all time to come.

Question is will China and Pakistan make an indirect reference to Nepal as regards the recruitment of the Gorkha soldiers in the Indian Army?

They have to opine Nepali observers in that the end to this recruitment to India from Nepal will break the vertebral columns of the Indian artificial state.
Chances will be fair of the dissolution even of the Indian nation born 1947.

In short as per the past experience, India is the number one enemy of Nepal. Guaranteed. At least the Indian media’s howling against Nepal this time around well speaks of the Indian sick attitude towards Nepal. Enough should be enough.   

Nepal has even more at stake in India’s disputes with China and Pakistan-there are over 30,000 Nepali Gorkha troops serving in the Indian army, many of them deployed in front line positions along their borders, so wrote the Nepali Times recently.

(The figure stated by the Nepali times is less than the actual number which stands at 40, 000 plus).

Looking at the ungratefulness of the expansionist Indian Union towards Nepal, the people of Nepal now appeal the government to immediately stop the British and Indian recruitment of the Nepalese into their military once and for all”.

Talking on the same line, Nepal’s revolutionary leader Netra Bikram Chand issuing a strong worded press statement, has said that the recruitment of Nepali nationals in Gurkha Regiment in India should no longer be continued.

The statement of the Chand faction of the Nepal Maoists has come in the wake of recent border skirmish between India and China in the bordering Galwan Valley in Ladakh.

The statement is dated June 20 last month.

How ungrateful India is for Nepal has best been put forth by a Swedish Professor of the Indian origin Ashok Swain that “The Galwan valley was saved for India from China in 1962 war by the Nepali Gorkha soldiers under the command of Naik Subedar Jung Bahadur! The same Galwan valley has been taken over by China in the same week when PM Modi was engaged in bitter land dispute with Nepal”.

Professor Swain had made these comments on June 17/2020.

For the record:
Since the independence of India in 1947, as per the terms of the British-India-Nepal, six Gorkha regiments, formerly part of the British Indian Army became part of the Indian Army and have served ever since. The troops are mainly from ethnic Gorkha district of Nepal. They have a history of courage in battle, evident from the gallantry awards won by Gorkha soldiers and battle honors awarded to Gorkha both before and after joining the Indian Army.

They carry their signature, a Khukri knife with them.

It is a matter of insult to the Nepali nation that India exhibits its meanness even if it knows and understands the fact that India is seen today in the map of the world only because of the grand sacrifices made by the brave sons of the Nepali soil.

India should instead remain ever obliged to Nepal. 

The Gorkha soldier serving the Indian army are hereby requested to return to their motherland and mother Nepal.

The Nepali population will greet their brave brothers by sharing whatever they have in their possession.

Sons of this soil will be not only greeted back home but also loved as own family members. We may have some problems initially but will settle the ensuing problems as family members. Brave Gorkha soldiers! You are most welcome to your own land-Nepal.

Blood must be thicker than water.

The Nepal government is also suggested to halt the Gorkha recruitment in the Indian Army. No more sacrifices to be made for this ungrateful nation that neighbor India has proved itself to be.
Writes political analyst Amish Mulmi (Twitter) that “Indian news channels will be the death of India’s neighborhood policy”.
Sharing the sentiments of Amish Mulmi, yet another Nepali intellectual Pramod N. Uniyal writes that “Indian new channels are the deaths of many things. Relations with neighbors is just one of them”.

In the end, we in Nepal condole the untimely death of the Nepali youth Sambur Gurung who sacrificed his life serving not a good and reliable friend of Nepal.

Rest in peace dear Sambur Gurung. Our condolence to the bereaved family members of the departed soul. May Lord Pasupatinath exalt late Gurung’s status in heaven!  That’s all.


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