The height of Indian Absurdity!

The height of Indian Absurdity!

N. P. Upadhyaya: The Indian Army Chief Gen. Manoj Naravane appears to have been suffering from serious mental disorders or else why he would make some nasty and hysterical remarks on Nepal and India’s all time rival totalitarian China?

The Indian Army Chief must have some chronic psychological snags possibly when he says that Nepal’s protest on the recent construction of the India’s link road to the Mansarovar Lake via Nepali landmass to Tibet in China was visibly an action “encouraged by the Chinese regime”. What a joke!

He says Nepal was a ‘proxy protester’ and it is China which, in his own words, is creating a flash-point between Delhi and Kathmandu.

He however, did not name China directly but made a reference which was more than clear to have been pointing at China-the country which defeated India very badly during the 1962 war.
Indian leadership must have horrifying days and nights after this wounding defeat in the War with China.

It was not only an insulting downfall of the Nehruvian hegemon but also a mortifying one that for sure broke the vertebral column of the South Asian menace that India definitely is.
The mentally deranged Indian Army Chief claims that there is no “contradiction at all” in the construction of the Road via Lipulek pass up to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) to shorten the travel time for Indian pilgrims going to Kailash-Mansarovar, and Nepal may have raised the issue “at the behest of someone else”.

And look this deranged COAS is also the honorary Nepal Army chief. What a shame for Nepal.

This senile Military General must read the history books and find that the present day in Kumaun and Gadhweal were conquered by Nepal’s Gorkha soldiers.

Nepali sovereignty almost touched Delhi, be it known to General Manoj.

Poor General has no knowledge of Gorkha bravery. He is advised to read history books that have glorified the Gorkha soldiers.
Thus he should, if possible, not be allowed to visit Nepal as is the defective practice to grant the Indian Military chief as the Honorary COAS of the glorious and ever “sovereign and independent” Nepal Army.

The use of the word “behest” by the Indian General in his video conference has been made with malicious intent on both China and Nepal.

The buffoon Indian Army Chief Manoj or whatever he is prefers to cleverly seduce Nepal by hurling the protest blame onto the heads of the Chinese regime which of late surely, has not been a reliable friend of Nepal like what India has been for this country since the next day of the Indian independence from the British Colonial power.

China also is an all-time cheat and hence the Nepali people now tentatively hate China.

The funnyman Indian Army chief said this at an online video conference May 15/2020 organized by the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis, a New Delhi based think tank, writes Snehesh Alex Philip for the Print dated 15 may/2020.

The Indian daily Hindu also reports more or less on the same line.

The visibly bothered Army Chief Manoj perhaps forgets to take the note of the fact that how his country-(India) the regional hegemon, together with the totalitarian regime that China has emerged of late had in close consultation with each other (Read the two declared rivals China and India) signed an agreement in the month of May 2015 to use Nepal’s Lipulek for enhancing their bilateral trade.

Nepal during this time was braving the Economic Blockade imposed by the “traditional and age old friendly neighbor” India.

To put the record straight, India has never been a friend of Nepal but is a declared enemy.

For, India is still an “Independent colony” of the British, for the record.

Both China and India shamelessly signed an agreement for their bilateral trade using Nepal’s territory and that too without consulting the real owner of the land and thus breached all the existing international code of conducts that governs the relations between the countries.

And very recently, authoritarian China falsely claimed that Mount Everest was inside the Chinese territory.

The world knows that the highest peak of the world is inside Nepal and that China and its state controlled media were talking sheer nonsense.

On top of that, some government-planted Chinese-nationals mercilessly came heavily down on the Nepal Police men last week.

The Chinese intrusion in Nepali politics has increased of late and the Ambassador in Kathmandu Ms. Hou Yanqi broke even the past records of how the Indian Ambassadors posted in Nepal used to micro-manage Nepali politics.

So Nepal is now flanked by two Monsters: China in the North and India in the South.

Border experts in Nepal say that China like expansionist India in many places has also gulped the Nepali land along the Nepal-China border in the Northern area that adjoins Tibet.

Rumors are that Nepal government too sooner than later is to handover a diplomatic (protest) note to China asking why China signed an agreement with India without consulting Nepal for a bilateral trade route with India which passes through Nepali land in Lipulek.

Bluntly speaking, China in these years has duped Nepal on several occasions but has enjoyed from the simplicity of Nepali population.

The India tortured and humiliated Nepali common men take China as a reliable friend as compared to an all-time inimical neighbor-India.

So with these irritating facts in hand, the Indian Army chief yet alleges that the ongoing protest on Nepal’s Lipulek occupation by the Indian regime as to have been the orchestrated design of the Chinese nation.

Rubbish remarks from a person who should have talked sense suiting to the gravity of his incumbent post.

The Chief of the Army Staff is the professional head, commander, and usually the highest-ranking military officer of the Indian Army. But General Manoj Naravne appears to be a common man unfit for the post of the Chief of the Army Staff of India.

Is it that he is a small man in high office? Yes perhaps.

The half-educated ignorant Indian COAS forgets the fresh summoning of the Indian Ambassador to Nepal Binay Mohan Quatra by Nepal’s foreign ministry wherein the envoy was told in no uncertain terms that India constructed the Road to Mansarovar encroaching upon Nepali land.

And more freshly, the Nepal government led by PM K. P Oli, supposedly very friendly to Indian establishment since the Mahakali river Treaty-ratification days as is being believed, has vowed to take back the occupied land from India come what may.

The Nepal government says in part, “ the Indian construction of the link road to Mansarovar in the Nepali land in Lipulek runs against the understanding reached between the two countries… that a solution to boundary issues would be sought through negotiations.”

The foreign ministry of Nepal May 11/2020 issued a statement condemning the Indian occupation of Nepali soil for the construction of the road to Mount Kailash.

The government has also assured the people that a new map of Nepal will be published including all the landmass now under India’s forced occupation.

Nepal President Mrs. Bidya Bhandari talked on this line May 14/2020 in the Parliament.

Thanks this time, the entire population and the political parties of Nepal have united in order to take back the looted land from India.

However, the moles/paid agents in the political parties of Nepal have become restive on how to handover Kalapani and Lipulek to their masters in New Delhi.

Nepal must expose this time the Nepali versions of Jay chands and Mir Jaffors serving Indian Union as against hefty financial gains or scholarship. .

Now it all depends upon Nepal Prime Minister KP Oli as to how long he can withstand the Indian pressure that is a common phenomenon to Nepal beginning the first days of the signing of the 1950 treaty of peace and friendship with India.

However, after the signing of treaty, neither there has been peace nor friendship with India-the regional hazard in South Asia.

Expansionist India one way or the other has troubled Nepal which the people here shall love not to forget.

Pakistan’s former President Parvez Mushraff rightly said once “India is a big country with small heart”.

And PM Imran Khan too justifiably said of the Indian Prime Minister Modi as a “small man in high office”. And here is the Army Chief making jocular comments on Nepal. That’s all.


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