How cleverly India captured Nepali politics?

How cleverly India captured Nepali politics?

N.P. Upadhyaya : Prachanda alias Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the ferocious of the bygone Nepal’s Maoists era has finally, as was expected and highly suspected too, admitted that “he have had complicit relations with late Girija Prasad Koirala (Rest in peace) while Prachanda aka Pushpa Kamal Dahal was in New Delhi’s enjoying the Indian government’s secured hospitality (read pre planned shelter in NOIDA, New Delhi) in lieu of the latter’s assurance or say commitment to New Delhi regime that “his insurgency would cause severe destruction only to Nepal but not to the establishment which encouraged him and his team to enter in BJP’s Delhi  via ROLPA jungles.

It was clearly an India sponsored insurgency judging by all available political parameters.

No illusion remains now as Babu Ram Bhattarai’s mentor Professor SD Muni has explained in his book.

The fact is that while the Nepal Maoist leaders were “permanently” settled in Delhi (Dr. BR Bhattarai and his boss Prachanda) devising plans on how to damage and devastate Nepal’s basic infrastructure to which they did as promised to those who have had encouraged and at best primarily sponsored the Maoists insurgency.

The lured insurgents, including child soldier, Comrade Prachanda, presumed to be Delhi’s man (even as of today the Delhi attachment continues with full force and that is why China always challenges Dahal’s political credentials)) as per the rumors, frankly admitted that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala (even when Koirala was not in power) used to “appeal” him to step up their fatal attacks on the Government installations including Police Stations and Army barracks.

“Late Koirala used to talk to me over phone pleading to increase the scale and the magnitude of our attacks on the government’s offices as he perhaps wanted to bring down the Royal Government down as early as possible”.

And look the monarchy is now a history.

Prachanda told his cadres last week while marking the People’s War day. PM Oli boycotted the entire celebrations if it were any. This means that PM Oli and his press advisor Surya Thapa do not recognize the proven fake people’s war.

Prachanda’s frank admission that late Koirala was “hand in glove” with their insurgency does also, by implication, suggests that the Indian Government along with Girija Prasad Koirala were in the same page in damaging Nepal and were side by side during the entire “drama” which catapulted the Nepali politics in the year 2005-6 when the Indian Government under a structured game plan or say “grand design” summoned Nepal’s agitating seven parties to Delhi and forced them all to sign the Indian draft (it was originally in Hindi) which was given the name of the 12 point peace accord with the Maoists and the seven parties.

This 12 point later became the guiding “preamble” for Nepal and its politically indoctrinated leaders presumably.

The talkative but pseudo nationalist of Bhaktapur Narayan Man Bijukche’s proxy too had signed the Delhi’s hand written 12-point agreement and yet this Communist leader derides at today’s rulers whom he too in an indirect manner elevated under Shyam Saran formulated Delhi’s 12 point instructions or say dictates that were binding one on Nepal and its elevated leaders.

Is Bijukchee playing double? God knows.

In effect, it was a Koirala instigated plan that India should bring in a formulary that shall in the later days allow the Delhi based Nepal Maoists to be exported from Delhi to Kathmandu for taking control of the national politics.

Nepal beamingly imported the Delhi exported political commodities.

The national pride took slide thus. In fact, the slide began the day when Shyam Saran-then Indian envoy in Nepal sent two media veterans to Delhi to interview Prachanda in hibernation. Guess the two senior journalists if you can.

Thanks late Koirala in his bid to take a revenge with the sitting monarch King Gyanendra submitted himself to the mercy of the brutal Indian establishment and thus the Nepal Maoists entered into the body politics of the India plagued-nation and the hard fact is that the Indian debt the Nepal Maoists have still been paying, it is presumed.

No free lunch in Indian diplomacy at least in Nepal’s case.

Though Koirala was believed to be India’s man from the very day when he planned the hijack of a Nepali Twin Otter and looted 32 lakhs. Even late BP Koirala primarily advocated Indian rule in Nepal.

The hijacked money was presumably gulped by GP Koirala alone, so believes Mr. Durga Subedi in his freshly published book. The details God knows.

Thanks that New Delhi while devising the 12-point scheme for the easy entry of the Delhi’s baby to Nepal, Krishna Prasad Sitaula and Dr. Shekhar Koirala came into the scene who did their best to manage the relaxed takeover of the power by its nourished baby-the Delhi based Nepal Maoists that primarily included Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai and Comrade Prachanda.

