Pakistan is emerging as the “hub of religious tourism.” Just to promote more interfaith harmony and to provide all best possible rights and facilities to the minorities, the government of Pakistan has recently started working on construction of a Hindu Temple in Islamabad in the H-9/2 area. For the purpose 4 canals of land have been allotted and an amount of Rs 100 million has been allocated. The groundbreaking ceremony was performed by Parliamentary Secretary on Human Rights Lal Chand Malhi. In his recent tweet, the Parliamentary Secretary thanked the government of Pakistan for this kind favour to the Hindu community. He said, “It will be first ever temple in ‪Islamabad since centuries. Long live Pakistan.” Pakistan is a very safe country for the minorities and the government always remains very alert regarding their rights but the forces hostile to Pakistan always keep on propagating that the minorities in Pakistan are always facing tough time and that the government of Pakistan always turns a blind eye to their basic rights’ violations but the facts always overcome false propaganda.


Reality is that it is not Pakistan but India where the minorities are living a life of pain, misery and agony. Pakistan’s positive image with reference to the interfaith harmony is never acceptable to the forces busy with doing baseless propaganda against Pakistan. So to distort this positive image such forces have to tell more and more lies. Recently some of the Indian newspapers and TV Channels simply tried their best to misguide the public by misreporting a so-called protest in Bahawalpur. It was reported that on direction of the government of Pakistan, the local administration of Bahawalpur took an action against the Hindu minorities living in Pakistan and the Hindu minority leaders staged a protest against the alleged human rights’ violation. This protest was led by two local residents Mansha Raam & Laskshman Raam. According to the details, they were protesting against demolishing of their houses by the city administration in front of the Deputy Commissioner Office Bahawalpur. In fact, it was anti-encroachment operation carried out by the local administration. According to the City administration, the protesters are professional state land encroachers and there have been many complaints that they are involved in money-grabbing also and most of the time their target are the people belonging to their own Hindu community. Many complaints were sent to the local administration about these professional and habitual land-encroachers. Spreading misinformation about the matter was nothing but a desperate effort of the Indian media to create an atmosphere of uneasiness among minorities living in Pakistan. If the news were about India; it could have been believed because it is a common practice there to do injustice to the minorities. Though Pakistan is an overwhelmingly Muslim country but Christians and Hindus make up the largest minority groups, with each representing about 1.6% of the population. They are in a large number in major cities of the country including Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. There is a large number of Sikhs also. Most of the Sikhs call Pakistan their second home because Pakistan is the birth place of their spiritual leader Baba Guru Nanak. In spite of doing propaganda against Pakistan, it would have been much better for the Indian government and the Indian media to look into their own internal affairs instead of defaming Pakistan.




A renowned Indian columnist and politician Sudheendra Kulkarni, in one of his recent write-ups has criticized the ability and capability of the Indian army. He said referring to different wars between Pakistan and India, “After thousands of lives lost with Pakistan, soldiers and civilian together, in so many years we couldn’t take an inch from them, how do you see India taking Aksai Chin Back?” This statement is a clear manifestation of flawed military strategy of India. It also shows the incompetence and professional weaknesses of their huge military apparatus.  But in spite of all these weaknesses of the Indian army, the political hi-ups of India always keep on threatening the neighboring countries of military surgical operations.


Thing are in a very bad situation regarding army affairs in India. According to a recent report many Sikh soldiers of the Indian army have decided to resign and join the Khalistan Movement.  According to the media reports 11000 to 13000 Sikh soldiers have already left Indian Army without any benefits and joined Khalistan Movement and have reiterated that from now onward Sikhs will not fight for India. One of the senior departing-soldiers revealed that the Sikhs soldiers have realized that Indian Military leadership always posts Sikh or low-caste soldiers on borders to meet any confrontation. It is the result of the malicious planning that either Sikhs or low caste Hindus have to lay their lives for India but in future the Sikhs soldiers will only lay their lives for Khalistan. Certainly the situation would become tenser for the Indian army authorities as the days of Khalistan referendum 2020 are coming close though there are whispers that due to Covid-19 the decided date for the referendum might be changed. Gopal Singh, a very active leader of the Khalistan Movement has recently stated that Modi government is facing a fearful sit in the wake of thousands of Sikhs registering for Referendum 2020 and also the India Army is in dire problems regarding the resignation of Sikhs from the Indian Armed Forces at a time when Indian Army is in a fix in Ladakh after facing defeat and humiliation at the hands of Chinese.




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