Angdok Hot Spring Resort in the DPRK

Some months ago, a ceremony for the inauguration of the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort took place in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

A Peculiar Resort

Located in the mountainous area in the middle of Korea, the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort is a peculiar public service centre, comprehensive medical treatment centre and multifunctional sports and leisure activity centre for spa bath, skiing and riding. All the architectural structures, which preserve national characteristics, are nature- and environment-friendly and embody usability and formative and artistic features, showcase the current level of architecture of the country.

Most outstanding is the scenery of spa baths.

After sweating from skiing and riding, taking a bath in the outdoor spa baths in the pine forest is impressive. The indoor spa baths decorated with pine patterns that evoke natural emotion, provide conditions for taking a spa bath even in winter. Enjoying a panoramic view of the resort on travelators, chair lifts and ski lifts is a thrilling experience. Young people foster their courage by skiing down the slopes from mountain summit, and the working people and children have a good time in the riding park and horse training ground.

Medical treatment and holidaymaking in this resort is very conducive to promoting people’s health.

Economy and tourism developers comment that the resort with steep mountains, water of good quality and much snow is an ideal place for medical treatment and holiday making, a characteristic resort which combines spa bath with skiing and riding.


Mysterious Curing Effects

What draws people’s particular interest is the mysterious pharmacological and curing effects of the hot spring.

The hot spring in Yangdok is very effective for curing infertility and other gynecological diseases, regulates all the physiological functions and has strong detoxicating effects.

It is good particularly for the elderly as it strengthens the bones and keeps off osteoporosis by preventing the outflow of calcium from the bones.

It promotes growth of the body and prevents arteriosclerosis.

If the diabetics receive treatment in a slightly warm spa bath or drink the water, the blood-sugar level decreases with the increase of the insulin discharge. Bathing in the hot spring water restores autonomic imbalance to normalcy, and improves the regeneration of tissues. It accelerates regeneration when the nervous system is damaged, and shortens the period of bone coalition.

Specialists say that the hot spring has high pharmacological and curing effects as it is mildly alkaline and contains simple silica, sulphur and fluorine with a great deal of sulphuric substances and very little radon.

It meets the demand of the people, whose aspiration is “from nature to nature” as it contains no ammonium, nitrous acid, nitrate ion and pathogenic microorganism, major indexes in assessing the level of contamination.

At the inauguration ceremony held in December last year, Supreme Leader      Kim Jong Un of the DPRK expressed satisfaction, saying that a new modern base of cultural and leisure activities could be presented to the people and another plan of the Workers’ Party of Korea to enable the people to enjoy socialist civilization to their heart’s content as early as possible was realized.

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