The Galwan Fallout: Nervous India set to Punish Nepal!

The Galwan Fallout: Nervous India set to Punish Nepal!

N. P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: Nepal’s Communist Prime Minister K. P. Oli has begun feeling the Indian heat.

PM Oli though reportedly used to be an Indian “asset” since the Mahakali River Treaty ratification days which had gone in favor of India at the cost of Nepal.

King Gyanendra has now abundant reasons to smile for obvious reasons. The King knows it better.

The UML leaders who had sought the Delhi establishment’s direct intervention in uprooting the Royal Institution of Nepal, including the current Nepal PM Oli himself, must have fallen flat when they have freshly come to understand that tricks were being manufactured in Nepal’s political mecca Delhi on how to unseat the Nepal Prime Minister KP Oli who “dared” to publish a new Nepal map that incorporated some lands in the far western region of the country which have had been gulped by the expansionist Indian regime for all along the past sixty years or so.

Prime Minister K. P. Oli generally considered to be the “advantage” of the Indian establishment of the Medanta Hospital fame ( it is here Oli had free renal impairment and that too free paid by the RAW agency as the rumor went then) instantly became a criminal-bad boy for the traditional enemy across the border in the South when the former took some political steps to ease the hardships of the people by expanding Nepal’s ties with the Chinese regime during the 2015 economic Blockade imposed on this country by the Indian regime under Prime Minister Modi.

PM Oli flew to Beijing, 2016, and convinced the Chinese authorities to help support Nepal in the flow of the consumer goods henceforth including petro-products.

The Chinese regime took the Nepali appeal positively and assured Nepal that some extra link roads to Nepal will be brought into operation soon so that Nepal can lessen its heavy dependence on the Indian establishment.

It was this Oli’s adventure exhibited during 2015/16 which was closely being monitored by the enemy across the border in the South.

Oli’s visit to Beijing was admired by the Nepali people simply because China responded to Nepal’s requests in a beaming manner.

Oli gained popularity and taken as a strong nationalist.

And following his Beijing trip, PM Oli’s government was toppled easily by the Indian RAW machinery then simply because the Prime Minister was not enjoying majority in the Parliament.

“It would be a day dreaming exercise for all those who have been thinking that my government could be toppled easily”, so said the incumbent Prime Mister K. P. Oli, June 28, hinting at the Indian destabilizing machinery which, as per PM Oli, were already on their way to bring his government to the foot path.

Oli says, “Just look at the manner the erratic Indian media based in Delhi have been chasing me and the simultaneous increased activities of the Indian Embassy and Ambassador Binay Mohan Quatra here of late all tell the story as to how I am being made the target of the Indian establishment”.

PM Oli made these remarks while addressing a talkathon marking the 69th death anniversary of later Madan Bhandari.

Mind it that Ambassador is here with a mission which is to finish Nepal as early as possible.

Mr. Bhandari was a visionary leader who spelt out some guiding principles for the UML party which is still being practiced by only a few “selected” UML leaders.

The Nepal President Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari is late Bhandari’s consort.

A majority of the Nepali population believe that Madan Bhandari was murdered/killed by some mysterious forces.

However, late Bhandari’s life partner who is all in all in this India gifted” imposed republican order appears less interested in ordering a serious probe into her husband’s death.

The unwillingness in initiating a probe into the cause of Bhandari’s murder gives ample space to the people in Nepal to presume that late Madan Bhandari may have been killed by his own party-men under the instructions of some alien forces.

Rest is history.

An internally panicked Nepal Prime Minister Oli says that “I have come to know that meetings and seminars were being organized in India against Nepal’s decision to amend the constitution by incorporating the revised map in the coat of arms”.

PM Oli is making a correct statement in that looking at the Indian media that began ranting/howling/crying/barking since the day the Nepal government took steps aiming at the amending of the constitution does tell that the Indian establishment is really in an angered mood whose climax could be the instant collapse of Oli’s government in Nepal.

But how to unseat PM Oli from his chair? This is really difficult.

Yet, since Oli himself had witnessed King Gyanendra’s humiliating ejection from the Nepali throne during the India sponsored so called political revolution of the year 2005-6 and thus he must not have any illusion that his unceremonious dismissal was what he calls a day dreaming affair even for the destructive Indian regime.

If India can easily fund the unceremonious overthrow of the ancient Royal Institution of Nepal then PM Oli is not even a day affair should the declared South Asian hooligan so desire.
After all it is just a matter of pouring in billions and billions to buy the salable leaders of this country that had been exactly the route that India took at time of the last so called India designed and implemented fake “revolution”.

In fact, India will just have to continue the pumping in of hefty amounts (in billions only as the rates of the saleable(s) have gone up as compared to the rates that had been fixed by India for the Nepali leaders for 2005/6) in the name of the declared “Indian assets” and then the rest of the “miraculous-destabilizing” activities shall in all likelihood be then brought to completion pleasingly by the “known assets” of the Indian establishment in Nepal. The India bend media is there to assist the regional bully as usual.

And the local Indian embassy has the long list of the names of the high flying recipients who have had assisted India in its grand bid to abolish the Nepali monarchy for good and simultaneously installing the Nepal Maoists then residing in New Delhi.

In fact, India exported the Maoists from Delhi to Kathmandu who unfortunately have been in the nation’s power corridors.

Undoubtedly, the Nepal-Maoists who were trained and indoctrinated by New Delhi are for sure the most unstable political partner of PM Oli in the current ruling coalition and thus India is sure to begin with providing lollypop to its subservient-trained asset-Prachanda and his subordinates who have had accompanied him while residing in New Delhi.

The Maoists led insurgency in Nepal was in effect the brain child of Shyam Saran, the former Indian Foreign Secretary, who brought the Maoists closer to the notorious RAW machinery while he himself was the appointed Ambassador of India in Nepal.

