Nepal’s Parliamentarian Giri shields India over Lipulek?

Nepal’s Parliamentarian Giri shields India over Lipulek?Kathmandu: Sarita Giri has strongly opposed the Nepal government’s decision that promises to publish a new map that incorporates the entire areas of Nepal which were swallowed by the South Asian hooligan-Republic of India at different intervals of time in the past.

Sarita Giri is a leader of People’s Socialist Party of Nepal.

Giri the other day exploded at Nepal Government and in an oblique manner shielded the Indian government.

This was mysterious and equally a puzzling stance too acquired by a Nepali parliamentarian although it was not a new phenomenon at all that unfortunately prevails in some of the political parties of Nepal.

The divided-loyalty syndrome.

It could be a mere conjecture though but around the same time or a day or two prior to Giri’s explosion against Nepal government, the Indian Chief of the Army staff Manoj Naravne too “officially” scolded the independent and “ever sovereign” Nepal and bluntly alleged that Nepali population were protesting the Lipulek issue at the “behest of China” and that it was a proxy protest encouraged by China.

How could it be a mere conjecture? The timing of the two statements reprimanding the Nepal government, one from inside Nepal and that too from the Parliament hall and the second one from the country which on a regular basis gulps Nepali soil as and when the regional hegemon so desires.

The Indian army Chief Manuj has tentatively declared a war on Nepal with his somewhat intolerant statement.

His statement on Nepal is deplorable.

Equally surprising is the complete silence acquired by Nepal Army institution over the insulting and embarrassing remarks made by the perverted army General of India.

The weak country that Nepal is after the “sponsored” elimination of the Royal institution which has no political stamina as such to rebuke/confront the Indian allegations at the Military level.

Some say that Nepal has become already an Indian protectorate that awaits its formal declaration though or else the Nepal Army should have rebuked the Indian Army’s false allegations made against Nepal?

The country in the south is no less than an enemy to Nepal, say Nepali observers who know better as to what India is in essence?

In addition, China too appears to have gulped the Indian allegation that it was Beijing that had been inciting Kathmandu against New Delhi or else China by this time should have thundered against New Delhi. But Beijing has so far remained tight lipped.

Is it that Beijing fears Delhi?

Giri is of the strong opinion that Nepal should have talked and sought due “permission” from India and China both prior to the publication of the new map.

Giri’s demands are somewhat curious and suspicious too.

Nepal President the other day assured the Nepali population that a new map shall be published soon which shall include all the lost territories now under India’s illegal occupation.

According to Giri, Nepal must talk with the neighboring countries and failing to do so would tantamount to a breach of universally accepted diplomatic norms.

However, Giri, as per her diplomatic conduct theory, so far has not told her “Nepali” audience why India did not inform Nepal prior to inaugurating a link road to China last Friday by encroaching upon the land that solely belonged to this India plagued country?

She doesn’t blame India for gulping the Nepali land.

This is not only mysterious but dangerous too that demands deep investigation.

Question then is: why Giri has so much “hidden” love for India?

Could a link thus be made as to why she apparently has been shielding Indian establishment and for what purpose and intent?

Moreover, is there a link that could be established in between Giri’s Nepal bashing and the Indian Army Chief’s fresh threat loaded statements made against Nepal?
Keep on trying to establish a link if you could?

And similarly, why should Nepal talk to China in the publication of its territorial map?

It is an exclusive internal matter of Nepal, Giri must understand. 

Had Beijing asked Nepal’s official permission when it signed an agreement with India in the year 2015 to enhance its bilateral trade which went through Nepal’s territory in Lipulek?
Nepal is free to publish its territorial map. Nepal has this authority as an independent and sovereign nation.

Mind it that Nepal was never a slave. That’s all.

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