Adding China in Anti-India alliance!

Adding China in Anti-India alliance!

N. P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: A Bangladeshi research scholar, Zainal Abedin, while addressing an international webinar organized by the Institute of Policy Studies, stressed on the urgent need for the formation of an anti-India coalition that should comprise of the countries such as, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Maldives.

Some high placed and heard European politico-intellectuals, however, prefer that China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka should come together and talk on “State led terrorism by India” as early as possible.

Lord Nazir Ahmed has floated this brilliant idea who is the first Muslim member appointed in the House of Lords for life.

The scholar from Bangladesh talks of the need of an alliance of Afghanistan, Iran Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Maldives (four countries) and these South Asian nations are all majority Muslim countries.

Zainal Abedin recommends that the countries in his preferred coalition must fight with the overt and covert activities of the Indian Intelligence Agency-the Raw.

This means that the RAW is a menace that has to be fought by these countries in coalition more so by Bangladesh.

RAW’s target now is sovereign and independent Nepal.

Godi media itself claims that India’s entire National Security Team plus the top hats of RAW agency is in Kathmandu these days with the objective to unseat Prime Minister KP Oli.
The Indians have contaminated DNA?

Scholar Zainal Abedin must remember the fact that the RAW under Mrs. Indira Gandhi created the country of which he is a distinguished national. Isn’t it Mr. Zainal?

As of Afghanistan what could be said that Kabul has tentatively very intimate ties with Delhi to the extent that President Ghani is talked to have been a fan of Prime Minister Modi.
Some even say Abdullah Abdullah is also not that far from the Indian regime.

If it is so then will the present day Afghanistan join the coalition as preferred by Zainal Abedin? Certainly not. But yet the RAW menace has very much plagued Afghanistan. This is visible.
Regional observers think it is though a good scheme but yet these countries possess sharp differences on matters pertaining to the Indian atrocities carried out by the Indian armed forces on the Kashmiri population.

So far Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran and the Maldives though were Muslim majority countries but have starkly failed in reaching out to the plight of the Kashmiri population now living a hellish life under the Hitlerite Indian Occupation.

Being a Muslim country doesn’t mean perhaps that they have to speak on the plights of the Kashmiris or elsewhere who unfortunately too were the Muslims. Though the logic would demand that they should speak.

Yes, Pakistan has some special attachment with the Kashmiri Muslims since the days of its annexation and thus this country has been voicing concerns of the Kashmiri people at all the available forums including the United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Pakistan has definitely a logic in speaking on behalf of the poor and helpless Kashmiris.

The OIC is a block of the 57 Muslim countries which is, as is the rumor, has been practically dominated by the Saudis.

But yet as a marked departure from its standard practice, the OIC this time very recently issued a statement in which this Islamic organization dared to collect courage to scold India on the Kashmiri occupation more so after the August 5/2019 changes brought in the UN agreed and the accepted status of the Kashmir.

The quandary of the Kashmiris have even more deepened after the Indian government in recent days has begun to change the demographic look of Kashmir contra to the still valid agreements made in the past.

The OIC also warned India not to initiate actions that changes the demography of the Kashmir valley.
India did not listen to the OIC warning.

And the Saudis have very good commercial contacts with the South Asian bully so the question is why the Saudis should support the Kashmiris at the cost of their commercial benefits?

And in addition, the Saudis under Prince MBS willingly awards highest medals and decorations to the Islamophobic Indian Prime Minister Modi.

By the way, the United Arab Emirates too has a habit of honoring the RSS disciple Prime Minister Modi with their nation’s highest medals.

The Saudi and the Emirati administration seldom takes India to task on the predicament of the Kashmiris.

As of Iran’s inclusion in the proposed coalition as suggested by Zainal Abedin, the fact is that Iran for some understandable reasons could be a part of the partnership simply because Iran and the Indian establishment may not be in good terms on the pretext that India is very much tilted towards the United States and Iran and the US are the declared enemies per chance.

