Nepal: Will India close the porous border?

Kathmandu: As usual, the Indian media better known as “Godi-Media” have initiated a tirade against Nepal accusing that some Nepali Muslims to have been deliberately entering the Indian Territory to spread the unknown enemy-the Corona Virus in the bordering areas of Bihar province.

Bihar state of India borders Nepal.

The fact is that India has been exporting its nationals to Nepal to avert the risk of the Covid-19.

In the process, thousands of Indian nationals have already entered Nepal and presumed to have taken shelter in houses of their relatives in Nepal. Most of the Indian nationals have landed in Nepal through Delhi-Kathmandu flight.

As per the “fake” news being disseminated by the Indian media in these days, Jalim Mukhiya, a Nepali Muslim from the village of Jagannathpur, Parsa district, has been the Nepali national who has been assigned the task of spreading Covid-19 by some anti-India forces inside the Indian Territory.

But who the forces inimical to India were, the highly paid India’s Godi media remains silent.

Mr. Jalim Mukhiya denies these Indian allegations and says that the Indian media one fine morning may even dare to say that Covid-19 had been created by me.

Nepali Muslims claim that the Indian establishment controlled by a Hindu fundamentalist government headed by PM Modi now wants to divide Nepal on religious lines and prefers to restore the Hindu Kingdom in Nepal.

King Gyanendra has reportedly approached the Hindu leaders in India to restore his lost monarchy in Nepal.

Notably, King Gyanendra lost his throne because of India.

If India has any grudge with Nepal and its Muslim population (notably the Hindus and the Muslims in Nepal have lived together for centuries in perfect harmony) then it is time that India approaches Nepal government appealing Kathmandu to seal the porous border.

Will India close the open border? Not at all.

India will not close the border because keeping the border open has abundant advantages to India.

A section of the Nepali media too prefers the border closure for all time to come.

“This has several seen and unseen advantages to Nepal and its population ultimately”, claim some strong Nepali nationalists who hate the increasing influence over these years of Godi media and its mis-information campaign as regards Nepal and its Muslim population.

This is a great game being played by India, claim some high placed sources in Nepal.

That’s all.


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