India: The South Asian Hooligan!

India: The South Asian Hooligan!N. P. Upadhyaya: A Facebook post in Nepal went viral last fortnight wherein it rightfully presumed with full confidence that, “The presence of some forty thousand plus Gorkha soldiers in the Indian Army allows one hundred and twenty Crores of the Indian nationals to sleep in peace. If the same Gorkha soldiers leave the Kashmir and Ladhakh front then Pakistan and China both will surely arrive New Delhi to enjoy breakfast the next morning”.

Appears true to a greater extent as the Gorkha bravery was best known to Raja Ranjeet Singh of Panjab and Indian General Sam Manekshaw.

Poor MM Naravne, the Indian Army Chief, exhibited his mental bankruptcy and uttered nonsense on Nepal.

His utterances demand deep condemnation.

New generation of the Indians perhaps either been not told the heroic deeds of the brave Gorkhas or the Indian government doesn’t want to get its nationals frightened listening to the amazing stories of the Nepali Gorkhas whose sharp and dazzling knife (the legendary Khukuri) was enough to bring in victory to the English nation during the Falkland War.

History of the brave Gorkhas has come to light when Nepal and India are not in good terms due to Nepal’s bid to reclaim its land that had been forcibly ate by the expansionist South Asian hooligan-Indian Republic born 1947.

It has long been a legend of the Falklands War that the Argentinians defending Stanley were so terrified of the Gurkhas, Nepalese soldiers fighting for the British, that they ran from their positions before the small but ferocious Gurkhas were able to make contact. Jun 13, 2001.

A BBC World service news then aired that the Gurkhas had to reassure their prisoners that they were not going to be murdered with the fearsome knives.

Captain Nirmal Rai (A Gorkha from Gorkha district in Nepal) was then the Commander of the British Army.

Though this may appear a mere posting in the social media for a fun for someone or for an inner hatred against the expansionist India, however, a message is yet there hinting at this country (read Pakistan) being a matching political and nuclear deterrent to the imperialist India born in the recent years. Most of the Indian nationals, media men included, do not know the fact that during their British India’s slavery days, a sizable chunk of what is the Indian republic today had been conquered by the brave Gorkha soldiers.

Senior political analyst Madan Regmi puts the record straight and says, “The ever independent and sovereign Nepal’s southern border was the Ganges-Gomati, Teesta in the East and Kangda in the West i.e. Kumaon and Garhwal Dehradun, Darjeeling and Nainital etc.

We can claim these conquered territories, The Greater Nepal, if India doesn’t come to terms with Nepal on Nepal’s new but original map issue that has been legally made the Nepali landmass which had been for along six decades remained under the Indian Occupation.

The deputed Nepali governor of the conquered landmass, as recorded by history, in the present day India from the Nepal’s Court was then Bam Shah whose extended family still permanently live in the area which has a comfortable Nepali population and now they possesses the Indian citizenship.

Nepal territory was up to the Satlaj River in the West.

Some historians even claim that the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, India Yogi Aditya Nath (Bist) is a Nepali national whose ancestors resided in one of the conquered land of Nepal.
These settled Indian nationals of the Nepali origin are being taken by the Indian establishment as persons coming from Nepal to earn their daily wages.

It is not true. However, what is true is that Indian nationals drain around $ 5. 016 million (World Bank statistics 2018), each year.

The unofficial figure goes up to $ 5. 016 million. The rag pickers in Nepal are all Indian nationals.

Equally true is that Nepal had to surrender greater part of the conquered land to end the war with the British India Company?

A section of the historians claim that Nepal had to sign the Sugauli Treaty at a time when this ancient nation was in the midst of the fighting the Anglo-Nepal war.

As the history records, Nepal then had fought the British Army at five different fronts. In the two fronts, the British Army was clearly defeated by Nepal’s Army. One among the two was Sindhuli where from is Nepal Communist party leader Hari Bol Gajurel who was missing the day of parliamentary endorsement of the Nepal’s new map from the Parliament this Saturday. 

Several others too preferred to remain inside the toilet room to avoid the voting in favor of the new map. Let’s presume that these too must have obeyed to the instructions of their invisible maters across the border as usual.

Does this mean that he and all those who boycotted the voting Saturday are associated with the RAW machinery? Mr. Gajurel is tentatively the right hand man of Comrade Prachanda-the one who enjoyed Delhi’s shelter and guidance for all along a decade or so and finally he damaged his own country under the instructions of the Indian government.

This is loaded with meaningful.

International relations expert Phurba Sherpa writes in his fresh article “Kalapani: Unlocking the Diplomatic Deadlock” that “Until the first quarter of the nineteenth century, Nepal had already annexed western states of Kumaon, Garhwal and Sutlej river area and up to Sikkim in the eastern region. The certain border disputes in the Terai area with British East India Company led to the Anglo-Nepal war (1814-1816). Nepal lost the war with the British and was forced to ratify the Sugauli Treaty on March 4, 1816”.

Let’s look at the chain of events beginning last year August/2019.

On August 5/2019, the Indian establishment changed the status of Jammu and Kashmir and went against its own assertions on Kashmir. The UN has the complete and up to date records and the promise of a plebiscite that never was brought into practice. It was a promise that never saw its materialization wherein the UN body too appears to have sided with the South Asian hooligan.

The crux of the matter:

In November 2019, the Indian government “unilaterally” issued a political map that gulped Nepali landmass at Kalapani, Lipulek, and Limpiyadhura.

The Indian unilateral action enraged the Nepal Government which sent a diplomatic note to the other side protesting the inclusion of Nepali territory inside the Indian map and invited the Indian government for bilateral talks to sort out the issue at hand.

