Unwanted in India, UK MP Debbie Abrahams greeted in Pakistan

Unwanted in India, UK MP Debbie Abrahams greeted in PakistanN.P. Upadhyaya: In a calculatedly staged drama by the Indian foreign ministry, a notorious set of Immigration officials of the sort of Commando type at the Indira Gandhi International Airport denied entry to a valid visa holder British Parliamentarian Ms. Debbie Abrahams- a Labour Party Member of Parliament who chairs a parliamentary group focused on the disputed region of Kashmir, reports the Associated Press.

That India doesn’t want to listen to the sane voices emanating from across the world as regards its illegal occupation of India administered Kashmir has once again come to true with the abrupt denial of entry of this distinguished lady from the United Kingdom-a nation that had ruled present day India for centuries, if the Indian recall their traumatic days.

The fact is that Kashmir is a disputed territory since the partition days and there are several UN resolutions made in the past which guarantees of a plebiscite to be held in disputed Kashmir and that it should be the people of Kashmir who should be allowed to determine their fate as to whether they prefer to join the Indian Union or to live with Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan too reiterates the same.

India has been dishonoring those already agreed upon UN resolutions unfortunately.

Thanks just the other day, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres while visiting Pakistan once again reiterated that the UN would be pleased to “mediate” in the conflict that continues in between India and Pakistan if the two concerned countries so desire.

The UNSG took a great courage in having said that he was ready to mediate in between India and Pakistan.

The UN is generally taken as a paper tiger and that’s all.

The US President Donald Trump too has expressed his inner desire to “mediate” in the Kashmir issue, however, India objects to Trump’s wishes and the US President’s hands are tied for the President doesn’t want to annoy India as the Indian annoyance would hamper the smooth functioning of the US brain child the -Indo-Pacific Strategy.

US President is arriving India February 24.

The British Lawmaker Abrahams and Upal, her accompanying aide, had arrived at the Delhi airport on an Emirates flight from Dubai at 9 a.m. on February 17/2020.

A completely confused British MP Abrahams later said the Indian immigration officials at the entry point did not cite any convincing reasons for abruptly denying her entry into the Indian Capital, Delhi.

Ms. Abrahams though was humiliated at the Airport by the Indian Immigration officials but yet the British lawmaker continued to claim that the visa she had acquired while being in London permitted her to “attend technical/business meetings,” and her visa to India reportedly was to expire in October 2020″.

According to the Associated Press, Abrahams, 59, has been a member of Parliament since 2011 and was on a two-day personal trip to India, to be followed by a three-day trip to the portion of Kashmir that Pakistan controls.

Why she was denied the entry into the former East India Company could be easily guessed.

The fact is that India prefers “guided tour” of the foreigners to Kashmir fearing that the visiting dignitaries may dig out the horrific truth.

International Media agencies opine that Abrahams has been on record to be an outspoken critic of the Indian government’s move last August (August 5/20120) stripping Kashmir of its semi-autonomy and demoting it from a state to a federal territory.

Notably, the President of Turkey Erdogan and Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir are the vocal supporters of Pakistan as regards the Kashmir occupation by India.

India’s relations with Turkey stand in a very tensed state as President Erdogan very freshly criticized India on Kashmir issue and sided clearly with Pakistan.

“We are and will be always with the people of Kashmir”, so said President Erdogan.

The Turkish President said this while addressing the joint assembly of the Pakistani parliament last week February 14/2020.

In the meanwhile, the Kashmiri detained leader Mehbooba Mufti’s daughter, Ms. Irtiqa Iqbal has lashed out at Union Home Minister Amit Shah this Tuesday February 18.

She said, “I will salute the home minister if he will roam freely in Jammu and Kashmir”.

This means that Kashmir and its population are still facing the worst since August 5/2020.

Is President Trump listening?

Perhaps President Trump definitely will listen to the pathetic voices of the imprisoned Kashmiri people who have been living a hellish life since August last year.

The US claims itself to be the champion of democracy so the US must listen to suppressed voices of the Kashmiri population.

The UK lawmaker when deported to Dubai later preferred to land in Pakistan where she was greeted in a fitting manner.

Abrahams along with some MPs had met Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, international media reported.

“Pakistan has shown an open approach towards resolving the Kashmir issue,” she said.

“We are an independent group, we are not anti-India or pro-Pakistan,” she added.

Abrahams alleged that she was denied entry to India because she was critical of Modi’s Kashmir policy.

Abrahams claimed that she had valid visa, but the High Commission of India in London claims otherwise.

She made these observations while talking to Pakistani media in the presence of the Pakistani foreign minister Qureshi.

Qureshi greeted the UK lawmaker and assured her of all sorts of helps that she needs to study on what has been the real state in India administered Kashmir and she was free to travel and to talk to anybody, including the media or for that matter the Human Right Groups inside Pakistan and make her own reports.

“We greet in Pakistan”, Foreign Minister Qureshi said.

India must not think that she was dealing with the 12 point Nepal but was dealing a nation which ruled India for centuries. So sad.


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