He is the real bad and the ugly/dirty/filthy boy for Nepal.

A section of the Nepali intellectuals believe that Prachanda still honors the command and the dictates of Shyam Saran-generally taken as the father of the gifted republic of Nepal. He has to pay the price of the Indian salt provided by the RAW agency.

In addition to the unstable as well as the Delhi bend Maoists, PM Oli fears the probable backstabbing by his own party leaders seated in the higher political echelons.

Matured political observers in Kathmandu claim that in the former UML party, India has comfortable strength of its “assets” who do not feel shame in reiterating that they have had visible inclination or for that matter the distinct India bend.

Madhav Nepal even at a time in the past wanted the Indian military invasion of Nepal in order to tame King Birendra-the sitting monarch then in the 1990s.

Is he an asset? 

So when PM Oli says that he is experiencing threat to his coveted seat both from the Indian regime and also from his own party members (leaders), he talks then real.

The threat is actual for Oli, one may disagree though. He has just ventilated his pain and shared with the people.

However, the question is that whether the all smart PM Oli should have revealed the incoming threat from across the Southern border himself or should have told some of his ministers to tell the entire story of the menace that is about to attack him from the South?

He should have taken the second route.

PM Oli has also made it known that his inching closer to China beginning 2015 (after the Imposition of the most cruel and the brutal Indian Economic Blockade) was the main reason behind the

Indian heightened anger.

India on regular intervals imposes Economic Blockade on Nepal.

Look how he explains the probable cause of the Indian anger against him.

He says, “It’s still fresh in my mind that I was toppled when I signed the transit agreement with China”.

But PM Oli also remains confident that he is strong enough in the Parliament and to substantiate his claims he says, “We enjoy a majority now and toppling my government is not that easy”.

PM Oli is day dreaming instead when he says that since he enjoys two thirds majority in the Lower House and thus his ouster would be very difficult for the Indian regime to get materialized.

His presumption is hollow in that the devil called India knows how to buy and whom to buy and at what price and so PM Oli should not conclude that he was safe.

India’s money power works as it has worked in the past to which PM Oli knows well.

The easy manner with which the venerated Royal Institution was dismantled in a day or two then his ouster would not even take a day provided billions and billions are poured in Kathmandu streets. That’s it.

Yes, PM Oli is not an adorable Prime Minister of this country. He is a duffer. Agreed. His performances over the years have remained dismal. His ouster is what the general people would prefer at this moment for several seen and unseen political reasons that is associated with his corrupt-mal-governance. His irrelevant talks and his habit of humiliating his opponents is what needs that he is sacked immediately. People hate him to an unimaginable extent.

PM Oli is definitely a bad boy whose must be kicked out from the current post.

However, his ouster by a declared alien force (Read India) and that too at a time when PM Oli has accomplished some national tasks which has definitely made him a national Hero.

He has taken a determined stand against the regional behemoth-that is India, must be appreciated and lauded.

He deserves grand salute in having dared to face the evil beast of the world more so the repulsive monster which has irritated the immediate south Asian smaller neighbors, for example, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

PM Oli says that he is confident in that “ Nepal’s nationality is not that weak as it was in the past and that the nation’s nationality over these weeks and months have strengthened to a desirable extent”.

PM Oli is once again correct as regards his assumption over the question of the increment observed in the nationalist fervor among the national population of late, however, PM Oli perhaps has failed to fathom the kind of stupidity that the regional bully can acquire if the regime across the border desired to bring him to the Kathmandu’s foot path.

A clever PM Oli in order to keep the frustrated population in good stead and also to remain intact in their good book he offers the nationals with a heavy dose of the nation’s glorious past and says, “Nepal is a sovereign and independent country. We feel proud to have never been colonized by any external forces in the nation’s history”.

Yes, Nepal was never a colony of any colonial power or for that matter of any forces. But isn’t he is practicing Communist dictatorship?

We have in effect kept our heads high except on some occasions when our own leaders have compromised nation’s core interests when lured/seduced/sold by the Indian regime-Nepal’s permanent enemy which unfortunately is our neighbor as well.

The rumor that the Indian Ambassador BM Quatra is hobnobbing with Nepal’s King Gyanendra in the recent days is disturbing news in that if the deposed King submits to the dictates of the regime which toppled him from the Nepali throne.

Will King Gyanendra prefer to restore his lost monarchy with the “tacit” support of a regime that is the stinking force in the entire world?

Will he accept the throne at the cost of Kalapani, Lipulek and Limpiyadhura?

If he is a true Nepali nationals then he must not bow down. The message is loud and clear.

Is King Gyanendra listening? Will he keep his heads high ever and reject the Indian offer of the restoration of the ousted monarchy? Ignore the Indian lollypop as you have rejected in the past.

The fact is also that an India elevated King, the Nepali people will love to hate.

Political Pundits claim that India wants to benefit from the current simmering discontent in the ruling Communist party by encouraging its “assets” to catapult the Oli regime or even change the entire system once gifted by India itself.

Others claim with confident that India intends to reinstate its two pillar policy as regard Nepal: Democracy with Constitutional monarchy. The restored Nepal King would then be the HINDU emperor of the entire Hindus scattered all over the world. The King Gyanendra has to decide whether he prefers to submit to the Indian design or value the gravity of the soil which gave him the birth? The choice is yours Your Majesty! Understand the fact that PM Oli good or bad, he is Nepal’s sitting Prime Minister. And it is the same India that has troubled the entire countries of this region, for example, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and now Bangladesh. These smaller countries were pushed to the Chinese fold by India. The losing of war in the Galwan valley with China has mentally deranged Indian rulers and the Godi media as well. That’s it.


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