Dominic Rennie Raab, the First Secretary of State and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs has ultimately presented the long-awaited list of individual involved in human rights violations; different sanctions have also been imposed on the ‘culprits’. Announcing the list Dominic Raab said, “Those with blood on their hands won’t be free to waltz into this country, to buy up property on the Kings Road, do their Christmas shopping in Knightsbridge, or siphon dirty money through British banks. You cannot set foot in this country, and we will seize your blood-drenched ill-gotten gains if you try.” He further said that the suggested sanctions on these human rights abusers would target 25 Russian nationals involved in the death of the Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, 20 Saudi nationals involved in the murder of the journalist Khashoggi, two high-ranking generals implicated in the systemic killing of the Rohingyas in Myanmar, and two organizations using forced labour in North Korea. The most prominent name in the list is of Saud al-Qahtani who allegedly oversaw the team that killed Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Qahtani is a close aide to the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.  The media reports say that Qahtani did all this brutality on the directions and instructions of Prince Mohammad bin Salman however the name of the Prince was not included in the list presented in the UK Parliament.

This action of the UK Parliament is highly certainly appreciable; we all need to stand against every type of human rights violations. It is an undeniable fact that without putting a check on to those involved in human rights violations, this world could never be peaceful and prosperous. And furthermore it is also admirable that in the list of the human rights abusers, contrary to the previous practice, only the names of the Muslim individuals and Muslim countries are not included; the list includes the non-Muslims too; but at the same time it seems the list is missing some names which must have been on the very top: Mr. Modi and the BJP.

The worst example with reference to the human rights violations could be seen in the Indian Occupied Kashmir where the innocent Kashmiris cannot even breathe freely. Recently the whole world condemned the painfully agonizing picture of a three-year old boy sitting over the bleeding dead body of his grandfather and crying for help in the Sopore area of the Indian Occupied Kashmir. The man Bashir Ahmed Khan was callously murdered by the Indian forces. He never had a criminal record, never involved in any protest and never remained in any kind of political activity but he was shot to death just to spread harassment and fear among the people.  The most painful part of the episode was that this all was done in presence of his innocent grandson. Sitting on the bleeding dead body of his grandfather, the little boy kept on weeping but no one did come to help him out.

Every heart was grieved at callousness of the Indian security forces. Not only the Muslims but everyone from other religious communities expressed deep sorrow over the incident. Advocate Devinder Singh Behl is the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Social Peace Forum. He is respected everywhere as an impartial and neutral type of political leader whose only aim and objective is to fight for the rights of the suppressed Kashmiris. In a recent statement he said condemning the brutality of the Indian Army that this brutal killing must be an eye-opener for the international human rights organizations and the international community. He said that the three-year-old grandson crying near his grandfather’s body was a reflection of Indian oppression on unarmed Kashmiris and this brutal act of Indian forces personnel was enough to shake the conscience of the world.  Advocate Devinder Singh Behl appealed to the international community and international human rights organizations to play their role in ending Indian oppression in occupied Kashmir and resolving the lingering Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN resolutions.

The situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir is getting worse day by day and even the pandemic could not put a full-stop to the human rights violations there. From illegal detention of young Kashmiri leaders to the rape of Kashmiri women, the tale of brutality seems never ending. According to the Kashmir Media Service, only in the month of June more than 50 innocent people were cruelly murdered by the Indian forces deputed in the Kashmir valley, three women were shamelessly gang-raped and more than 25 houses and shops were destroyed. From January 1989 to June 2020, at least 95623 Kashmiris lost their lives at the hands of the Indian forces and more than 11000 women have been molested during the same period.

No report on human rights violations can be completed without giving reference to the brutalities done by the Indian Armed Forces deputed in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. The helpless people on one hand have to face indifferent selfish attitude of the court of law and on the other hand illegal abduction, sexual harassment and use of pellet guns and shotguns by the military troops. This all is being done under the command and guidance of Mr. Modi. It is being hoped that the name of India and Mr. Modi would not be ignored when the UK Parliament prepares and issues the next list of those involved in human rights violations.

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