The High-Level Exchanges Between Japan And Nepal Have Been Progressing

We are grateful to learn that His Majesty created on-going bonds with Nepal at that time

Feb. 14, 2020,

I am pleased to welcome you all to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty, the Emperors of Japan, the first birthday celebration since the new era “Reiwa”, meaning, beautiful harmony,” commenced. We hope the new era lasts for a long time and we pray the world will be filled with peace and happiness.

On this occasion, I would like to recall that His Majesty the Emperor visited Nepal in 1987 when he was young. He traveled to cities and mountains and we are grateful to learn that His Majesty created on-going bonds with Nepal at that time. It was our great pleasure that the President Bidya Devi Bhandari, kindly visited Japan, in October last year to attend the ceremonies of the Accessions to the Throne of His Majesty the Emperor. Today we would like to share some photos of President Bhandari and their Majesties, the Emperor and Empress at that time.

The high-level exchanges between Japan and Nepal have been progressing. After the recent visit to Japan by President Bhandari Norihiro Nakayama, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs visited Kathmandu this January. These visits have contributed towards strengthening the bilateral relations between Japan and Nepal.

We look forward to see Nepal realizing its vision, “Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali.” We would like to support Nepal in various fields of economic and technical cooperation, investment, preservation of cultural heritage and tourism. Particularly, as this year marks Visit Nepal 2020. Also this summer, Japan hosts the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics Games 2020. We are looking forward welcome a number of visitors for this special event-and of course many Nepalis!

Before my final words, I would like to introduce and appreciate the Japanese companies who kindly supported today’s reception: “Kotetsu” for their delicious Japanese food, they will give a cooking demonstration of Tuna. On this occasion, I would like to share with you happy news that last December, Director of Kotetsu, Tomita Kensei was appointed for Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador. “Marronier” and “Hokkaido Ramen House” also share their special Japanese tastes, “ Maharjan International” for the Japanese sake and “ Our Farm” for fresh Japanese strawberries cultivated in Nepal. We also have “Soba Tagata,” very kindly coming all the way from Shizuoka, Japan for this occasion to cook “soba-gaki” with Nepali buckwheat for us. Please enjoy their food along with that prepared by our Embassy chef.

We have music by eight Japanese koto Musicians, who also kindly travelled from Japan for this celebration. Let me also introduce and welcome some Japanese business people here today to share knowledge of their works. “As a Consulting Group,” “E&T” for water-purifying equipment;” Starlight Express,” HITA Group & Hita Co.Ltd:, “ Meihoku” for transport, manufacturing and human resources; tourism business “Nature Express Travels,” His Neal, Lumbini Hotel Kasai and Ram Inn Boutique Hotel, Bhaskar Wellness and Bhaskar Herbaceuticals from the agricultural business sector, and Rhoto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd” from the cosmetic sector.

As a true good friend of Nepal, the Government of Japan will continue to deepen and widen our bilateral relationship further in a comprehensive and dynamic manner.

Masamichi Saigo is the Ambassador of Japan to Nepal. Excerpts of the statement delivered at a Reception at his official Residence in Tahachal today to celebrate the 60th Auspicious Birthday of His Majesty Emperor Naruhito.


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