So Iran if seduced effectively may join this coalition.

For this reason Iran can thus be in the coalition format.

Enemies’ enemy is my friend.

The reluctance of these countries, albeit Muslim ones, to speak against the Indian Occupation of the Kashmiri population does tell that these countries have a variety of political-economic interests tied up with the Indian establishment which hits the Kashmiri issue very hard.

Bangladesh for instance, may have some grudge over the RAW penetration in the body politic of the country, however, the nation as such under Sheikh Hasina, still appears to remain obliged to the Indian Union for its creation in the early 70s.

The Mujiubur Rehman factor may haunt this country for long time?

It is altogether a different matter that of late Bangladesh has inched closer to China in an unexpected way.

What makes Dhaka to inch closer to Beijing is more to do with its commercial interests than political.

But yet China is not that a sick country like India which has made Bangladesh a proxy state as authentically claimed by Zainal Abedin, the American research scholar from Bangladesh.
As a sovereign national of Bangladesh, Zainal has reasons to make aggressive comments against India simply because this scholar may have exploded when the Indian intervention in his country’s affairs from day one of its creation attained a climax.

However, this Indian intervention may not be of that magnitude as has been felt by Zainal and thus Bangladesh as a nation under Hasina may not join the coalition against India as expected.

As of Maldives, since it is a country with majority Muslims but its President (India elevated one?) is heavily tilted towards India and so to expect that this Island Archipelago will join a coalition against India is simply unthinkable.

So all put together, the coalition proposed by the Bangladeshi scholar appears less effective, even if it takes a shape per chance, thus deserves to be shelved for good.
But Zainal yet deserves appreciation.

Now coming to yet another proposition floated by Lord Nazir who opines that countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China should make an alliance.

This formula will have some meaning if these countries form an unbreakable coalition of sorts.

Remarkably, out of four countries proposed by Lord Nazir, the three nations (Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh) have a long history of being housed in a regional organization called the SAARC and all nations are members of China’s Belt and Road Initiative-BRI.

Though the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) had a good beginning in the mid-eighties during its formative days and later for some years, however, as the years went by, India felt that the rest of the countries housed in the SAARC had converged to gag the Indian Union to which it was not.

Frankly speaking, as of writing this story, the SAARC body has been killed by the Indian establishment. Islamophobic fascist PM Modi is the killer of SAARC.

India’s focus now is on the expansion of BIMSTEC-the Bay of Bengal initiative wherein India has a greater domination.

As regards India’s state led terrorism being unleashed in these countries (Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan) need no exaggeration as these countries have become the real target of the Indian RAW intelligence agency as would be evident from Zainal Abedin’s self-admission that the RAW has catapulted his country’s politics which has now been practically a proxy of the Indian state.
Nepal’s pain is almost same or even more that what is being experienced by Bangladesh.

It is said in Nepal that the every second man in Kathmandu’s street is a RAW agent and that this Nepali nationals supply key state information’s to the India’s RAW agency as against hefty envelopes.

Moreover, Nepal and Bangladesh have worked together for the creation of the regional body which is today’s SAARC and both are BRI members.

Notably, late King Birendra of Nepal and the Military ruler of Bangladesh late President Zia-Ur Rehman are the ones who, honestly speaking, gave a formal shape to the SAARC regional body despite the fact that India under Mrs. Gandhi and her son Rajiv did all they could to abort the entire organization.

Height of inferiority complex that it was.

India born 1947 from the very beginning of the SAARC body wished to isolate Pakistan for a variety of political reasons, however, the other countries in the SAARC build preferred Pakistan much to the discomfiture of the stinking Indian Union.

Late Laxman Kadirgamer-the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister was the one who saved the SAARC from being dissolved for good due to the Indian attitude towards Pakistan.
In fact the SAARC Body experienced a big jolt when India along with some of its “allies” within the SAARC body gave a formal shape to what India named as “growth quadrangle” which comprised of India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Naturally it purposely excluded Pakistan.