While Sitaula emerged in the Nepali politics as a go-between Koirala and the Indian Government then from the Maoists side Narayan Kaji Shrestha sprang up all of a sudden. His appearance in Nepali politics is still a mystery.

The ruling Indian gods (Street communist Yechury included) are simply great as it is these Thug Gods who control Nepali politics as became evident when Prachanda told all and sundry that he was in regular touch with irritated Koirala GP who used to encourage and inspire the Maoists to pounce upon the Royal Regime.

Undeniably, Mr. Shrestha and Sitaula were the two men who were adjusted in Nepali politics by some extraneous forces or else these two political personalities were just a name that “we the people” never heard prior to the 12-point agreement calculatedly planned and brought into force by new Delhi administration.

The rumor then was that these two political luminaries were enjoying the blessing pf the RAW agency since decades and decades.

Whether these two were still serving the RAW is not known to us.

In the course of Prachanda’s February 12/2020 speech, he however, did not associate late Koirala that the Banks that were looted by Prachanda and his men (read the insurgents) during those days too have had Koirala’s instructions.

Thanks that Prachanda spared Koirala from this blame. But yet the question thus become logical as to where is the looted amount now? And who pocketed all the plundered money? Had Koirala too his share and through him did the share went to Delhi men as well who had helped the Maoists to control power in Nepal? And by extension, is it that Father Shyam saran too have had his logical share for having engineered the entire insurgency? Let’s hope he did not ask for a share.

And what about mentor SD Muni? Professor SD Muni is presumed to be a top man of the RAW agency who introduced Dr. BR Bhattarai with the Indian defense ministry as back as in the year in June 2002.

It is believed that the Nepal Maoists are still tied up with the security agreement with the Indian regime and thus they can’t go against the Indian preferences in Nepali politics.

Strikingly, the national politics is going the Delhi desired way as most of the Nepali leaders are at the moment in New Delhi including the King Gyanendra.

(Some have returned blessed).

King Gyanendra too in some political corners of Kathmandu is taken as a high flying Nepali personnel having tacit linkages with India’s RAW agency. A few years ago, King Gyanendra threw a Quiet Dinner in honor of the visiting high officials of the RAW agency at his private residence. This news we had reported in one of the issues of the Telegraph Weekly some years ago.

He is once again in New Delhi to seek blessings; it is highly presumed. Is he bowing down? Who knows?

Dr. Shekhar Koirala, as was given to understand then that he brought Prachanda and Koirala together in Delhi.

But this is not true in that Koirala and Prachanda, as per the fresh admission of the ferocious one, were in close contact with each other after the Holeri incident wherein the then sitting Monarch-King Birendra dismissed PM Koirala’s appeal that he be given powers to eliminate the Maoists who were unfortunately inside the Jungles then in a sizeable number.

King Birendra who was the Supreme Commander of the Nepal Army simply brushed aside PM Koirala’s request for the mobilization of the Nepal Army to hit the Jungle-hiding Maoists by stating that “let’s not kill the Maoists as they too were the sons of the same soil”.

This apparently irritated late Koirala and then he preferred to resign and he did resign.

At a later date at an inauspicious time, King Birendra and his entire family were murdered and slain Birendra’s middle brother, Gyanendra, was made the new King of Nepal. Late Koirala claimed that it was a grand design. But what was the design and who was the designer of the Great Design, he never spelt out.

As the luck would have it, Prime Minister Sher bahadur Deuba who replaced Koirala too was dismissed by King Gyanendra dubbing Deuba as an “incompetent Prime Minister” that still he is most likely.

Now the real story begins: Late Koirala who was then in the foot path sent thirteen applications seeking an urgent audience with King- the one who was executive Prime Minister of Nepal and the king had by then declared Municipal elections.

Agitation against the Royal regime had already begun under the command of Koirala-senior.

Since GP Koirala’s audience demand was simply rejected which must have enraged late Koirala who had now reasons to “telephone” the Maoists leaders Mr. Prachanda, then residing in New Delhi taken care by the then Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran and the RAW establishment, and appealed Prachanda to step up his attacks on key installations and district headquarters so that the King ultimately submits to the agitating seven parties (The agitation against the King began from Ratnapark and ended also inside the Ratnapark).