Such reminders were being delivered to Delhi all along since 1997, to put it straight. The thug Indian Prime Ministers deliberately lingered the issue who now claim that Nepal has crossed the red line.

Coercive associated with arrogant Indian diplomacy this.

Indian side since then ignored Nepali requests that continues even as of today.

Now comes May 8/20202 which saw once again the “unilateral” inauguration of a road that links India with Tibet that goes through the stamped Nepali land in Lipulek.

And the climax of it all was the most naughty, unscrupulous and undiplomatic act initiated by the Indian Army Chief MM Naravne who in the most notorious way told his domestic gathering that

Nepal has been creating furor over kalapani on China’s behest.

In essence, the Army Chief alleged that Nepal was a proxy of China.

And most unfortunate is the sad fact this incompetent and hollow chatter box spoke his master’s voice.

Strong rumors have it that Prime Minister Modi told this buffoon Army Chief Naravne to spit venom against Nepal and China in his bid to malign China.

And this man vomited against China on May 15/2020.

Unfortunately, the Indian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Rubbish Kumar warns Nepal not to get overwhelmed by what he calls “vested interests”.

The use of the word ‘specific’ is once again aimed at China though in an oblique manner which is what Nepal Prime Minister denies.

And PM Oli says that why should Nepal which never was a slave nation listen to China on matters exclusive to Nepal? In saying so the Prime Minister points his gun towards India and reminds todays’ India that they were “slaves” for centuries and centuries.

Indian Ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood is the single diplomat who is confident that China was not behind Nepal in the present map imbroglio.

Ambassador Sood blames his own government to have ignored Nepali repeated requests for meaningful dialogue.

Sood says in his Tweet, “Both sides have allowed the relationship to come to a very dangerous point and that India should have found time to engage with Kathmandu”.

The third grade Indian diplomat posted ever in Kathmandu too points his fingers at India for the current Nepal-India mess.

Professor S. D Muni too this time thinks that Delhi’s wrong actions of the 2015 economic blockade on Nepal is what has allowed PM Oli to cash in the Nepali nationalists sentiments and that Nepal is different than what was the country in the long distant past.

Manoj Joshi, a defense analyst in India while talking to journalist Binod Dua also says that “India must behave Nepal as an independent sovereign nation and thus must keep Nepal on equal footing”.

Mr. Joshi says gone are the days of elder and younger brother. Nepal has a separate personality and in the changed context, India should behave accordingly with Nepal, adds Manoj Joshi.

In fact, today’s India has a very disturbed past in that they were rubbed and dragged by Mughals and then by the British India Company.

Indians wish to treat the neighbors now much the same what they were treated and handled as slaves by the Mughals and later the men associated with the East India Company.

It was this Indian folly that prompted the Nepal Government led by Comrade KP Oli to provide a befitting answer to the “artificial enlargement” brought into its territories by the Indian establishment.

On May 20/20202, the Nepal government issued Nepal’s original map which brought the India gulped Nepali territories back in the new map.

India’s paid Godi-media brought heaven down earth and talked nonsense of the Nepali government but to no substantial political advantage.

Save the India tilted and the RAW controlled political parties of Nepal, the rest of the political forces extended their unequivocal support to the cause of the motherland.
Some even did so in order to avoid in being dubbed as traitors.

To the extent that the Nepali Congress too unanimously (unwillingly?) decided to vote in favor of the constitutional amendment bill that shall now provide constitutional guarantee to the original map of Nepal.
The Terai based political parties too joined the parties who voted in favor of the map last Saturday.
It was a rare moment wherein all the political players of Nepal joined the national cause.

Perturbed by the “unprecedented unity” seen inside the Nepali Parliament, one RAW salaried-feku Indian journalists/analyst commented that “India’s micro-management of Nepal and the pouring in money to selected few parties in Nepal went all to the dogs for the Nepali parties rejected India instead voted for their national cause.

Almost in a similar fashion, the India born Swedish scholar Professor Ashok Swain says that Nepal’s Madhesh based parties too made the Indian establishment to fall flat.

Professor Swain talking to the Rising Nepal recently said that “It is self-defeating for India to not talk with Nepal. India has not learned from its part mistakes and is again trying to bully Nepal. India must realize the time has changed and its geo-strategic influence also is not the same as it used to be”.

The Nepali Congress is generally taken as “friendly” to India and perhaps it is thee friendly behavior of the NC that encourages the diplomats across the border to dub the NC as their “assets”.

But yet keeping this asset allegation aside, the Nepali Congress energetically voted in favor of the new map in parliament just the other day. Kudos to this nationalist spirit.

But will it continue for long or once again submit to the orders of Dilli? 

To cut the story short, the Indian defense minister very fresh says that India will not allow its relations with Nepal to deteriorate and that “we will sort out our differences” in an amicable way.

The Nepali side says, it’s too late mister Minister. You took the wrong steps and now face the Nepali music”. Nepal’s unprecedented unity Jindabad.

And not for nothing the Pakistan Prime Minister appears to have said that, “the Hindutva Supremacists Modi government with its arrogant expansionist policies, akin to Nazi’s Lebensraum (Living space), is becoming a threat to India’s neighbors. Bangladesh through citizenship act, border disputes with Nepal and China and Pakistan threatened with false flag operation”.

And who else better knows India that next door Pakistan and China? India must change its defeated mindset with heightened arrogance or else the non-permanent United Nations Security Council membership will not work as expected by India.

Big nation with small heart shall remain ever small. Is India then the unwanted “burden of South Asia”? Or India is the South Asian hooligan? Let the “elevated” fundamentalist Hindu Indian Foreign Minister Jayshanker to decide. That’s all.


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