In essence, it was an Indian ploy to isolate Pakistan from the SAARC grouping.

However, with the astute diplomatic acumen exhibited by the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Laxman Kadir Gamer, as stated in the earlier paragraphs, Pakistan reluctantly assured the SAARC body that its membership will remain intact. Or else Pakistan was having intimate contacts with the Central Asian nations which is intact even as of today.

Against this back drop who else then better knows about the miscreant RAW and the India’s sick mentally than the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

So in a way, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan can come under one umbrella much similar to forming a mini South Asian alliance to counter the Indian hegemony which is associated with state led terrorism.

Kul Bhusan Yadav’s issue tells the tale of Indian terrorism in Pakistan, just an example.

For the record, India gave all out support to the Nepal Maoists and made the Nepali insurgents state guest for all along a decade and told them to damage Nepal’s basic infrastructure.

The Nepal Maoists-the perfect Indian stooge did as per the instructions of the New Delhi establishment.

Remarkably, India was the first country to have declared Nepal Maoists as “terrorists”.

Nepal declared the Maoists as terrorists much later.

The Indian declaration of the Nepal Maoists as terrorists came at a time when the Nepali insurgents were the undeclared state guest of New Delhi.
A terrorist nation can only assist the terrorists. Simple logic.

At the moment, India’s “official terrorists” under the commands of Ajit Doval, Jay Shankar and the RAW Chief Samant Kumar Goyal have been terrorizing Nepali leaders to unseat Prime Minister Oli.

The sleazy Indian media-the Godi’s media prostitutes (male and female both) are portraying Nepal as if this country has already gone to the laps of China.
Indian media at the moment is an insult to the profession of Journalism. (Thanks the Indian channels have been banned now in Nepal).

Analyzing all these, lord Nazir’s scheme is a million dollar idea and that an urgent meeting in between Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan should be most welcome to discuss the India’s State led terrorism wherein the discussion should be on how to tame Indian terrorism by the countries in alliance against India.

China would perhaps willingly join this three country plus initiative/alliance (Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan) for some understandable reasons in that these are the countries who have had to align with China because of the Indian fantooshgiri/dadagiri.

Nepal, Pakistan and very freshly Bangladesh have inched closer to China for a variety of political/commercial/developmental reasons.

Bangladesh in the recent days has immensely benefitted from the Chinese largesse in the bilateral trade. This perhaps gives some room to believe that Bangladesh would not mind if this alliance against India includes China.

By the same token, if the CPEC benefits China and Pakistan both then the Belt and Road Initiative is sure to benefit Nepal, as a signatory.

CPEC has already brought China and Pakistan closer than one could imagine.

The BRI is the brain child of President Xi Xinping which envisages greater connectivity among the signatory countries.

China if convincingly approached would in all likelihood join the alliance comprising of Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh for some understandable reasons.

China is also a country in the region which is presented in a very dirty/ugly/filthy/repulsive manner by the equally shameless and the most uncivilized nation in the contemporary world-that is India.

India some say is an artificial State with a history of continued slavery.

Pakistan must take the main lead for the formation of an alliance in between Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan including China.

Nepal and Bangladesh must back Pakistan’s overtures made in this regard. The media of these countries will have surely a role for the formation of such an alliance.

A collective approach should be made to China to join this Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh plus China quadrangle.

Pakistani move is warranted because it is Pakistan which can easily convince China to join the alliance as proposed by the London based Lord/intellectual.

The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran would do well if he makes telephonic calls to the executive heads of the countries explaining the need for such a union, as early as possible. 

Hopefully, China wouldn’t deny the Pakistani request and help the Mini SAARC to hit back against the State led Indian terrorism in the neighborhood and much beyond.

By the way, China has already an observer status in the SAARC grouping. This status will encourage China to join the proposed alliance. 

India finally is the cruelest/nastiest country in the world that China has already experience itself.

The alliance that is yet in its embryonic state must expose India born 1947 of its Islamophobic and terrorist-ic content. That’s all.


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