That late Koirala had appealed Comrade Prachanda to disturb the mental peace of King Gyanendra was in a bold manner admitted by Dr. BR Bhattarai who was then the second man of the Delhi sponsored Nepal’s Maoists insurgency while talking to some media agencies in Nepal.

This has some meaning underneath. Dr. Bhattarai and Prachanda are not in good terms through they both served the Indian UNION together while sheltered in Delhi. The one wants to expose the other and vice versa.

“I am the witness because I too have heard Koirala seeking Prachanda’s help in destabilizing King Gyanendra’s regime” so said Dr. Bhattarai.

Reacting to Prachanda’s blunt claim that Koirala used to call him on a regular basis to step up attacks on Nepal, Sujata Koirala, the daughter of late Koirala talking to a media man said that “Prachanda appears to have become mentally deranged and that the former Maoists leader must have been suffering from some terrible mental infection which forces him to speak the absurd at times.

Similarly, Dr. Shekhar Koirala, who admitted that he too has had his personal contributions in formulating the 12-point agreement in Delhi summarily rejected Prachanda’s wild claim that late Koirala used to call him to bring the Royal regime down by stepping up Maoists attacks on Nepal.

Dr. Koirala and Sujata have reasons to shield their fatherly figure. The Dr. is nephew and Sujata is the daughter of late Koirala so their defending their own blood relative has no meaning, thus claim political observers.

Looking at all these and analyzing all the expressions of Prachanda, Dr. Bhattarai, Sujata Koirala and Dr. Shekhar Koirala, what becomes clear is that all these high flying political personalities (to which they are not) worked hand in hand in bringing down the Royal regime then in 2005.

As the strong rumors were then that all these political men were working under the instructions of Father Shyam Saran who pumped in money, the rumors said then, to the tune of six billion to uproot the institution of Nepali Monarchy.

But who brought the Indian six billion rupees to Nepal for uprooting Nepali monarchy is the prime question? And who were the prime beneficiaries at time of the agitation in Kathmandu?

And father Shyam saran have had abundant reasons to take a revenge with king Gyanendra who escorted only Dr. Karan Singh to the lunch table inside the Palace and told Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam saran to wait him and Dr. Singh at the reception hall.

Mr. Saran waited at the Gallery for more than one hour. This was too much. He was not given a glass of drinking water; we have been told.

This was the blunder committed by King Gyanendra. He must not have insulted Indian foreign secretary by not inviting him to the Lunch table.

And this sad episode catapulted the entire Nepali politics which not only forced the “highly ambitious” King to enter into the Jungles but also facilitated the men residing then in the NOIDA jungles to capture Kathmandu’s power set up.

Needless to say, the entire Maoists insurgency was the brain child of Shyam saran and the Maoists leaders were his adopted son(s). This could be now analyzed with Prachanda’s explosion of the bombshell.

Dahal has insulted a departed soul which goes against the Hindu tradition. (We too apologize for having made sharp comments on late Koirala).

That Prachanda’s entire Maoists insurgency was the creation of the Indian establishment is being best told by Analyst Bharat Dahal (a political man formerly associated with the Maoists insurgency and who have had the privilege to work along with Comrade Prachanda, as and when he is being interviewed by Nepali media).

Analyst Dahal says that Nepal’s Maoists used to conduct secret meetings in India under the security shield provided by the Indian armed forces and the RAW Machinery.

All these put together brings one thing to light and that being that the Maoists insurgency was calculatedly designed by the Indian establishment which was clearly assisted by Late Koirala and his inner coterie and the aim was the uprooting of the Monarchy.

That Koirala was the prime and point man of the Indian establishment in Nepal’s political scene got reflected when Koirala as the new Prime Minister of Nepal (after the Monarchy was forcibly thrown by India through its paid agents in Nepal during 2005-6 was received, departing from the tradition at the Delhi international airport by none less than by the Cursed Indian Prime Minister Dr. MM Singh.

Dr. MM Singh, the assistant of the Christian lady while greeting the India preferred and chosen-installed Prime Minister GP Koirala told the international media that Koirala was a “revered leader in South Asia”.

The second pocket man of the Indian regime was definitely Comrade Prachanda as he led the India designed Maoists insurgency.

Conclusion: India damaged Nepal through the extensive use of Delhi based Nepal Maoists and Prime Minister Koirala who in a collective manner sacked the Nepali monarchy for good?

Nothing more needs to be told now. That’s all.

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