Nepal: Who handed over the diplomatic note to whom?

Kathmandu: The Indian Ambassador to Nepal His Majesty Binaya Mohan Quatra was summoned, claims the Nepal’s foreign ministry.

This is what had been given to understand to the Nepali population thee other day.

However, India’s Godi-funded media dismisses the Nepal government’s claim and instead says that the “esteemed” Indian Ambassador was invited for a meeting on Lipulek at the Nepali foreign ministry, May 11/2020. This is how the WION has reported.

According to the Godi media, the Nepali authorities during the “meeting with the Indian Ambassador at the Foreign Ministry in Kathmandu listened as disciplined students to the lecture delivered by the Indian envoy on the “Indian standpoints” on Lipulek that Nepal claims.

The gist of the Godi media on this meet in Kathmandu had been that the Indian envoy Quatra kindly entered the foreign ministry and taught some lessons on diplomatic conducts to Nepal’s foreign minister and his subordinates.

(Ambassador Quatra is also learnt to have handed over his diplomatic note containing the Indian standpoints on Lipulek to Foreign Minister Gyawali.

The Nepali foreign minister Pradip Gyawali should have authorized the Foreign Secretary to handover the Nepal’s diplomatic note to the Indian viceroy). 

The truth is that the Indian envoy was ‘summoned’ as per the diplomatic customs adopted on such occasions, however, how the meeting took place inside the ministerial office in Kathmandu and how the  “trembling Nepali minister” may have confronted the Indian viceroy from an all-time enemy country (that India has proved many a times in the past beginning 1950 to be more specific) is any body’s guess considering the bitter truth that the System now in force in Nepal was the generous contribution of the Indian establishment after the then agitating seven party leaders in 2005 had signed the India drafted 12 point agreement which in the following year 2006 installed the Delhi residing Nepal Maoists to power.

The Maoists thus need to be loyal towards India, hopefully. The price of the NOIDA, Delhi shelter salt must be paid.

The Delhi indoctrinated Maoists’ did what they had been told to do in Nepal in close collaboration with the signatories of the 12 pint agreement, as stated earlier, who one after the other have been ruling Nepal mercilessly.

This should mean, it is generally believed, that New Delhi in many more ways than one controlling Nepal and its power structure.

The present day system in Nepal tentatively is thus a grand gift from the Indian Union and so the Indian establishment concludes that India has the right to eat, beat and treat Nepal in a way that India and its fanatic and lunatic leaders consider it best.

India eats Nepali landmass, India beats Nepali nationals in the bordering area the-every-other-day and India has been treating sovereign Nepal as its expanded and extended territory.

The current demonstrations in Nepal against the disgusting neighbor India is spontaneous and not paid by any aliens.

The Indian intrusion this time has annoyed the leader of the former UML, Madhav Kumar Nepal who the other day suggested the Nepal government to fence the Nepal-India border for all time to come.

Mr. Nepal is taken as a political leader in Nepal having excessive India bend to the extent that Mr. Nepal had proposed the Indian military invasion of his own motherland in the 1990s to tame the then sitting King Birendra.

Later when he was scolded by his party boss Madan Bhandari, Mr. Nepal withdrew his military invasion proposal.

And now the same Mr. Nepal advocates the fencing the Nepal-India porous border. But why?

Could be that New Delhi has ignored him of late and not made him the Prime Minister of Nepal by replacing the incumbent Prime Minister KP Oli?

However, some noted Indian leaning brains in Nepal appear more than distressed by listening to what Mr. Nepal has said of the Nepal-India porous border.

Yet another set of intellectuals in Nepal having declared India bend have begun proposing Nepali authorities to handover Lipulek to India under the scheme of Lease.

Ms. Sujata Koirala of the Nepali Congress has remained vocal on awarding the Lipulek territory to India under the lease scheme. Some media men too have penned articles based on these lines.

Is it a mere conjecture or these special set of Nepali nationals have been influenced by the friends across the border? And how to understand the Lease phenomenon? Is it a structured ploy or a sure shot to gain the lost land of Lipulek? That’s all.


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