Any Change Expected in the DPRK ?

Some Western countries are painting the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as an isolated country without any development, describing it as “the most isolated and closed country” and a “totalitarian state” and stressing the “need to induce its change.”
Is the DPRK really stagnant and isolated from the civilized world?
As a matter of fact, the DPRK is a country where things change yesterday and today, morning and evening.
The change and development in the DPRK is beyond the imagination of the world peoples in terms of its scope, depth and speed.
A former AP Pyongyang Bureau chief, speaking about his impression of the country, said: The DPRK is changing at surprisingly high speed.
Many foreigners who visited the DPRK said that it is changing day after day. Jim Rogers, a smart investor, said: Pay attention to the changes in north Korea. I want to invest all my property in north Korea if it is ever possible. Then why are the Western people persistently forcing the DPRK to “change?”
The reason is that the change and development in the DPRK are not what they want. The Western countries want the DPRK to change its ideology and system. 
Then is the DPRK going to “change” as they want?
In one word, it is just a wild dream because the army and people of the country regard socialism as their life and part of their conviction. 
The DPRK will pursue change as it did yesterday and does just now, but the change was, is and will be what its people wanted and still want, not the one based on the view of value of the Western countries.
The Korean people have learned the advantages of socialism not only from books but also in life, in reality. 
The state provides the working people with housing free of charge, and spares nothing to build architectural structures for them.
The people, who have lived under this people-oriented socialist system, regard their society, system and government as precious as their life and are determined to defend them with their lives.
The “change” the Western countries want will never happen in the country in ten years or even in hundred years.  
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who is possessed of power of pen and sword and outstanding ability, is leading his country, and his people are united around him with one mind.
The Korean people are convinced that the day will surely come when they are better off and their country becomes a civilized socialist one only when they follow their Supreme Leader. 
Perry, former US Defense Secretary and north Korea policy coordinator, visited the DPRK at the end of the 1990s. He looked around many places in the country, and wrote in his review that north Korea would never collapse as the US thought and intended, so the US should not anticipate its collapse but see it squarely.
His analysis and judgment were correct. More than 20 years have elapsed since then, and the DPRK is still here today and is getting more prosperous and stronger. Whenever there is a scene of Kim Jong Un giving on-the-spot guidance on TV, the Korean people all sit in front of the TV sets, many of them shedding tears with emotion. 
In their eyes, Kim Jong Un is the leader who embraces their country as he would do his family and gives guidance full of energy and self-confidence.
The DPRK is following the road of change and development of its own style, the road to a civilized socialist country, where aspirations and ideals of its people would be realized. 
The DPRK will follow the road of its style of socialism, where the leader and the people are firmly united and its society is stable, not that of power struggles out of different political views, political disorder, social chaos and rebellion. 
Nobody must expect any “change” in the DPRK. 

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